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1. Following what is expected to be verifiable election fraud during the midterms and likely back to the general election of 2016, Maine governor Paul R. LePage recently submitted a signed an election certificate for Democrat Rep.-elect Jared Golden's victory including the words, "stolen election." It seems that the election fraud we all know occurred expanded beyond CA, FL GA, and AL.

A second item from The Duran provides insight into previously discussed "Russian meddling" by weighing-in on the Roy Moore/AL election as they dig into Deep State/Leftist/Democratic projection at it's finest. The claims are centered on the effort of a Democratically aligned billionaire and is effort to create a false nexus between the Russians and Moore by deploying bots to marginalize and influence voters. It comes as no surprise to see duplicitous, complicit and vile Senator Mark Warner in the middle of it. Ever get the sense that he's fighting for something important like his livelihood or freedom. I do.

2. The debacle of the DOJ, FBI, Mueller and Spygate scenario continues unimpeded; however, that may be subject to change according to a bombshell tweet from President Trump. Therein,  he proclaims the entirety of it was contrived, deliberate and corrupt; with the notion that revelations may be forthcoming shortly. Meanwhile, everyone's favorite no-nonsense pit bull Rudy Giulain excoriates Mueller by demanding that he 'put up' or 'shut up' as it relates to the parameters of his investigation and that the bulk of it's work and findings lie outside of those parameters. In short order, TPTB/Deep retaliated with yet another outlier investigative angle by investigating the employment history of Trump minority hires at his golf clubs. Shocking (tongue-in-cheek.)

If more evidence is needed to support the position that Mueller's investigation is aimed at throwing cover to Deep State operatives, casting a net over the totality of incriminating evidence against the Deep state so as to hide it and facilitate a cover-up of it all and the possible impeachment and removal of a sitting president, look no further to the revelations in the PLB article. Therein, Mueller's abuse of labeling documents as 'sensitive' and thus making discovery difficult for the defense is outlined. That's how cover-ups work in the context of legal mechanisms. Other evidence clearly indicating the complicity of Mueller, et al. in a conspiratorial cover-up includes the deleted text messages between Strzok and Lisa page, as that matter resurfaces into the news cycle. Yet even more proof of an elaborate cover-up is detectable to even the most novice of news consumers and namely, the development of the House's end to Goodlatte's and Gowdy's investigation that will not even render a report, much tangible results.

Nancy Pelosi seems to be stacking her deck in anticipation of the 03 Jan 19 transfer of power to House Democrats. She is hedging her bets toward the impeachment of President Trump by hiring as general House counsel a former associate counsel of President Clinton and 40-year DOJ employee in Douglas Letter. The Deep State stench is beyond palpable and this should serve as a predictive red flag.

CTH weighs-in with an expose on General Flynn and why there is such a broad, concerted effort to make him the first target and keep him under constant 'screw-turning.' In short, if anyone know figuratively and literally where the bodies are buried, it's Flynn. He is an imposing risk to the TPTB, Deep State and Leftist cabal and they must ensure that his bird is not free to fly. Specifically, Sundance ties it to three components of the Libya crisis: a) White House, b) State Department and c) Hillary Clinton. CTH's extensive background investigating the Benghazi consulate arms trafficking events that resulted in Ambassador Stephen's death are expanded upon in detail in support of the claims presented. As always, it's rock solid and commendable work from Sundance.

Looking forward, another CTH item outlines the sequencing of congressional (House) events key to the 'resistance' effort and expected to be seen in the first quarter of 2019: a) deploying Michael Cohen as a tool in a series of public hearings that may appear in the context of oversight, judiciary and/or intelligence, b) the release Mueller's report that will be outside the established parameters of his investigation; 'namely Russian collusion,' but damaging to the president nonetheless and c) the release of OIG Horowitz's report that may outline FISA abuse at the hands of TPTB/Deep State. It should be noted that due to investigative restrictions, Horowitz's report can not precede Mueller's, which must therefore come first. Sundance paints an accurate descriptor with this quote and it should alarm the Q army as Q's presence is looking more and more like an appeasement, pacification and disinformation psyop for the president's most ardent supporters, "See the issue?  As time progresses, and with hindsight as a corruption guide, it becomes more clear how Robert Mueller has been playing his cards.  Horowitz is frozen in place by an inability to see evidence until Mueller says he’s finished with his investigation. [While it is absolutely blood-boiling to witness, that professional DOJ hoodwinking -the inherent ‘catch 22‘- is the administrative state doing some of its finest work. See the scale of it? There’s no-one to technically hold accountable, it’s the system self-actuated.  This is an example of why you can never be cynical enough when it comes to DC.]" Sundance projects the timeline to begin following the Super Bowl.

 3. In further demonstration of liberal lunacy and for your viewing pleasure, PLB presents two videos that you've likely already seen; however, they're excellent enough to warrant a second look to understand the mindset we're attempting to subvert. The two darlings featured in these videos rage as they chase unicorns in the kingdom of unintended consequences. Enjoy (top link below.)

American Thinker presents yet another glowing example of the Left's duplicity that is responsible for the unintended consequences so often cited. In this instance, a Jewish business owner who opened a cafe/bookstore/political action place for Lefties is being run from a San Francisco neighborhood because of his support for Israel. Did I mention that he is Jewish? It's another example in a long line of examples that irrefutably demonstrates that Leftists are only tolerant and inclusive according to their own, unique dogma and political religion.

4.  On the topic of pervasive Conservative censorship across a multitude of prominent media platforms, TGP expands on Google's most recent effort wherein Google has banned it (The Gateway Pundit) from search results and without providing an explanation as to why. Sidebar - if one ever needed further evidence that TGP is a vetted and reliable source of information, this would be it. Facebook, also a primary facilitator of Conservative censorship, took action against yet another individual by banning Franklin Graham, a top American Christian leader. Thus far, Facebook since 2017 has eliminated upwards of 1.5 BILLION links to conservative news items. Yes, that said 'billion.'

5. As the Leftists and Democrats continue their Deep State evolution to Marxist Socialism, PLB takes them to task again as it relates to Cuba. Perhaps the best point ascertained from this item is simply this quote, "the Democratic Party will learn nothing from the examples of Cuba, Venezuela, the Soviet Union, or any of the other countries that have tried socialism, with equally disastrous results," which is rooted in the longstanding mantra that people who fail to learn history are doomed to repeat. Frankly, the Left and the Democrats don't have the intellectual capacity to comprehend this or they simply don't care because 'the means justify the end' or BOTH.

6. Gun control is back in the news cycle with a handful of worthy items. To begin and for those engaged with and knowledgeable of the topic, an item from ZH reflects what the MSM conveniently refuses to report and that's the data demonstrating that firearms accidental deaths have plunged 41% since 1999. Please consider that empirical evidence in conjunction to what is afforded on the Tenets page of this site for a more complete understanding.

There is an AP item that must be viewed through the lens of how the AP functions, which is in the  capacity of generating state-sponsored propaganda and narrative that co-mingle with actual news items. In this light, this item depicting the Parkland, Florida, high shooting as the top news story of 2018 is concerning; especially when you consider how the MSM/Deep State/TPTB quite literally manufactured instant gun control teen personalities to propagate the narrative and social programming immediately following the event, which legitimately registers on the false flag radar. Given previous news items indicating that the Democratically controlled House will pursue significant gun control measures, this AP item very well could be the MSM/Deep State/TPTB manufacturing pretext for what is to come in 2019. Stay alert and stay tuned.

Another concerning item details how one of the federal apparatus' most feared agencies - the Internal Revenue Service - in 2017, "had in its weapons inventory 4,487 guns and 5,062,006 rounds of ammunition as of late 2017." Aren't they supposed to process returns, collect taxes and issue refunds. How is this not frightening and concerning?

Lastly, let's just hope that when the politicians look to continue their evisceration of the Second Amendment, they'll consider how Parkland Florida City Commissioner shot an intruder in defense of his family and himself. I'm not holding my breath.

7. In the frustrating world of liberally biased MSM 'fake news,' ZH expands on the largest new media scandal in decades by elaborating further on the developments of two additional 'journalists,' now totaling three, being fired for literally fabricating their stories. Again, for a complete understanding, consider this information in relation to what is offered on the Tenets page of this site. The second item from TGP, circles back to the MSM hysteria, which in no way resembled how they previously treated Obama in nearly identical circumstances, surrounding Trump signing Trump regalia for the troops during his war theater and base visits in the Middle East. The military weighed-in with the final word and essentially gave it the 'all clear' stamp. It's another perfect example of narrative v. news.

8. TGP features an item discussing the pervasive social programming across all media platforms at the hands of TPTB/Deep State. It's a review of an item featured in American Catholic expanding on the Communist tactic of using the dissemination of politically correct 'lies' to influence and affect the populace. A fundamental understanding of human psychology is required to process this information correctly. These tactics seek to marginalize people, much like the 'conspiracy theorist' label applied to folks who strayed from the JFK assassination official narrative plantation. The premise can be explained in a question - when one has been marginalized and forced into silence for holding an alternative view, how can they effectively participate in what is supposed to be a free and open democratic society? Pro tip- they can't and that's the express intent in this subversive, vile and duplicitous tactic.

9. The daily dose of illegal immigration and border security news items includes one from AT that shines light on the altruistic approach of the Left and the unintended consequences in its wake by means of an anecdotal account of brutality. It's a story line that plays over repeatedly in this country. Moving in a completely opposite direction, which is appropriate given the subject, Chelsea Clinton is on the attack targeting Peter King for 'dog whistle racism,' even though her point is conjecture and his is supported by feelings and emotions. One more point - what has Chelsea Clinton ever DONE or ACCOMPLISHED that places her in a position to comment on virtually anything? That would be exactly nothing. Her duplicity and that of the Democratic party is on full display in another related TGP where their approach is torn down to its foundation. Lastly and on a sad note, an illegal Haitian immigrant was recently arrested in Connecticut for the shooting death of a 12-year old American boy. How many more innocents have to die to accommodate the agenda of the Left/TPTB/Deep State?

10. The FED is back in the news with further insight into the mystery that is chairman Jerome 'Jay' Powell. Please refer to the Tenets page for concessions on the FED and the economy in light of commentary here. That said, the evidence at hand demonstrates that the FED kept interest rates artificially low for Obama's 8 years of miserable economic policy and performance as contrasted with continual rate hikes for Trumps booming economy. At the root of it is this question - Is Powell acting politically or is working to redress decades of poor policy? This ZH expands on how and why the latter scenario may be accurate and this could be tied to President Trump's recent reversal whereby he publicly claimed support for both Powell and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin. To this end is this fact which is impossible to refute, "This is not Powell's fault. It is the fault of his predecessors at the Fed, and in the government." This lens helps to clarify recent decisions on monetary policy and interest rate hikes.


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