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1. Is QAnon's Authenticity Solidifying?

For the sake of transparency, this author leans in the direction of A of what follows; circa 28 Oct 17. Most folks ardently following the QAnon phenomenon likely fall into two distinct groups a) engaged and undecided on authenticity; likely holding-out for real, public traction or b) engaged and firmly decided on authenticity and that being Q is authentic. That said, this announcement by President Trump is aligning as quite possibly one of the more significant 'proofs' in support of QAnon's authenticity. Without question, the discussion of using the Army Corps of Engineers under the auspices of a declared National Emergency is old but relevant fodder for the anon crowd. This should have everyone's attention if it's not already captured.

For being a political novice, President Trump's acumen in statecraft is impressive and he plays Chuck and Nancy like a fiddle at a hoedown. He lured them to the White House for a private meeting that turned-out to be a publicly depicted feasting on the border security carcass whereby they were completely owned and it was painfully obvious to all. Brilliantly, he got them to play to their base openly, publicly and in a manner clearly disingenuous. The president further drew-out the Democrats to the end of their sanity and got them to portray themselves to the American people accordingly. How? You've seen all of the political posturing and maneuvering in the media on top of this week's presidential address and the Democratic response. He knew since before he was inaugurated and reasonably before he was elected, that securing a physical Southern barrier could never be accomplished legislatively or at least he planned on that being a distinct possibility and therefore had a contingency plan. It is also reasonable to believe that if he's the prognosticator he's believed to be, the 'contingency plan' was the actual plan all along and the only one with wheels. The rest of what has been seen on full public display is maneuvering. The maneuvering implies intent. The intent implies a plan. The plan appears to fully comport with QAnon's plan. This development appears to be another feather in the cap of Q authenticity.

*All offered on the presumption that this particular border security plan comes to fruition with the building of a physical barrier.
2. Why Does this Continue to Happen?

Why Does this Continue to Happen? It's because you get what you tolerate and low-information Americans clinging to a party that fundamentally changed long ago are spoon-fed narrative slop ad nauseam. They devour it ravenously before regurgitating it on the rest of us as soon as their conventions are challenged. Classically and most frequently they bare the teeth of anything ending with the suffix -ist or -ism.

It's all absurdly illogical and therefore incredibly suspect. Truth - illegal immigration serves ulterior purposes for TPTB: caravans as political catalysts, cultural destruction and blended societies, societal culling and pacification, open-borders, permanent Democratic voting base ergo the end of the 2-party system ergo a permanent, totalitarian, authoritative political system. Perhaps and ultimately, global governance under a singular power, which is most certainly to be the UN. It most assuredly serves additional purposes not on this list; none of them being any good for any of us.

Illegal immigration is a tool, a component, a strategy, a lever to be pulled, an effective mechanism of nefarious statecraft. Anyone with a modicum of common sense can distill that much simply by examining politicians' voting records on the matter - talk about duplicity. Moreover, this current Democratic position is not a compassionate appeal to humanity to do what is right and just for those less fortunate and seeking a better way; rather that's just the guise under which it is all proffered. Those are simply the heartstrings of those low-information folks being effectively tugged to herd them into a desired political position so as to impact federal law in a way that serves the desires of TPTB. Liberals root most of their arguments in feelings and emotions and do so knowingly and unknowingly. This makes herding them quite simple and easy - just turn on your TV and listen and watch EVERYTHING (commercials, all of it) through a particular lens. It's obvious.
They never seem to recognize that the US has a rich immigration history and that our doors are always open to folks willing to abide by a simple legal tenet - THE RULE OF LAW - which would clearly obligate them to adhere to the legal immigration process. All of us are compelled to obey all of our laws every single day otherwise the state legally and rightfully, BY RULE OF LAW, infringes on our liberty and freedom and in some cases, our very lives. That's the process of adjudication and incarceration and sometimes, execution.

So if they care to join, that's fantastic but do so in accordance to established immigration law. What a simple, reasonable request of someone looking to reestablish residence here. Otherwise, how does allowing, encouraging and facilitating breaking the law comport with being an American? How does it comport with assimilating into an established society and culture? How does it comport with common sense? How does it comport with all that we value? How does it comport with the tragedies being suffered by a continually growing number of families who have lost loved ones at the hands of illegal immigrants? Those are all rhetorical questions - it doesn't.
Whether you love or hate the president, at least we have some adults in the White House who are appropriately pursuing fundamental issues that plague a broken America. Illegal immigration being only one of them.

3. "Majority Of Americans Do Not Believe The Official 9/11 Story" - PCR

Nor should they! If President Trump is inclined to do so, it is reasonable to believe that making public irrefutable evidence demonstrating the TRUE account of the events of  9/11 would galvanize a bipartisan plurality of Americans standing counter to the same powers attempting to remove him from office with a deep, complex and pervasive soft coup d'etat. It could be his best defense to this offensive onslaught. Lastly, let us all hope that this evidence eventually sees the light of day so as to redress the division, rancor and totalitarian control that the Deep State has imparted on this country.

4. Further revelations germane to the fabrication of pretext needed to substantiate the Trump-Russian nexus and thereby secure a FISA warrant permitting spying on then candidate and now President Trump:


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