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Little to No
AGGRAVATING DEVELOPMENTS: Democrats back in control of the house with a full anti-Trump agenda already in full swing, multiple House/Trump investigations to be opened, Mueller’s extended presence, agenda already halted even with both chambers, impeachment narrative at fever pitch, House rules changed to benefit Democrat’s agenda, MSM narrative all negative, shutdown spin, unfulfilled border security, apparent cover-up of FISA/FISC/Spygate, crashing economy, no major legal traction in Deep State crimes, no high-profile arrests, no declassification, no revelations, no effectual retaliation from Trump/party beyond words/Twitter.
MITIGATING DEVELOPMENTS: At the moment the president is staring a loaded gun down the barrel. The slim majority in the Senate and the Supreme Court are the two major mitigating factors until something of tectonic magnitude changes the direction, Clinton Foundation traction. New: Rosenstein pending resignation, forthcoming Barr confirmation.
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1. President Trump's Oval Office Address on Illegal Immigration:
It was exactly what one would expect to hear from President Trump assuming familiarity with the man and his politics. It was rooted in easily digestible data supporting solid talking points, anecdotal evidence, common sense solutions, relevance to what Americans see and hear daily, etc. His style was classic Trump - direct, layman's vernacular and steady. Of significant interest from a politics standpoint was his flipping of the script by stealing 'women and children' and then labeling them as 'victim status' as a result of the crisis that that he compellingly delivered. That's called yanking-out of the playbook two of the Democrats' favorite third-and-long plays. Hat tip to the President - that's rather slick statecraft.

Democrats Response: Blatantly disingenuous, rooted in rhetoric and platitudinous speech, no data in support of claims and talking points, derived directly from the remaining pages of their playbook - a patented speech, so to speak. It was a direct rebuttal to the President's speech and 180-degrees from their previous positions on the matter. Textbook duplicity designed to fool a low-information public (or so they think.) POWER HUNGRY.

Pro-tip - Mark Levin / Paraphrased:
Examine the Democrat Party platform for the 2008 presidential election, it includes everything the President suggested tonight.

TGP is reporting that a significant cable outage coincided and interfered with the President's Oval Office address. It's no holds barred, folks.

2. MUELLER & SPYGATE: So, let's get this straight.
-The Podestas are Deep State operatives with allegiance to the Clinton's (John was HRC's campaign chairman)
- HRC used DNC funds to pay for a fictitious 'Steele Dossier' alleging Russian collusion on the part of then candidate and now President Trump
- The dossier was constructed with actual Russian collusion
- That dossier then served as the substantive evidence for procuring a FISA warrant to spy on Trump's candidacy and presidency
- Manafort was previously employed by the Podestas
- Manafort was prosecuted for crimes by Mueller's team
- Some of Manafort's crimes were virtually identical to crimes committed by the Podestas and occurred during his employment with them
- The Podestas have been ignored and not prosecuted by Mueller
- Somehow, redactions were recently and mistakenly removed from sealed Manafort case documents thus making public an outline of Russian and Ukrainian involvement by Manafort. Leak?
- The revelations were made in a UK paper and on the heels of allied involvement in 'Spygate' vis-a-vis abuses of the 5 Eyes intelligence accord
- Manafort allegedly provided polling data to Konstantin Kilimnik, who has suspected Russian espionage ties and then discussed a Ukrainian peace plan
- Manafort is suspected of being a Deep State plant (human asset) within the Trump campaign and was subsequently dispatched by the campaign
- Manafort is also being prosecuted for process crimes (example, providing false testimony to the FBI), which is a telling sign of partisan political motivation
- There is an established and complex nexus between the DOJ, FBI, foreign 'allies,' and 'Uniparty' politicians; specifically related to all of 'Spygate' and Deep State abuses of power

STATECRAFT DISCERNED: it appears Manafort may have pleaded guilty to lesser charges and possibly in advance of the 2016 campaign, which would have included agreeing to cooperate in the 'insurance policy' thought to be Mueller's appointment as special counsel. Was Manafort's tenure in the campaign at the behest of the Deep State and designed to accomplish a specific outcome? The evidence suggests exactly that. It further appears that one of his obligations specifically included Russian and Ukrainian contact so as to fit the 'Russian collusion' narrative created out of thin air and shaped by the Deep State and partisan politics; all in pursuit of overturning a duly elected president and toward the objective of sheer power and pervasive totalitarian authority.
Nothing to see here, folks. Move along now... or so the line goes.

Significant development with DAG Rosenstein as he is expected to resign in the coming weeks and possibly as early as next week. Rosenstein's forthcoming departure is predicated on Trump's nomination for AG, William Barr, being confirmed by the Senate.
It appears to be shaping-up as anticipated with the Scarmucci angle coming into fruition. Specifically, Sessions for set-up, Whitaker as the executioner and Barr the man to restore the DOJ. As previously discussed, everyone has a ROLE to play.

 Manafort redactions mistakenly and unknowingly removed making full content publicly available:

3. Some logical deduction as it relates to a controversial but compelling topic - whether or not Judge Ginsburg is actually already deceased and for some reason, there has been a delay in that announcement.

On the presumption that she actually passed, doesn't that severely restrict the timeline? It has to. It's reasonable to think that delaying the death announcement may benefit a particular group and provide time to align the next political maneuvers. The president also has approximately two years remaining in his first term and that's the rub. It's not feasible to "Bernie" Judge Ginsburg for two years or even one or perhaps even longer than a few months or weeks. There's too much national interest, it seems, to cover-up the death for a protracted period.

Logic tells us that if the delay were serving a purpose, it would have to be geared towards opposing the nomination. What remains is a) Democrats likely know the short list of nominees and they're in overdrive preparing opposition campaigns and a pervasive, organized response (think of how deep Kavanaugh's opposition went and it was all manufactured tripe) -OR- b) they intend to achieve the same objective by removing the head from the snake ergo ousting President Trump before he can make the nomination. As we know, option B is a well-established and ongoing effort but with no outcome to-date and getting wobblier by the day. Option A; however, is a strong possibility and a more likely fit for the reason behind any delay (if the Democrats could have already removed Trump, they absolutely would have and we're not having this discussion.) Regardless all of the preceding is a long way to say this - if something is going to happen, it must be relatively soon.

*Caveat/concession: it's not beyond these people to feign a coma/life support/recovery/rehabilitation scenario whereby the Democrats could obstruct the nomination as predicated on her doctor's opinion that a satisfactory recovery could be made and therefore the seat should remain hers in the mean time. That scenario would likely and conveniently play-out for about 2 years. Then in 2020, the election can be stolen, the judge finally declared dead and the mission accomplished. Something or some version along these lines is well within the capacity of TPTB but it just doesn't appear as plausible. (This is an unlikely scenario but it's difficult to rule-out with these folks; especially given their history of involvement with nefarious events.) 

Interesting item from CTH tying together Trump cabinet members, who have since been dispatched, Condoleezza Rice and prior knowledge of 9/11 resulting in inaction and the events of that day unfolding.

4. Make no mistake about it - traditional American masculinity is under full attack and leading the way is the identity politics platform and its militant feminist component. The social programming is in full effect and much attention is given to this notion on the website (and with more to come.)
Relative questions must be asked and most importantly, why and to what end? The attack on masculinity serves a purpose and the purpose serves an endpoint objective, which is to transition this once strong Constitutional Republic into a banana state rooted in Marxist Socialism. Status: we're well on our way.

In order to achieve this objective, the strongest impediment to its success must be diminished past a threshold that allows for the objective to be achieved and namely, it's the traditional American alpha male. Is it a coincidence that TV commercial programming and other media forms are overrun with beta male spokesmen, men toting purses, men on dates with other men, gay male couples and their adopted children, men depicted as incompetent or subservient to others, etc.? This exact subtext is PERVASIVE across these media platforms and it's not coincidental. Nothing in statecraft; social programming included, is coincidental. If nefarious powers are successful in socially programming several generations of American males to be submissive, pliable, and subservient rather than independent, self-reliant and resilient, the success of that objective is enhanced greatly.
How to you convince Americans that males should not be males by traditional standards? By overwhelming them with the same message via all forms of media consumption and then THEN SUPPORTTING IT WITH DOGMA dressed-up as 'SCIENCE.' Case in point:

5. Alex 'from the Bronx' or Sandy 'from an elite alcove near the Bronx' Ocasio-Cortez is nothing more than a Deep State darling placed as shill with a purpose. More concerning is her relative competency, which is akin to that of a kindergartner. She's not qualified to be the dog catcher; much less a Representative in the House. The purpose of her placement - it serves to sew the seeds of Marxist Socialism within the fabric of the House dialogue and as enticement to recruit low-information constituents to said cause. Case in point:

6. In case there were any question as to whether former Speaker Ryan was a conspiratorial, duplicitous, Deep State pawn whose presidential aspirations were ripped away and his (forced) resignation submitted at the penultimate moment of his political career, this ought to begin to shed light on it.

7. Right on cue, the Deep State fires back - "I'll see your suspension and raise you one Obama-appointed federal judge." Is anyone surprised to learn that attempting to hold felonious, subversive criminals accountable is unconstitutional through the lens of today's Democrat ('Uniparty Liberal' is the proper term)? Rhetorical question. The blatant hypocrisy and duplicity is profound and underpins their 'rules for thee, but not for me' mentality. It's also reflected in their 'ends justify means' approach to statecraft, which also makes it the source of their criminal intent.
 *Conservative Treehouse is loaded-up right now - going directly to their site is great way to start:

Seattle news room implicated in altering images of the President relative to his Oval Office address:


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