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1. Paul Ryan had overt aspirations to parlay his speaker-ship in the House into the presidency and upon reaching his prime, he unexpectedly, inexplicably retired from politics. Why? Why would a Republican Speaker of the House intent on becoming president REFUSE to support a Republican president on the heels of a the most extraordinary election in contemporary history? Was he forced-out away from his aspirations? Why would he sabotage himself and his presidential aims by his refusal and resignation unless the former, in part, caused the latter? Unquestionably he’s a ‘uniparty’ swamp creature which infers more than a modicum of ability to engage in political gamesmanship to further his self-interests.

Occam’s Razor tells us yes, he was forced-out. At least in part and it appears that his role disseminating the Trump dossier (Fusion GPS, Perkins Coie, DNC/HRC, McCain, et al.) is part of that equation. The inference is that this participation in disseminating the dossier as coupled with his public refusal to support the president was a part of the soft coup d’etat to unseat a duly elected president. Time will tell but this is likely a safe bet.

2. Identity politics, which is espoused and disseminated in contemporary media in the form of social programming, and its tenets antithetical to human nature are not only pervasive, they constitute a significant part of the Globalist/Leftist agenda (see Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals) and permeate virtually everything we see and hear. It’s a major component of the social programming aspect of what Americans call entertainment and news and it’s subtly EVERYWHERE. Anything and everything considered traditional, conservative, Americana, American, etc., is being bombarded the under the guise of tolerance, understanding, special interest, victim status, etc.

Why is it that the majority of commercial spokesmen are feminine and/or ‘beta males?’ Is it because masculinity is under attack by the ultra-feminist agenda? Why is it that most TV commercials that feature a butt of the joke make that butt a traditional white male? Is it for the same reason? Why do commercials that play during the most American of all sports – American football – feature men with purses, men on dates with men, women on dates with women, inter-racial couples, men subservient to women, inclusion of essentially every minority and victim status you can name? Why do commercials (Subway) claim that you can “have anything you want,” with is unrealistic at a wholesale level in the real world? Start paying attention to all of it and if you view it all through the right lens, it’s blatantly obvious although subtle in its presentation.

Impressionable minds are subjected to a constant, subtle stream of mainstream media messages saying, “THINK THIS, BELIEVE THIS, SAY THIS AND DO THIS.” This news item presents similar information.

3. Why do misinformed people continue to tout Democratic Socialism as the holy grail of governmental forms? I don’t see any of them parading the success of Venezuela and the aftermath of their transition to such. Venezuela is but one example.

4. Take note of how Deep State creatures continue to bloviate to no end about their OPINIONS regarding matters of importance, like withdrawing from Syria. How is one man’s opinion about his personal theory regarding such a decision even considered news? He presents his opinions that the president may have accepted financial compensation from Erdogan for his Syrian withdrawal and does so sans even a grain of evidence. How is that news? I’m also sneaking-in a second previous source demonstrating why the Deep State’s desire for endless war is nothing more than their effort to continue executing their ulterior agenda and creating revenue for the military industrial complex (impetus to traffic arms for profit.)

In furtherance of this point, consider some additional yet similar points of view contrary to the MSM narrative:

5. Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer is, in my opinion, one of the most duplicitous, untrustworthy and insolent politicians in contemporary history. Much like the rest of his ilk, he maintains a constant double-standard (rules for thee but not for me) and is rife with hypocrisy. Here’s but another demonstrable example of such.

6. Still not buying that the MSM narrative is contrived, fictitious, unreliable, etc.? Take this for a spin and while doing so, remember, he’s but one of THOUSANDS.

7. Former USSS agent Dan Bongino is as outstanding as they come and although his work appears regularly appears in MSM sources like FOX, I first discovered him filling-in for Conservative radio talk show host Mark Levin. Locate Dan’s independent work and couple it with Sundance’s (CTH) and you’ve got solid information. Here, Dan outs ‘uniparty’ Globalist RINO Bob Corker, the outgoing TN senator for his duplicity on border security.

8. Continuing with border security, did anyone with a modicum of intelligence think the illegal alien caravans marching towards and arriving at the US southern border were anything other than a Deep State political stunt to coincide with the midterms? I hope not. You are encouraged to look into Globalist billionaire financier George Soros and the role of NGOs as it relates to these caravans and the PEOPLE in them, who were used and discarded like pieces on a game board once they were no longer useful. You saw similar discarding of other PEOPLE once the Kavanaugh accusers no longer served Democrat/Deep State purposes – they were dropped instantly following their utilitarian demise.

9. Have you seen the Kevin Spacey video yet? Ummmmm. Yeah – it’s ODD. There is much in the way of open-source information that demonstrates that the likelihood of pervasive sexual misconduct, systemic sexual child abuse, human trafficking and possibly worse infiltrates Hollywood and DC (these people all run in the same circles, attend the same parties, etc.) This video was prepared in advance of his charging, unbeknownst to his previous employer (Netflix/House of Cards) and the inference is that he was anticipating being charged. This message is symbolic, logically not intended for his victim (think what a prosecutor could do with that aggravating evidence) and likely targets those complicit in similar activities and crimes. This all infers that the approach to this debauchery is systematic, which means it’s organized in some capacity. Although conjecture at this point, I suggest following this development closely. It makes me wonder if pulling on this thread will begin to unravel the sweater. We shall see. In the meantime, enjoy this bizarre monologue.

10. James Comey, the disgraced former FBI director who toes the line between perjury and truth on a seemingly daily basis is at it again. He most recently proclaimed that there is no Deep State – whatever, Jim, no one with an ounce of grey matter between their ears is listening to you anymore. Moreover, he also recently took to Twitter to criticize the president for lying, which was a falsehood in the particular instance, and lied in the tweet while doing so. Have you ever seen an individual with such a poor memory and who struggles to ascertain the difference between truth and fiction? How did he ever get through law school? How did he ever manage to direct the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Unquestionably, he will be remembered as one of the most infamous losers in American history; replete with likely perjury charges and perhaps worse. Bottom line – the man is an unmitigated liar.


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