There is a version of the president's address today that sounds precisely like this - he knew for certain that no matter how rational, pragmatic and cogent his bipartisan offer was today, so long as it contained any semblance of funding a wall, it would be rejected. To that end, consider that Pelosi, as mentioned in a previous post, rejected the offer before it was even delivered.

That said, it puts the president in a position to potentially curry favor with the Dreamers. The Democrats held office for 8 years, the first two possessing the Executive and both chambers of Congress, and punted on immigration for all 8 years; despite campaign promise after campaign promise to affect real change.

President Trump is the first adult to but forth a reasonable, pragmatic and bipartisan proposal for resolution: grant the Dreamers a temporary 3 year window of reprieve to facilitate a permanent bipartisan legislative solution. How rational. How grown-up. How pragmatic. Not to mention, it's a perfect play - a genuine and reasonable offer that he knew the Democrats would reject.

Why it matters - it places the president in a position to move on the southern border unilaterally, justifiably and all the while placing the blame squarely upon unreasonable, unhinged, partisan, uncooperative and unwilling Democrats.

Forecast - unless something dramatic and unforeseen occurs, there is a strong likelihood the president takes action in relative short order.


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