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1. The liberal media bias is in full effect today (as with every day) and I've provided a long list of links that in support of that position. To begin, consider what a couple of never-Trumpers pondered as outlined in the Brietbart link - whether or not the recent economic volatility, the midterm results and Matti's departure would be enough to unseat Trump via the impeachment process. I thought journalists were supposed to report facts and data thus leaving the public to draw their own conclusions; not fabricate the context for his ousting by rooting on market volatility. How is that journalism? Answer - it isn't; rather it's rhetoric.

The MSM cast aside journalistic integrity as they criticized Trump for not visiting troops during Christmas time while he, unbeknownst to them, boarded AF1 Christmas night and did exactly that. Once again, print first and retract (or not) later. Typical. Moreover, the snarky MSM, by means of one of their "reporters," decided to snitch on troops the was visiting because they had the audacity to capitalize on the opportunity of a lifetime by bringing Trump regalia for their Commander in Chief to autograph (actual violation of statute.) Staying true to form, the sniveling report tattled on them like a petulant child.

Other items pertain to the AP literally rewriting history regarding similar occurrences between Obama and Trump so as to slant the information favorably toward Obama and detrimentally toward Trump. On the notion of fictitious information, another item discussed the depth to which the Internet presents manipulated, fabricated and disingenuous information in alarming quantities.

Lastly and in the context of border security, the MSM is once again latching on to a liberal staple (women and in this case, children), by exploiting the tragic death of an 8-year old male rendered from one of the illegal caravans. Never let a good tragedy go to waste - that's their mantra - and they don't in this case. What the MSM decided to originally withhold is that the boy's father refused further medical care prior to his son's death.

2. The Mueller fiasco took a couple of interesting turns and namely that Michael Cohen's cell phone apparently pinged off a Prague cell tower and the MSM ran with it. Sundance at CTH takes a second and closer look at the claims and offers compelling evidence that it's familiar hack journalists working with slim evidence to further the Mueller agenda. CTH also takes a second swing at Mueller for introducing "nude selfies" as an apparent threat to national security. Good God.

In a second Mueller item, “The Supreme Court is putting on hold a contempt order against an unnamed company fighting a subpoena in a mystery case with possible ties to special counsel Robert Mueller,” according to The Hill via True Pundit. The details on this matter are hazy as the case is under seal and the company at its center is a foreign one. Stay tuned.

Lastly, a ZH item provides a concise but comprehensive take to the blatant irresponsibility of the MSM to the extent that the propagation of the "Russiagate" hysteria remains unmitigated and to the extent that TPTB seem to prefer impeachment of the president (for what?) as opposed to war . Recall how I mentioned on the Tenets page (assuming you've read it) that war is a tool? Here TPTB are using it as an opposing force to promote presidential impeachment. That's how these nefarious types operate.

3. Yet another tragic death at the hands of an illegal immigrant makes the news today. As heartbreaking as the story is, it's a perfectly dichotomous example in the immigration debate - legal v. illegal immigration. In this instance, a legal immigrant police officer lost his life performing his duties when an illegal immigrant shot him to death. To all of the LIBERAL LUNATICS who love to claim that the president often has "blood on his hands," your failure to grasp reality and obey the rule of law now cause you to have blood on your hands. You voted for these degenerates and they reflect your positions and now this honorable man is dead and his family will be without forever.

Continuing, you'll see a prior hypocritical tweet from Obama reflecting his duplicity on the issue as well as an item detailing the dropping of approximately 500 illegals in El Paso.

4. Since the midterms and stories of Democratic election fraud, flipping Orange Co. (CA), also known as Reagan country, from red to blue, ballot harvesting, etc., information has surfaced demonstrating a billionaire's interference in the AL/Roy Moore election. Remember what I posed about false flags, billionaires and the "truth" as it relates to "news" as posed on the Tenets page? Those pesky bots! I'm still waiting for something in the way of judicial traction pertaining to election fraud so perhaps this is the thread on the proverbial sweater. Stay tuned.

 5. The Washington Post, which I proffered as being a mouthpiece for the CIA on the Tenets page, is criticized for its dishonest reporting on the Khashoggi assassination. The implication is that the degree to which the reporting was made could likely impact national security in a fashion honest reporting would not have. In other words, it's more narrative and propaganda dissemination to the end of shaping a policy stance and it's more evidence that WaPo is exactly what I'm claiming - a mouthpiece for the CIA.

6. Do you ever get the feeling that the Left is nothing more than a bunch of lunatics pursuing their liberal utopia by chasing unicorns in the kingdom of unintended consequences? I do and about every day; or at least every time I accidentally catch a bit of any nightly national "newscast." In these items below, the unintended consequences of their own policy decisions amounts to an escalating and highly consequential opioid epidemic in the cities under their governance and in which they live. I can't imagine the intended to destroy lives and families, load their streets with salmonella and human fecal matter but I suppose that why they're called unintended consequence, which can be prevented with a modicum of intelligence and foresight.

Another liberal insanity item includes a gem from American thinker detailing observations that I truly appreciate:
1.  Sexual perversion brought out of the shadows, advocated, and institutionalized.
2.  Unimaginable debt cleverly crafted to bring ruin to the next generation.
3.  Importation of adherents of a murderous religion.
4.  Extermination of children.
5.  Importation of a foreign population to replace exterminated children.
6.  Extension of government control to every aspect of life.
7.  Rabid outrage over global warming during the coolest period in the last 100 years.

A second AT item digs into liberal bias and bigotry against Catholics in the context of a Trump nominee. I'm guessing a bunch of these same liberals are actually Catholics but I suppose that doesn't matter because as always, the end justifies the means.

Lastly, as the liberal loons tout their socialist stances, the fail to recognize yet again unintended consequences - see Venezuela.

7. Social programming is on today's agenda as a consideration prompted by the link below, which was already included above. I wanted to make this point germane to the item, though. In short, social programming is utilizing all forms of media to deliver explicit and implicit social messaging with the intended effect of manipulating the public into desired social positions. As you read this item, consider how bot farming (computer programs that pretend to be real people) and disingenuous information can marginalize, criticize, persuade, etc. consumers of that information into desired positions like a herder herds sheep. Scary stuff.

8. Don't worry about the shutdown! Your totalitarian state is conveniently remaining in full effect for your "safety" and "security," which are two words implicitly synonymous with you conceding your personal liberties, freedoms and rights.

9. TGP weighs-in with an item detailing the continued complicity in all things Deep State, FBI, DOJ, anti-Trump, pro-Clinton and to the end of maintaining their position of protecting Clinton from extreme legal jeopardy. In this instance, they are working in concert and counter to Judicial Watch, which we all know is in pursuit of the truth.

10. I elaborated extensively on the gun control issue on the Tenets page and I encourage you to peruse it. As the gun grab debate beings to ramp up with the seating of the Congress on 03 Jan 19, red flag laws are the latest trend and it's concerning to a high degree. This item is worth your time.

Conveniently, this second item puts a feather in our cap as we look to defend our Second Amendment rights. In this instance, two felons looking to steal tools had six - yes six - legally armed citizens draw and wreck their plans. Granted, they could have exercised a little more restraint in an instance or two, but so be it.

11. Geopolitics 101 - remove a bad dude from a position of power and another bad dude fills the void. That's always the case and sometimes the only option available to the military and intelligence apparatus involve deciding whether they wish for the successor to be one they can control v. one they can't. ZH weighs-in accordingly in the Syrian withdrawal scenario.

The second item details the duplicity I referenced on the Tenets page whereby a swing is taken at the Democrats for the contradictory war hawk stance. Why does one betray ones on values? Because their beholden to someone else and in this case, it's TPTB.

12. As much as I can't stand Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, I can't get enough of her because of her self-destructive nature vis-a-vis her incompetence, ignorance and propensity to embarrass herself publicly and routinely. Outgoing Senator McCaskill questions her meteoric rise, which comports with my previous inference ("elected".) Frankly, she's a Deep State shill thrust into this position by to chip away at traditional America. The second piece from AT takes another swipe at her religion ignorance. Enjoy.

13. In further support of my statement that we are living in monumentally revolutionary times, this ZH item hones in on the same.


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