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Please note: Today's submission covers news items from the last two days (28 Dec and 29 Dec) as I was traveling all day yesterday. In that light, flying roughly 2,000 miles and passively utilizing a number of federal agencies as they processed me and ushered me home, the federal shutdown was unnoticeable across the board.

1. Liberal lunacy is on full display as the scourge of the vile Left continues to chase unicorns in the kingdom of unintended consequences, but there's good news to report in that the criminal and felonious illegal alien who murdered a legal immigrant acting in the course of his employment, has been captured. Let's hope the justice system sinks its teeth into this degenerate to the nth degree. Shockingly or not, as the former law enforcement officer's family grieves for his loss, Nancy Pelosi was vacationing at a posh Hawaiian resort during the shutdown. Who's surprised with that? Not I.

If you're trying to understand the mindset of the liberal lunatic, the second link includes video of an unhinged, low-information, poorly-educated, apparently ignorant and obstinate vape shop cashier (I'm sure the qualifications to work there are commensurate with what you'll see in the video) who toed the 'Orange Man Bad' mantra and refused to serve a patron for daring to exercise his First Amendment rights by wearing a Trump t-shirt into the store. Oh, the horror. These people are as idiotic as they are unintelligent, hypocritical and duplicitous. Enjoy the meltdown. Need more evidence? The Left cancelled one of their forthcoming events because too many WHITE WOMEN were attending. Pure projection at it's best - racists who use racism to target others while actually practicing racism themselves. It goes without saying, that these lefty loons only apply the racism card when considering non-whites while they have no problem whatsoever engaging in racism against whites. How moronic. How pathetic.

Two more excellent items expand on the lunacy thanks to American thinker. In the first, the author lines-out the petulant, childish stance of the Left as he compares trends in the Obama administration to those in the Trump administration and succinctly outlines the disparities therein. It's nothing revolutionary in terms of information and is part and parcel for the Democrat's political strategy, which is effective for low-information Kool-Aid drinkers. In the second, the elitist left is excoriated for it's duplicitous positions, dishonesty and outright misrepresentation of the truth to further a Globalist agenda antithetical to, well, America; in the context is open borders and the degradation of the country from the unintended consequences thereof. The most relevant point being that the Democrats HATE the president more than they LOVE the country and are willing to do anything to in light of the former and nothing in light of the latter.

Hollywood is the entertainment branch of the Deep State's social programming effort and with that said, the vileness of the Left is on full-display following the attack of Leftist lapdog Jimmy Kimmel on the triple amputee veteran who began the Go Fund Me campaign to fund the southern border wall. At a point, people must realize that Democrats are only what they claim to be - caring, loving, inclusive, tolerant, accepting, open-minded, etc. - ONLY when it suits their political agenda. Otherwise, they are vile snakes who will strike at every opportunity. Case in point, is a second ongoing militarily related item referenced previously - the Leftist media lashing out and demanding prosecution of soldiers because they dared to bring Trump regalia to his M.E., post-Christmas war zone visit. How dare they show affection to their Commander in Chief. When Obama signed autographs for soldiers, all you heard from the MSM was crickets.

Shifting gears to more extreme MSM bias, the tragic beheading of two young Scandinavian women visiting Morocco as tourists was mischaracterized in the media and quite literally covered-up by Swedish media (and elsewhere.) I just doesn't fit their agenda so there's no need to report the truth when narrative can be proffered and spoon fed.

Lastly, enjoy a run down of from PLB of the "fakiest" news of the year (last link.)

2. Globalism and social programming will NEVER go away until we coalesce as patriotic Americans, regardless of party, and make them go away. In the event folks are unaware, we have fewer than two guaranteed years and potentially less than that if impeachment and/or obstructive and resistant  political strategies are successful. I'm not sure if the Globalist/social programming nexus can be better demonstrated than this quote from the ZH item below, "The citizens are disenfranchised and conditioned to be politically apathetic consumers. In recent decades, democracy has been replaced by the illusion of democracy. New forms of organization of power and psychological methods for manipulation of our consciousness protect the powerful against the risks of democratic empowerment and strengthen their position."

To the same Globalist end, Merkel is again beating the anti-national sovereignty drum, much like the Pope has as well as a seemingly unending list of other Globalist individuals and entities. See United Nations. Ever get the feeling like were being forced into to an amalgamated world populace under one global governance? Well, you should because that's exactly what's happening. See United Nations. See unending illegal immigration and European Muslim migration.

Here's a perfect example of Globalism and progressive ideology playing out in an advertisement. This is the essence of social programming and it's greatest attribute is its subtlety. As you watch this video, consider this translation: a) the condensed urban area is depicted as fun and desirable, b) the extremely high density, completely amalgamated population is portrayed in perfect harmony and multi-cultural synchronicity, c) the alternative lifestyle is propagated and celebrated by means of the rainbow color pallette, d) begin preparing for the forthcoming mass immigration vis-a-vis "Make room for color", e) "Color" used in this context is an inference to the associated picture at the end, which suspiciously highly resembles Mecca during the Haaj, and f) there are very few females reflecting current immigration trends that more closely resemble an army or fighting force - think Trojan horse (military aged, younger men with few females.)

3. Aren't we all still waiting to see if any of the pervasive election fraud circa the 2016 general election (research suggests that Clinton stole five states and still got swept) and the 2018 midterms will gain traction from an exposure and law enforcement perspective? We know that the bureaucratic wheels grind painfully slow and it looks like Judge Moore's loss as a result of the suspected (known?) election fraud is emerging. If you're unfamiliar with the nexus between actual brain science and the underlying intent of social media, this will provide context. Couple this with knowledge with how bots and bot farms operate (previously discussed) and you'll begin to see a frightening picture of exactly how TPTB herd naive Americans into desired positions via social programming. Moore fell victim to this during the midterms and momentum is building appears to be shifting in a positive direction in terms of justice.

The despicable Brenda Snipes is back in the news after stealing elections in Florida. We can only hope that the new Florida Secretary of State allows the Deep State operative to experience full exposure to extreme legal jeopardy. My fingers are crossed but I'm not holding my breath.

4. The ongoing the Mueller Spygate unconstitutional debacle took a few interesting turns in the past several days. First, there was a late push by Gowdy and Goodlatte to examine the investigations into both Clinton and Trump. That was Friday. By Saturday morning, the headlines read that the request went unheard and that the status quo, which is for lack of a better word is 'nothing' will hold. Someone hold up this rug while I grab my broom - we need to sweep all of this under said rug. Unbelievable. Perhaps there's another angle I'm not seeing and I'd stay tuned to CTH because if it exists, Sundance will find it.

The Tenets page outlines the underlying premise and functionality of Mueller's work, which includes the potential impeachment of Trump, and in that light, lowly Howard Dean reappeared suggesting that both Trump and Pence be impeached so that Nancy Pelosi can ascend to the presidency. If you don't understand why that would be, review your history books or just read this. Allow me to elaborate on the potential aftermath if this scenario were to become reality. In short, it sounds like this - prepare yourself for the second American Civil War. I can't imagine a scenario whereby civil unrest the likes of which has never been seen would not unfold. From there, we're one gunshot away, false flag or otherwise, from sparking it all.

Michael Cohen's role continues to be a mystery. Mueller provided information for sentencing leniency to his presiding judge and we know that he's cooperating as a state's witness. As Cohen continues to deny having ever even been to Prague, known hack journalists, working in a capacity to serve the Deep State and TPTB; and with interesting timing, published a story claiming Cohen's cell pinged off a tower in Prague thus contradicting Cohen's position. Subsequently, CTH and others destroyed their argument and the UK Daily Mail went as far as supposing that perhaps his cell phone was cloned so as to render the ping; something well within the Deep State's capabilities.

It also appears the Deep State is throwing cover to Andrew Weissman, Obama's previous pit bull, as it relates to his past involvement and likely criminal actions in the Enron case as well as his compromised position on Mueller's team. The depth and breadth to which these people know each other, work for each other, cover for each other, are beholden to each other and break the law with each other is profoundly disturbing and precisely represents what the 'swamp' actually is.

Lastly, from The Markets Work, a recapitulation of Mueller circa 2018 is provided.

5. Unfortunately but not unexpectedly, House Republicans will cede the majority power to the Democrats in anticlimactic fashion as their investigation into the Clinton investigation will go out with merely a whimper. That's right. For all of the bloviating we heard about House Republicans making good on a common sense approach to discovering the truth, we now learn that the House won't even produce a report; much less anything with teeth or consequences. Again, unfortunate but not unexpected. Sidebar - this seems to comport with exactly what has been discussed previously and at length and that is that these "investigations" are merely a guise to facilitate a cover-up of Deep State crimes. Pathetic. How unpatriotic and rife with corruption it all is.

6. Another day in the illegal immigration and border security arena brings us to some interesting revelations and namely, a review of Democrats who have previously supported border and immigration control, but only when it's expedient to their political cause and agenda. It's why I routinely refer to the Left and Democrats as duplicitous because they hold that line on virtually every important topic and low-information voters have little to no idea that their modus operandi is to flip-flop like a fish out of water. Pro tip - the list of anti-border security and anti-illegal immigration reform politicians who previously claimed a contrary stance is a long one and you can spend all day finding examples.

Sarah Sanders summarized it all in one fail swoop when she said Democrats, "care more about keeping our borders open than keep the government open. Gospel. American Spectator weighs-in by destroying five of their most common stances for opposing border security; all being absurd to begin with.

As a follow-up to the tragic death of the 8-year old illegal immigrant who died after his father refused further medical treatment; something the MSM refused to put-out when they originally published the story. Geez, I wonder why that it is? Is it because that fact doesn't comport with the narrative that it's somehow Trump's fault. Pro tip - that's exactly why. I digress. Now we learn that the boy's mother sent the boy along with his father to facilitate easier entrance into the US for the dad. Nice call, mom, you killed your son. Once again - I offer you 'unintended consequences.' Unbelievable.

AT also provides an excellent summation of a number of illegal immigration incidents and their respective aftermaths in relation to the immorality of the stance of the progressive Left. It's worth the read.

We already chatted about Pelosi so now we're compelled to include the vile, duplicitous Chuck Schumer. There are two AT items with the latter speaking directly to Chuck's duplicity and in this context, his contrary border security comments historically. The other item directly attributes the surging trend in southern illegal immigration to the US to Chuck's incessant rhetoric whereby his irresponsibility has let the proverbial cat out of the bag. It seems everyone knows the game now and the aftermath is the continued and progressively escalating pattern of unskilled, uneducated, welfare dependent Third World illegal immigrants streaming to the southern border.

7. On the gun control front, one of the most frustrating aspects is that politicians without even the slightest modicum of understanding about firearms or their functionality or purpose, wish to regulate and control them. The internet is replete with items depicting Leftists speaking in platitudes and in total ignorance on this topic. You could indulge yourself in this material for days and it's akin to taking your rig to your child's kindergarten teacher so she can rebuild your transmission. In other words, it's insanity. In this case and as a result of a city buy-back program, Baltimore Democratic mayor Catherine Pugh apparently believes the NRA supports rocket launchers and she's using it to raise funds. Ignoramus seems to be an appropriate label here.

8. Our last item today pertains to ISIS and Syria as never-Trumpers line-up to blame the president for fueling the growth of ISIS. For context, please see item 8 on the Tenets page where you'll also see this video link showing an Apache helo escorting a column of ISIS vehicles. Come again? Escorting? That's right. Obama not only did not go after ISIS, his administration (Deep State/TPTB) literally created, equipped, trained and then wielded ISIS according to the 'Boogeyman Principle.'  Understand that and now you understand how ridiculous and patently false and disingenuous all of the Syrian withdrawal rhetoric actually is.

9. Unrelated item of interest - pretty cool stuff here. Enjoy:


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