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1. Behold your daily dose of mainstream liberal media bias and their accompanying gross incompetence (truthfully, they’re not incompetent, they’re actually quite efficient, rather nefarious and beholden to TPTB, who want nothing more than to shield the public from the truth on a spectrum of critical issues that impact us ALL.) This is a topic that will likely be addressed daily and the ZH item below digs into how the UK facilitates its propaganda dissemination and it’s not too dissimilar to what we see stateside. If you haven’t noticed yet, progressive liberals love to do two things – a) engage in projection, which is literally blaming your opponent for all of your misdeeds and crimes, almost always in fictitious fashion, before they can level accurate, bona fide accusations against them and b) label their nefarious mechanisms with titles that convey a message of fidelity and reassurance (consider the Patriot Act following 9/11 – nothing patriotic about it considering that it ushered in a slew of draconian laws antithetical to the Constitution and it’s but one example in a long list.) The UK calls their propaganda machine the Integrity Initiative. See how that works? There’s not an ounce of integrity in that. Progressive liberalism at its finest.

2. If you want to understand illegal immigration, there are two predominant components to it and one of them you also see manifesting overseas. Primarily, illegal immigration serves to create a permanent Democratic voting base that will forever do away the illusion of choice between Democrats and Republicans (we already know that choice is gone, which is why Republicans/RINOS continue to go no farther than lip service regarding anything meaningful or effective.) If that occurs and we’re well on our way, a totalitarian state will have been galvanized as the “uniparty” will never surrender its cemented dominance.

The second component reflects Globalism at its core – a virtual elimination of individual state sovereignty and geographic borders, the elimination of distinct cultures; especially Western culture or anything resembling it, and the blending of all cultures so as to render a single, global heterogeneous culture under the dictate of a signal global governance; namely the United Nations. You are bearing witness to this as the Deep State manufactures war after war in the Middle East so as to line the pockets of the military industrial complex with the ultimate goal of displacing Muslims in Western European cities for the express purpose of destroying their Western culture. Consider London, Sweden, etc. – it’s all on display. Stateside, this same scenario manifests with millions and millions of Third World, uneducated, unskilled immigrants flooding into the US and latching onto the welfare system (that’s our hard-earned money, by the way.) Astoundingly, 63% of Latin American/Hispanic immigrants to the US are now collecting publicly funded welfare benefits (Source). This is not exactly their best and brightest and who best to establish a permanent Democratic voting base than those dependent on a major tenet of the Democratic platform - welfare.

It’s amazing how politicians and most notably the Left/progressives tell you exactly what you need to hear to support them at a given moment but once elected, they revert back to previously help positions (and Republicans can be just as bad.) Take note of Obama’s illegal immigration stance in the Twitter video below. You can spend all day locating similar videos demonstrating the same hypocritical stances on a variety of topics. I also find it ironic and blatantly disingenuous that many of these same politicians live in neighborhoods surrounded by walls (fences) and often with armed security. Didn’t Obama live behind a wall (fence) with the finest armed security detail in the world for 8 years? Rules for thee but not for me seems to be the mantra here.

Lastly, how about liberal darling and Deep State appointed incoming Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? Well, she’s a bona fide idiot (harsh but true – see the definition here). She is grossly unqualified to be dog catcher much less a member of the US House of Representatives. Here she equates illegal immigrants and their infant babies to the plight of Joseph, Mary and Jesus. Like I said, idiot. Read Gorka’s comments for clarification as he sets the record straight. Ocasio-Cortez will require routine fact-checking moving forward.

3. Oh, Nancy and Chuck are so good at their jobs that the president recently hailed them to the White House for a private meeting, which they expected and which was obviously closed to the media, whereby upon their arrival and unbeknownst to them, he invited the media in and then drug-out the border control carcass for everyone to feast. What a site - Nancy getting unhinged and Chuck sitting with his head buried in his hands. They unwittingly provided him rich campaign material for 2020 and forced the issue for the public to view in full effect.

See, people like Chuck and Nancy are duplicitous and this meeting was contrary to how they operate – a full and honest discourse in full public view for everyone to see. It becomes awfully hard to exercise ulterior agendas when the public can observe the discourse unedited and in real time. As a couple of decades-long swamp creatures, they despise him and detest being owned and abused in a public forum by a man with just over two years of statecraft under his belt – what a glorious site. This particular item doesn’t apply to border security as described above, but rather it demonstrates their apparent incompetence for original thought and true leadership as they obviously copied one another’s homework. Or it’s another example of the coordinated and unrelenting attack on the president by TPTB. Actually, it’s both.

4. Start a war and the Left complains, criticizes and attacks. Withdraw from a war and the Left complains, criticizes and attacks. RINO/war hawk/Republicans; however, are always down for a war. Notice how those two stances are simultaneously opposing and similar in a capacity to serve the TPTB. The Right maintains is customary war hawk approach while the Left adjusts their position according to the circumstances of the day; especially come election time. That’s the illusion of choice (at election time) and both positions work to the same end. 

The Syrian withdrawal topic is addressed in multiple items below. One area to consider as you read these items is the troubling scenario of US/Israeli dual citizenship held by a SIGNIFICANT number of US elected politicians. It’s a rabbit hole worth descending and the information is readily available in open-sources. One last thought here – it’s important to recognize war for what it is – a tool. It’s highly effective in a number of ulterior capacities: depopulation, economic reset, hegemonic imposition and expansion, migrant displacement, etc. If you can begin to view war through such a lens, you’ll develop a greater understanding of how TPTB/Deep State function.

5. Mueller and the Deep State are functioning in a capacity so as to cover-up Deep State crimes via “investigations” and this is addressed at greater length on the Preliminaries page (top of site.) yesterday's post. Please refer back to it as you consider these items in furtherance of that position. Of SIGNIFICANT CONCERN, especially if you are partisan towards QAnon, is the recent development that Huber and Horowitz have been reported to be nothing more than cons (otherwise known as disinformation, appeasement and pacification components) to the net being cast by Mueller, et al. This first link is required reading.

6. Take a look around – anymore we can’t really act, speak or even celebrate like Americans. It’s nothing more than the intentional degradation of Western/American values and traditions under the guise of political correctness. This intentional degradation is a component of the Globalist's attempt at global governance under the dictate of the UN (recurring theme) according to the assertion that a globe without borders or unique cultures can be achieved with one blended, amalgamated global populace is required before the consolidation of power can occur.


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