In the spirit of exchanging intelligence for diversity, there is a Trojan Horse of stupidity in our presence and it looks like Ocasio-Cortez, Omar, Neguse, etc. Inside that Trojan Horse is formidable contingency of low-information Americans ascribing to Marxist Socialism.

Sandy 'from an elite enclave near the Bronx' Ocasio-Cortez, who has routinely demonstrated that she is ignorant of civics in general, is now doubling-down on stupid. She's casting aside advice from more experienced lawmakers (  ) to ease her way into things. She's a petulant child unfit for her position and one who prefers to forego dipping one's toe into the shallow end in favor of plunging off the high dive directly into the deep end. In this case, the deep end is Marxist Socialism and not only is she leading the way; likely in the employ of the Deep State, she has a strong following of low-information Americans in tow.

Her ignorance and downright duplicity is on full display as Venezuela serves as the reminder of what Marxist Socialism becomes. On one end of the political cycle in this country, Sandy is setting the course to usher-in Marxist Socialism in a remake of this Constitutional Republic. On the other end of the same political cycle, Venezuela demonstrates where it all heads. In this case, Venezuelan soldiers have been arrested in an attempted coup d'etat of the dictator Maduro as they work to free their country.

How ironic that in the US, Deep State politicians seemingly beholden to Marxist Socialism are executing a coup d'etat against President Trump all the while a Marxist Socialist dictator is squashing a coup d'etat attempt against his totalitarian, authoritarian control.

Here's where imbeciles like Sandy and all of the others fail and fail magnificently, though. Out of one side of their mouths, they espouse and popularize their anti-capitalism, concentration of wealth in the hands of the few dogma. Out of the other side of their mouths, they promote Marxist Socialism.

In blissful ignorance, they fail to realize that the latter creates the former. For proof, see Venezuela - it's a full-on totalitarian dumpster fire with eggs that reportedly cost $150 per dozen.

Be warned - until this narrative is defeated and lawmakers like Sandy, Omar & Neguse - the other freshman imbeciles - are rejected and pushed back to the populace, our full attention is warranted. If the country walks around this corner, it will never return. Vigilance should rule the day.


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