JOHN PODESTA'S AUDACITY IN THE AFTERMATH OF STONE'S ARREST IS TELLING  - The timing of a number of developments is the indicator here

Yesterday didn't afford an opportunity to analyze Roger Stone's arrest but no matter, examining the issue in the context of today's headlines and being over 24 hours removed actually helps to paint a clearer picture. Consider:

1. Again, the critical importance of Mueller prosecuting process crimes outside the scope of his original mandate cannot be emphasized enough - enormous red flag. Translated it reads as there being no evidence within the original mandate (anything related to the non-crime of Russian collusion) and therefore process crimes remain the only lever to be pulled. It's the equivalent of a sandwich that contains nothing between the two slices of bread.

2. Note the timing of Mueller's maneuvers - they always coincide with real traction counter to the Deep State narrative. The TGP item linked below does an excellent job presenting such. Mueller's history of decisions demonstrates that he appears to hold onto whatever cards (levers) he has timing their play (pulling of levers) to shift the narrative back in the direction of the Deep State .

3. Pelosi is riding either a real or virtual wave of political momentum on the heels of Trump's decision to reopen the federal government without border wall funding.

4. Political momentum is the mechanism by which to further movement in a desired direction. To constituents, it provides authority and legitimacy to words, decisions and actions. This momentum is also beginning to resemble the long-suspected nefarious plan to impeach the president.

5. If Pelosi is fully on board this Deep State coup d'etat, which she most certainly is, the current momentum allows her to move further down the Russian collusion line and with more salacious accusations that up the ante. Right on cue and right on the heels her perceived government reopening victory, she immediately raises previous accusations that the president is being blackmailed by Putin.

6. This new Pelosi accusation is exactly where 3 and 4 fuse to the end goal of removing the president. Here is the specific flow: shutdown momentum allows for rhetorical escalation, rhetorical escalation is designed toward the end goal, rhetorical escalation takes the form of Russian/Putin blackmail accusations, those specific accusations serves the impeachment narrative, impeachment is the mechanism to achieve the end goal. In short, Pelosi is turning the impeachment screws in real time. Recall, she already has impeachment on the House schedule.

7. Mueller destroyed Manafort and Manafort was formerly in the employ of the Podestas; including John. Moreover, Manafort's crimes were not only outside of Mueller's original mandate, they occurred during Manafort's employment with the Podestas, which preceded Trump's candidacy by years, and whereby the Podestas were committing similar and identical crimes. To-date, the Podestas have not been publicly indicted for any crimes.

8. It was suggested in this post that Stone's arrest may be timed to a narrative shift designed to deflect away from the Russian narrative being born of Clinton's loss. TGP suggests it's likely timed to revelations regarding FBI agent Joe Pientka's FISA abuse involvement. Regardless, it's timed.

9. White hat and black arguments aside, simply examining Team Mueller and its actions - who is and isn't prosecuted; who is and isn't indicted; Team Mueller having wide, deep and significant conflicts of interest; Team Mueller being allowed to operate indefinitely and outside of the original mandate - all of that reflects an obstruction or impeachment position.

Here's where matters compound....

10. Subsequent to all of this, the still not indicted John Podesta and with his infinite source of audacity, once again arises to pile-on Trump and Stone, further propagate the fabricated Wikileaks email story, defend Clinton, etc. That the Deep State is bringing Podesta back full circle to somehow offer an authoritative stamp on Trump's collusion is cause for for considerable alarm and scrutiny.

TIMING: In the span of a couple of days, the Deep State has further galvanized itself as an enemy of the Trump administration: backed Trump down on immigration/federal furlough, arrested Roger Stone to shift the narrative away from Pientka/FISA development, escalated the impeachment rhetoric and paraded out Podesta to demonstrate the apparent unbeatable duplicity of the Deep State (rules for thee but not for me.)

There are still a couple of "Trump" cards to be played, with one being and the other being DECLASSIFICATION.

Casting legitimate concerns aside for the moment, through a lens you can see the president trolling the Democrats to their very literal end. From there, once Pelosi has nailed her final nail into her own coffin, the president could yank the declassification thread, unravel the proverbial sweater and bring down the HOUSE.  That thread cannot be yanked until the Democrats are fully entrenched and although they are close, they're not quite there yet. It seems the president could be lying in wait until the end is reached.

 We shall see.


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