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Little to No
AGGRAVATING DEVELOPMENTS: Democrats back in control of the house with a full anti-Trump agenda already in full swing, multiple House/Trump investigations to be opened, Mueller’s extended presence, agenda already halted even with both chambers, impeachment narrative at fever pitch, House rules changed to benefit Democrat’s agenda, MSM narrative all negative, shutdown spin, unfulfilled border security, apparent cover-up of FISA/FISC/Spygate, crashing economy, no major legal traction in Deep State crimes, no high-profile arrests, no declassification, no revelations, no effectual retaliation from Trump/party beyond words/Twitter.
MITIGATING DEVELOPMENTS: At the moment the president is staring a loaded gun down the barrel. The slim majority in the Senate and the Supreme Court are the two major mitigating factors until something of tectonic magnitude changes the direction, Clinton Foundation traction.
*Visual representation of the level of concern regarding the Deep States unrelenting attack on the Trump presidency.
*Updated daily as determined by events and the news cycle
*Subject to rapid change and swings in direction as determined by past and current events and the day’s news cycle

A possible indication that a momentum swing is around the corner:

"The Criminals Who Run The Deep State Will Be Exposed": Kim Dotcom Tea...

"Monumental stuff"

TGP providing an excellent chronological alignment of the geopolitical landscape and Deep State maneuvers circa April 2016 with the fabric of Q. To no surprise, all of the usual suspects are named.

BOOM: Obama Deep State Put Trump-Russia Intel Scam Into Play IN APRIL...

Guest post by Joe Hoft When it became clear that candidate Trump was going to win the Republican primaries and become the Republican Presidential cand...

TGP is in revelations mode today as this item also aligns with the Q fabric. It's a recapitulation of what anons have known for some time - Benghazi was more than we were told and it specifically ties to arms trafficking vis-a-vis the Clinton Foundation; the latter being the new development, albeit not a shocking one. With the news cycle churning-up CF-related topics as of late, perhaps this signals a yanking of that particular thread. Flynn knows it all; that's why he was removed. Real traction forthcoming?

Former Law Enforcement Official: Benghazi Coverup Was to Protect Clint...

Guest post by Joe Hoft A former Law Enforcement Officer named Roscoe B. Davis unveiled a number or tweets over the weekend tying the attack in Benghaz...

 With the upper hierarchy of the FBI and the DOJ having been retooled for personnel, now it appears the Pentagon is following suit. Spokeswoman Dana White, with her conduct under investigation, and General Mattis have already been forced to resign and now the Pentagon's Chief of Staff is following them both. Is the Pentagon being realigned for a shift in how it functions within the geopolitical landscape? It would sure appear that way.

This is why hip boots are required to trudge the swamp - it's loaded with visceral, smug little weasels like David Brock who constantly spew tripe ad nauseam. When will Americans realize that the federal apparatus has been transitioned to a global conglomerate replete with the ability to steal (via the legislature), attack (via the judicial system) and enforce hegemony (via the military)? Brock translated: nothing to do with selecting a candidate good for the American PEOPLE; everything to do with fitting the best square peg CEO into a round hole to serve USA INCORPORATED (as stolen by the majority our current politicians thus shining light on the "Never Trumpers".) Rules for thee, but not for me - the PEOPLE be damned. That's their mantra.

Clinton Crony Says Bernie Supporters Must Be Silenced For 2020 Primari...

"If you want a quality illustration of what a manipulative sociopath David Brock is..."

Deep State/Democratic/Globalist Opposition to 'The Wall' Translated: How can the Democrats continue to support open borders in light of these statistics:
"The president also touched on border crime, saying “in 2018, 1.7 pounds of narcotics has been seized” at the border.
He said there was a “big human trafficking problem” adding “17,000 adults with criminal records were apprehended, including 6,000 thousand gang members, including MS-13.”
How is any of that in the best interest of America and Americans? It isn't.
Occam's Razor tells us to find the explanation with the fewest assumptions and that brings us to SOVEREIGNTY. The Deep State/Left/Democrats/Globalists are leveraging a 2-component GLOBALIST ploy: a) obstruct and prevent the President from any meaningful political victory while b) CONTINUING THE EROSION OF STATE SOVEREIGNTY. As history demonstrates and according to the tenets of geopolitics, rule #1 in maintaining a sovereign state is to maintain said state's physical borders. That's EXACTLY what is in play for these duplicitous Globalists who also seek a permanent Democratic voting base (mass illegal immigration.) The guise of 'women and children' is used to sell this ruse. 

Pres. Trump: big human trafficking problem at the southern border | On...

Breaking News, Latest News and Current News from Breaking news and video. Latest Current News: U.S., World, Entertainment, Health, Business,...

If I were a GLOBALIST, would I actively fight a population that constitutes the silent majority, believes in and supports the US Constitution as written, wishes to see the USA returned to its glory (and the people) and possesses upwards of 393 million privately owned firearms?
No, I would not. Rather, I would deploy every resource available to me (Legislative, Judiciary, Executive, MSM, identity politics, war, terror, false flag attacks, mass shootings, social media, censorship, allied nations intelligence apparatuses, social programming, mass illegal immigration, etc.) so as to split the population and have them fight themselves thus serving as the source their own demise.
As Q has proffered, they want us DIVIDED and TOGETHER we are strong. Aside from the literal translation, at what point does the Globalist agenda begin to resemble the predication for a manufactured CIVIL WAR? Is that part of Q's angle? Case in point - we destroy ourselves en route to the termination of state sovereignty and the Globalists/UN reenter as the heroes to rebuild the USA as their utopian, totalitarian, authoritarian state paradise. The more all things Q/Trump progress, the more plausible this becomes.

The importance of Kavanaugh's nomination to SCOTUS revisited: There's a nexus between his seat on the court and southern border security as demonstrated by Democratic senator Dick Durbin (see link below.) If the president decides to declare a national emergency so as to facilitate building a physical southern border by means of presumably the Army Corps of Engineers, his Constitutional authority permits that. A tsunami of law suits would certainly follow and what entity sits atop the judiciary with a final say in all legal matters? SCOTUS; egro, no Kavanaugh, no southern border. It's that simple.
Kavanaugh matters and the Democrats know it, which is why there was such a vitriolic and protracted battle around his nomination and confirmation. This could be an end-game scenario with the Democrats outing themselves as the "anti-America, open-borders" party that renders an actual physical southern barrier. That is a political nightmare turned reality. The subsequent political fallout: Trump secures substantial political capital for 2020 while the Democrats expend their's while seeing a campaign promise fulfilled and a barrier built.

Durbin: Trump Will Face Lawsuits If He Declares National Emergency to...

Sunday on CBS's "Face the Nation," Senate Minority Whip Dick Durbin (D-IL) said President Donald Trump will face legal challenges if he declares a | V...
The more you know.... and on a hot-button issue. Here's a must read with a cogent and objective; but most importantly honest, examination of the dogma exercised in the religion (or US wealth global redistribution Ponzi scheme or both) known as Climate Change.
Rule #1 - ALWAYS FOLLOW THE MONEY. This is yet another superb example as to why.

Let's Play Follow The Climate Money!

"Their massive multi-billion-dollar conflicts of interest clearly make them incapable of analyzing climate and energy matters fairly and honestly – an...
These are heavy predictions worthy of monitoring and tracking:

Ted Malloch: Nine Predictions for a Dangerous 2019

Guest post by Ted Malloch author of The Plot to Destroy Trump 2019, like most years that end in a 9, (look back in history) will be a year to remember...
This is relevant now more than ever and everything related to Q has this hanging in the balance.
The Left's proclivity to spew Marxist Socialism with impunity as the means by which to rescue this Constitutional Republic is truly astounding. Moreover, the only rescuing that's needed is rescuing from the decades of cancerous and corrupt policy that has shredded the Constitution, the wealth, the trust and the very fabric of this society.
Even smart people can be ignorant and that's what makes this rising trend of considerable concern. If the country ever falls in the Marxist Socialism direction; and if one is being objective one will concede we're already wading in the shallow end of that pool, it's ball game, folks. Sandy 'From the Bronx' Ocasio-Cortez becomes the future. As you read this, recall that she just called for a 70% top-end tax bracket; depending on the state of residence, it's a net of 20ish%. No one, no matter one's wealth, should keep 20 cents on the dollar for a honest day's work - not in America. So where does all of that money go in such impoverished countries? To the exact same place ours' is going - to the corrupt powers that be. Case in point/predictive indicator - this is what a banana republic looks like (recall, America IS a banana republic.)

Venezuela Supreme Court Judge Flees To US, Spills Secrets Of Maduro's...

“Only brought hunger, misery and destruction to the country” as a “failed state”...


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