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Little to No
AGGRAVATING DEVELOPMENTS: Democrats back in control of the house with a full anti-Trump agenda already in full swing, multiple House/Trump investigations to be opened, Mueller’s extended presence, agenda already halted even with both chambers, impeachment narrative at fever pitch, House rules changed to benefit Democrat’s agenda, MSM narrative all negative, shutdown spin, unfulfilled border security, apparent cover-up of FISA/FISC/Spygate, crashing economy, no major legal traction in Deep State crimes, no high-profile arrests, no declassification, no revelations, no effectual retaliation from Trump/party beyond words/Twitter.
MITIGATING DEVELOPMENTS: At the moment the president is staring a loaded gun down the barrel. The slim majority in the Senate and the Supreme Court are the two major mitigating factors until something of tectonic magnitude changes the direction, Clinton Foundation traction.
*Visual representation of the level of concern regarding the Deep States unrelenting attack on the Trump presidency.
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Commentary with categorized sources below:
To really understand liberal loons and their disassociation with reality and human nature, take a peek at the video in this link. It's a re-posted oldie but a goodie that was depicts a college student comparing a two-year-old to a tree in terms of its sentience. Why, you may ask. So as to bolster his position that infanticide (literally defined as terminating the life of an infant), as an extension of the world's leading cause of death in abortion, is somehow a sane and cogent argument. You heard that right. He's equating the sentience of a 2-year-old to that of a tree to justify killing the child. Seriously. HOW DOES ONE DEBATE INSANITY? This pervasive mental illness plagues the university level and this is the quality of individual being churned-out.

As if right on cue, the newly minted House majority (Democrats/Speaker Pelosi) are in lockstep with their derangement with one of the two first ever elected Muslims, Michigan Democrat Rashida Tlaib, exclaimed that the Democrats were going to "IMPEACH THE MOTHERFUCKER." How diplomatic. How Third World. How insane. How in appropriate. How, well, can you imagine if Republicans treated Obama in such a manner. The bow on that gift was Pelosi's defense of the comment - shocking, right?

Shall we continue? The lunacy never ends so let's consider more ignorant revelations from Deep State darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, or Sandy as her privileged elite high school colleagues called her. She's barely even started and has already called for top-end tax brackets of 70% - yeah, that's right, the rightful wage earner would only retain 30% of their EARNED INCOME and that doesn't include what the state will take. In short, Sandy, please read Atlas Shrugged or take your politics to Venezuela, where Marxist Socialism has destroyed that country. At a point, Sandy will realize that she's an ignorant, cartoon-like pawn of the Deep State. In the meantime, we all have to endure her.

'Must see' items for your entertainment:

In the way of liberal MSM bias and 'fake news,' CNN has reared its head once again to propagate a fake federal shutdown story by misrepresenting information pertaining to TSA screeners organizing and participating in a 'sick-out' in protest of the shutdown. As expected, the item was proved false and with a caveat that Democrats (and the MSM) simply don't allow facts and data to shape their 'news' items.

Yesterday's submission was an examination of the 321 bills introduced in the first two days of the 116th Congress to identify legislative agendas and goals for both sides of the 'Uniparty.' One thing known but made patently obvious by that exercise is that the Democrats have doubled-down and are fully locked and loaded in pursuit of impeachment, obstruction and resistance. They have no interest in anything resembling tangible accomplishments for President Trump or his party, which has large factions of resistance and obstruction within it. Of particular interest in this news cycle is an item from Sundance at CTH whereby he outlines intra-party obstruction and resistance at the hands of swamp creature Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Therein, the relationship between McConnell and the US Chamber of Commerce and notably its president, Tom Donohue. It's a story replete with interwoven plausible deniability, implicit undermining of the president and with none other than co-conspirator Mitt Romney leading the opposition. This site has already proffered that Romney will be cast into the role of the Deep State savior as a 2020 candidate so as to present a "common sense" alternative to Trump.

Back to such plays at the hands of the Democrats, Pelosi is pushing for a more stringent policy on the release of tax returns for presidential and vice presidential candidates whereby 10-years worth would be required to be surrendered. Idea - Speaker Pelosi should follow suit and allow us to examine her tax returns. Not so fast - rules for thee but not for me - that's the Deep State mantra. Unquestionably, 2019 will be a show for the ages and a couple of linked items expand on that notion.

As Roger Stone elaborates on special counsel Mueller's and his Spygate efforts to harass him and employ heavy tactics against him, it is learned that Mueller isn't going anywhere soon. As expected and to facilitate Mueller's true purpose, which is discussed in the appropriate section here, the Mueller team will remain for at least another 6 months unless the president takes significant action to a) demonstrate unequivocally the need to terminate the special counsel and then b) terminate the special counsel. The extension comes as multiple sources are painting a picture to demonstrate that Flynn's targeting was politically motivated, sans any significant criminal activity and that exculpatory evidence was intentionally withheld so as to justify the Deep State's pursuit of him. Remember, he knows exactly where the bodies are buried (figurative and literal interpretations apply.)

As continually mentioned on this site, is the notion of the Left's/Liberals' pursuit of action predicated on emotions and the unintended consequences that play-out in the aftermath. Those emotions are pursued with the 'ends justify the means' mantra and it's ultimately destructive to the topic at hand. In this particular case, the longstanding diplomatic relationship with the UK is in tatters. Why? The Deep State, Obama, Clinton, et al. abused the 5 Eyes national security accord so extensively in the Spygate effort, that it has undermined relations at a wholesale level.

The obvious consideration on the border security and illegal immigration front is the campaign promise of building a physical barrier on the Southern border, which is most commonly referred to as 'the wall.' Although the wall is beginning to look more like a steel-slatted fence than a concrete wall, it's a physical barrier nonetheless. That said, there are various considerations that make this barrier more likely to be built than not: a) a theory that the president could use the military and its Army Corps of Engineers to build the barrier, b) the President has alluded to such a maneuver in the event that his c) continued negotiations with the Democrats remain fruitless. The sense from this news cycle is that this wall is getting built one way or another as the president knows his 2020 hopes hinge on it.

Whether the FED is playing politics or effectively utilizing monetary policy to redress decades of economic mismanagement and poor economic policy remains to be seen. While the FED previously kept interest rates artificially low for Obama's eight years thus propping-up a wobbly economy rife with poor policy, FED Chairman Jay Powell continues with one rate hike after another thus wiping out trillions and in the face of a Trump economy that was booming. Two things are evident: a) the president's policies still managed to add 9 million MORE jobs than Obama in his first 2 years and the FED/president squabble isn't going anywhere - Powell recently stated he wouldn't resign even if asked. Time will shine light on the continuing area of uncertainty.

 Conservative censorship remains an issue as the Deep State continues to squash anything that represents an 'off the plantation' dissenting voice; especially if it hails form a source that has reach. The Deep State has, in fact, become so proficient at the practice that the Chinese are using it as a model to squash dissenting opinion in their country. Who would have thunk that - China modeling itself after the US so as to eliminate diverse thought. Quite literally, isn't that antithetical to everything America? Doesn't one know that freedom of speech was make the FIRST Amendment for a reason? Rhetorical questions, there. Also in this news cycle is a story about a University of Virginia student who was suspended for a year for disagreeing with points made during a lecture (very Orwellian and worth the read) and the banning of GAB by its monetary transaction platform, Coinbase. In short, 2019 looks more like 1984.

Continuing in the mode of censorship and extending it to Marxist Socialism, which as we all know is the preeminent stance of Deep State darling, Sandy Ocasio-Cortez, Venezuela has lashed-out at a investigative reporter with a penchant for doing what is necessary in order to get the story. To stifle free speech about the true nature of Marxist Socialism in Venezuela, German reporter Billy Six was incarcerated on questionable charges and now faces 28 years behind bars. That's exactly what Deep State Sandy wants for America.

As it relates to presidential politics, The Duran features an item worth one's time. It's a short piece and the meat and potatoes of it is the included video featuring the president at work. The video gives the sense that there is finally an adult in the Oval Office and that this adult is all business and all about results (for the American people!)

It seems the gun control narrative won't disappear until the people's right to bear arms disappears first. Fresh off the press Speaker Pelosi is ready to introduce universal background legislation to the House floor. Meanwhile in DC, murders have risen by 40% during 2018 - citizens are prohibited from carrying firearms in DC unless they can manage to secure a license that is extremely difficult to land. Hmmmm, I suppose those gun-toting murderers will gleefully volunteer to submit to a universal background check in order to procure the tool they intend to use for the purpose of committing homicide. Astoundingly, these same politicians live and work behind walls and are protected by an army of armed security personnel. It's all rife with hypocrisy - rules for thee but not for me. There is no sanity or logic in any of this.

To segue from one style of armed conflict to another and in the spirit of disingenuous climate change propaganda, Power Line item takes to task one moronic Leftist and deservedly so. Why? This ignoramus actually touts the benefits of a thermonuclear exchange between world super powers as ultimately beneficial to the restoration of the climate and namely, global warming. In short - that's the dumbest thing published in quite some time and the data suggests that roughly, the past two decades have demonstrated global cooling more likely to parlay into a mini-ice age. So, let's double down on stupid - a thermonuclear exchange to redress an issue where the opposite is actually occurring. That's as dumb as it gets.

To end today's submission, it appears that the Chinese are preparing for outright war as instructions from President Xi reflect that; however, when considering the totality of the geopolitical landscape and as parsed-out by an item at Zero Hedge, 2019 seems to be an unlikely year for Armageddon. We can all rest comfortably for the time being (tongue in cheek.)

To close, look at the alarming rate by which Texas police seized personal property under the guise of asset forfeiture, also known as legislatively legalized state-sponsored theft. (See last link)


1. LIBERAL LUNACY - 'Chasing unicorns in the kingdom of unintended consequences'


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