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Please note: Today's submission covers news items from the last three days (31 Dec - 02 Jan) and the last item from Martin Armstrong is a must read.

1. Reparations for the descendants of black slaves makes its way back into the news cycle and no thanks to TX Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson. The visceral and contentious representative plans to reintroduce a bill that would examine the redistribution the tax proceeds of all American citizens to only those who are black and with family lineage tied to slavery. Distilled down to its most basic form, this is yet another mechanism for Globalist wealth redistribution under the guise of whatever argument the often off-base Representative can proffer. It comes as no surprise that support of this bill is being given by none other than Deep State darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

 2. The seemingly unending complicity of the tech giants (Google, Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, etc. - the usual suspects, so to speak) in pursuit of their goal to utilize censorship to stifle Conservative speech in an effort to actively promote Globalist and Democratic tenets takes several forms this news cycle. This point is again supported by items from several outlets; one being a TGP item detailing how Republican/Conservative candidates were discriminated against in the context of the First Amendment rights by having top email providers calibrate settings to automatically dump their emails into the 'spam' folder so as to prevent messages from reaching their intended audience.

Continuing down the same track, Mark Zuckerberg resolve this new year is to double-down with even more political and hate speech censorship. It goes without saying that quite literally, all of this is predicated on perspective and opinion. Who decides what politics are worthy of censorship or not? Who decides what is labeled 'hate speech' or not and moreover, who is deciding that the underpinnings of the First Amendment include legal components to "safeguard" the public from hearing something they might find offensive our counter to their conventions? Pro tip- the Supreme Court would make such a decision assuming it rises to that level. Time for a class action lawsuit?

On the note of not hurting anyone's feelings, Netflix, along with substantial influence from pols Rice and Obama, had no problem censoring content because it was deemed offensive to Saudi Arabia. That's right, American programming content was censored and removed due to its perception as being offensive to the same foreign entity that funded the campaigns of the same pols censoring it. How rich. How swampy.

3. Two items are presented demonstrating the liberal media bias everyone knows drives the daily news cycle. The first pertains to the MSM completely ignoring the fact that the president weighed-in personally to ensure that Coast Guard personnel received their pay during this Democrat imposed government shutdown. The second item hails from swampy origins as the NY Times, which is supposed to function as the official paper of record for the US but which does so with a liberally biased approach that functions with seeming impunity. Jill Abramson, who guided the paper from 2011-2014 eviscerates the news rag for exploiting financial events to bash the president as well as including headlines and full news analysis that was completely rooted in biased, anti-Trump opinion. In conventional terms, when folks start eating their own that's evidence that fire is accompanying the proverbial smoke.

4. The relentless Deep State attack on President Trump continues unabated and full steam ahead. Given the nature of presidential politics, this attack manifests across the entire political spectrum of issues relative to his presidency and the news cycle. Elements of this theme can be found in essentially any topic. The rule in discerning statecraft is that those who squeal the loudest are those found to be most prominently in the cross-hairs of extreme legal jeopardy. It comes as no surprise then, that a synchronous effort to paint the president as immoral or amoral is emanating from the usual suspects: Brennan, Comey, etc. as well as a visit from the despicable and duplicitous Deep State rat retired Harry Reid.

Sundance at CTH is absolutely on point with his assessment that as Mitt Romney prepares to re-enter the geopolitical landscape, he's doing so as a Globalist shill intent on being an antithetical and destructive force to the president and his agenda. Romney didn't even wait to be seated before he became unhinged in his scathing attack on the president. The most critical aspect of this is the preparation behind it all. In short, this item was preconceived, fabricated and published to set the playing field. Romney is unquestionably a major alligator in the DC swamp and the president put him back in his place by appropriately calling-out Romney for being - literally and figuratively - the (Globalist, lap dog) loser he is. One doesn't have to take the president's words; however, Romney's own niece offered the same general opinion.

This attack will only progress until something substantially shifts the geopolitical landscape or Trump finally; however unlikely, falls to the Deep State. 

5. Since Globalism is the current topic, let's continue in that vain. Venezuela is but one recurring example on this site of the disastrous Globalist, Marsixt Socialist policies and their unintended (or intended?) consequences. Domestically, look no further than the debacle we call Chicago, where black-on-black gun homicides appear so regular that they seem intentional. It should come as no surprise that citizens are fleeing both this city and its home state of Illinois; both of which are under Democratic leadership, for the reality of the landscape as determined by their elected leaders. The exodus is now on year five.

Two additional items present one item to closely monitor and a second to make folks say, "Come again?" To the former, ZH presents a story detailing the continuing attack on paper money in favor of digital currency. Paper money is critically important as it relates to the pervasive surveillance and protections against one's right to association and privacy. The courts have ruled that money, in the way of campaign contributions, is an expression of free-speech thus further complicating this matter. Paper money keeps private transactions private; keeps freedom of association free; and prevents any semblance of surveillance by means of linking buyers to sellers or items bought. The Globalist agenda to remove paper money infringes on all of this.

Informed readers will know the depth and breadth of George Soros' entanglement with the Deep State, Democrats and Globalists. So what do the Globalists do as the Nationalist v. Globalist battle continues with fury, they name George Soros their man of the year. Shocking, I know. There is no bottom to their insanity.

6. As the federal shutdown lingers, illegal immigration and border security remain at the forefront of the news cycle. To begin, the Democrats are doing what they always do - telling people what they need to hear at any given moment regardless of previously held positions completely counter to their current stance. Border security! No border security! Immigration reform! No immigration reform! It just depends on the day and the election cycle. How Americans don't consistently call them on this is telling in one of two ways - they either don't care, which means it's not about honest legislation but about achieving one's objective regardless of the means by which to do it or they are grossly misinformed and therefore, by a technical definition, ignorant. A betting may may place his money on both of those.

As southern border issues continue to escalate, the US is deploying tear gas to deter illegals from crossing while current caravan members are indicating that many more are on the way. For some interesting research, one could look into which NGOs, especially those owned and operated by George Soros, are heavily involved in these matters. Apparently George, the Democrats, the Globalists and the Deep State folks just don't care about the aftermath of the unintended (or intended?) consequences from their intentional failure to uphold current law. As a result, real American citizens continue to pay the price as reflected by this news cycle. In one case, an illegal alien killed the son of a fire captain on Christmas weekend while another case involved a Texas illegal who was complicit in a pedophile rape case. Not to worry though, Governor Cuomo (NY) has the solution - just pardon the illegals to prevent deportation.

7. Election fraud continues to linger just below the veneer of the current news cycle and it still leaves us all wondering if and when real legal traction will occur. AT provides a look into how California flipped the House blue by means of 'ballot harvesting' while ZH takes another look at how the firm responsible for warning Americans about Russian bots designed to sway public opinion in fraudulent fashion was actually running an entire army of - wait for it - fake Russian bots. Freedom of choice is an illusion in this country.... and so is voting to elect leaders.

8. Refresher - Mueller's effort is a construct to a) collect and bury evidence of all Deep State crimes relevant to the people in play, b) provide a legal shield for Deep State operatives by absorbing them and deflecting by means of not commenting on ongoing investigations, c) cover-up said Deep State crimes and d) potentially remove a sitting president or at least interfere and obstruct his agenda. The creation of "Russia" is so thinly contrived, that cracks are appearing in Mueller's armor. Namely, one of the Russian companies upon which Mueller set is sights sagely retained the counsel of a form DOJ prosecutor and consequently, Mueller's previous legal maneuvering is being undone. This is a troublesome development for the special counsel that should be monitored.

Speaking of shoddy legal work, TGP presents the account of a former FBI investigation expert who elaborates on the standard protocols for dealing with informants and how the Steele dossier was extremely divergent from those practices (Reminder, both CTH and Dan Bongino remain authoritative and highly informed in all such content.) To conclude, the dossier, its sources and its content are so contrived an unreliable, that he problems it could create for the FBI will most certainly keep it out of any courtroom or hearing.

Mueller's situation is conspiratorial in its own right; however, that dial just got turned-up considerably with the death of journalist Bre Payton. There is considerable open a public discourse that resembles this. Ms. Payton broke the story of Mueller's team deleting tens of thousands of Strzok/Page text messages before they could be forensically analyzed and shortly thereafter, the young presumably healthy 26-year-old contracted and then died from the H1N1 flu virus between the point time she went to bed asymptomatic and her friend finding her the next morning. This may be the only case ever documented when someone went to be healthy and died from the flu before the next morning.

Famed political commentator Alan Dershowitz states that unless new information is presented, there is no chance that Trump will face impeachment or removal, thus bringing us back to the real purpose of Mueller, which is stated above. Lastly, the last link provided a detailed look into flawed FBI/DOJ actions in relation to a request for a second special counsel.

One last comment - at least one prognosticator on the political landscape proffered that he expected Mueller's effort to extend for "months and months." This doesn't bode well for any expedience to the president's agenda unless there is some politically tectonic activity to shake-up the status quo.

9. As information continues to leak out in unverified and unsubstantiated yet compelling anonymous sources, which often present "news" items weeks and months (perhaps even years) before they even make the news, more Clinton/Obama Benghazi dialogue makes this news cycle. In this instance, TGP outlines the weapons running scheme being orchestrated on behalf of Obama/Clinton by Ambassador Stevens and his Benghazi consulate. The information is sourced from Judicial Watch and details the arms being trafficked into Syria. Consider this as it relates to the unsubstantiated reports that Benghazi was more than what we've all been told. Time will tell if this ever has light shone on it but in short, the information claims that a second server was recovered at the consulate and that it was subsequently analyzed and found to contain information about the transfer of tactical nukes into the hands of Syrian rebels as authorized by Obama and facilitate by Clinton (Davy Crockett's.)

10. Are we any closer to discovering the truth, at least in an official capacity, as it relates to the events of 9/11? Many have speculated that the envelope matters that played out near the end of the Bush state funeral were perhaps tied to that very topic (lots of items available out there to literally watch it unfold.) With that said, a hacking group that stole 9/11-related documents from a law firm has threatened to dump nearly 18,000 supposedly highly damaging documents unless their Bitcoin ransom is paid off. Makes me wonder how many of the documents contain Robert Mueller's name. Remember when it was suggested that Mueller is working to cover-up all Deep State crimes? 9/11 would theoretically (or actually) be one of them.

11. Julian Assange has remained mysteriously absent for several months and everyone knows the degree to which he has impacted global and American politics. Unquestionably, Assange played a significant role in the election of Trump and for the author, it's pleasing to see that the Trump administration may forego any prosecution of Assange; or at least that's what Guilani is communicating. It won't be known until something more concrete is put forth but let's hope that the Trump adminstration's official stance comports with Guilani's comments.

12. Endless war seems to be the mantra of the Deep State and it's Democratic and Republican servants. Recalling that war is a tool wielded on an as-needed basis, several news items commenting on this very topic are provided. In short, it's concerning the Deep State apparently finds appropriate and funny enough to joke about using stealth bombers to drop nuclear arms at the same time we find ourselves at war in the Middle East and facing a potential and perhaps desired confrontation with Russia. NATO's obsolescence and purpose is called into question suggesting it does more to create enemies and eliminate them. Additionally, endless war as a disruption to world piece is considered along with 5 places to avoid beginning new wars and that victory in Afghanistan seems unlikely (18 years and counting.)

13. As Intellihub provides a look at the pervasive totalitarian police state that will rest assured not be affected the government shutdown, another item (see the video therein) will certainly anger you as a disabled veteran is yanked from his wheelchair, pepper sprayed and arrested for daring to ask to receive the Wal-Mart policy stating that his family had to present ID in order for him to purchase a bottle of champagne for NYE. Papers please....

14. Miscellaneous items of interest: Martin Armstrong - Rumsfeld/Cheney as handlers, 4th turning perspective, Democrats as the party of death.

The Armstrong piece is particularly interesting; especially since it coincides and speaks to the recent geopolitical box office release 'Vice.' Armstrong details his central position in virtually every major event to impact the US in the past 30 years; including the multitudes of times and ways he's heeded the call of DC to lend his expertise. Armstrong digs into the corruption of DC and details how Cheney subverted the US government and was a significant player in the events of 9/11; along with his co-conspirator, Donald Rumsfeld. Armstrong regards the movie as fairly accurate but suggests that the movie conveniently elected not to include a scene specific to a meeting regarding 9/11 events. What follows are the standard 9/11 components antithetical to the official narrative: the missing $2.3 trillion announced by Rumsfeld on 9/10, the need for an investigation into that missing money, the Pentagon strike hitting the very room containing the documents necessary for that investigation, the collapse of Building 7 (multiple ways to eliminate aggravating evidence in the form of documents - blow them up with a cruise missile or establish a special counsel - MUELLER! - to do the same in a a more clandestine fashion. Armstrong bends all of this around to the point of the item, which is utilizing Deep State operatives to handle, or baby sit or manage, select politicians not to exclude the president.

Something to consider - given that Hollywood is an agent of the Deep State and is fully engaged in the practice of disseminating content explicitly for social programming, that would include preparing the populace for the eventual revelation of highly controversial information. With this in mind, it begs this question - what is the intent of Vice? Is it to galvanize the Left against Republican corruption so as to paint Trump with the same brush? Or is it to deliver the pretext for the revelations that the events of 9/11 were either permitted by or executed by the US federal government? Both are plausible and time will tell. In the mean time, it does make one think.

*Identical points made on the Tenets page to this site

15. General Commentary: For pretext, these three points must be established for complete understanding of what is to follow:

a) "Russia" was a calculated response to Clinton's 2016 loss.

b) It served two primary functions: 1. Provide an excuse for why Clinton lost the election that could be widely propagated by the MSM with seeming fidelity and therein be believable to a low-information general public, 2. Serve as an equally believable impetus for the creation of a special counsel designed to remove a president, delay/obstruct his agenda or both.

c) "Russia" was 100% fabricated and implicates TPTB, Deep State, FBI, DOJ, CIA, NSA, elected officials, un-elected bureaucrats, the MSM and several allied foreign nations and others in the Russia-based Spygate/FISA/FISC scandal.

In looking through this evening's headlines and reading select items, the political landscape of the forthcoming year is emerging with greater clarity. The Democrats have the deck stacked and are ready to go beginning presumably tomorrow. They'll officially wrest away control of the House from inept Republicans and set their agenda in motion. The Supreme Court and the slim Senate majority seem to be the only two saving graces and the latter is no guarantee depending on the issue at hand - there are many a Republican senator beholden TPTB and who vote accordingly.

This is certain - the Democrats will fight no holds barred against Trump's and if they are successful in removing him, which is most certainly an impossibility with the status quo of information, it would be a bonus. That's not their goal. They know that absent tectonic developments damaging to Trump, there is no path to his removal. That said, it only takes one bombshell revelation to render that statement obsolete - please consider that a concession.

By default, the TPTB's strategy becomes clear and their tools (House majority, House rules changes, impeachment overtones, Mueller, key appointments to oversight, post-midterm political momentum, a complicit MSM, Schumer as Senate minority leader (speaks for itself), etc.) clearly demonstrate this. Their objective is to obstruct, intervene, undermine, attack, marginalize and essentially, grind to a halt the entire balance of the president's agenda.  That's not a revolutionary position - this has been clear since the beginning. Now, enter Mitt Romney.

The swamp gator that is the losing Mitt Romney has resurfaced for oxygen. His purpose is now obvious - the Deep State has resurrected him in the critical role of a senator in a chamber with a thin Republican margin. It puts him in a position to wield influence over constituents, colleagues and the legislative process. A betting man might place his chips on Romney riding this role right into 2020 as the best man to save the country; and that's only in the event the Democrats don't just flat-out steal another election. His Deep State/Globalist role is seen to include a) galvanizing the Uniparty Democrats and Republicans against a rogue president and all in the name of a common sense approach to repairing a nation pitted and divided by his hands, or something like that, b) serve TPTB to undermine, influence or subvert select legislation, c) play significant legislative roles in items that reflect his influence and leadership, d) bridge the gap between anti-Trumpers on the Left and the Right, e) present a common sense approach to Republicanism and Conservatism, f) start a process by which to earn the trust of the American people in an effort antithetical to the president and f) all in the vain of running in 2020. Again, a betting man might put his chips on something that sounds and looks very similar to that.

Case in point - there's more than one way to remove a president. If one's attempts to assassinate have failed or they've chosen not to go down that path all together, one could embrace legal mechanisms like a special counsel, impeachment or both. If those fail to render, one can stack the deck against the agenda; using all of the tools at their disposal, and wait it all out for four years so as to remove him on a natural timeline. That tactic would likely avoid the subsequent and likely second American Civil War should the former become reality. Such a plan would likely redress the previous mistakes from before, during and after 2016 and therefore render their desired result. No one said Trump had to be removed immediately - just that he had to be removed.  In actuality and as inferred earlier, the Democrats plan utilizes the long and short strategies simultaneously.

What's left is rather straightforward. Should Trump or some other entity - uh, hello, QAnon, now would be a great time for one of your earth shattering prophecies to become reality - fail to maneuver with tectonic magnitude, we're in for protracted, messy, grinding and fruitless haul until such time the Deep State rages, steals it all back and returns us to the otherwise delayed Globalism track.


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