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The White House live feed airing President Trump's address glitched no fewer than three times today. Each time, the feed dropped entirely and required a complete refresh of the page thus blocking meaningful content. Each glitch seemed to coincide with the president enumerating on common sense solutions that would likely appeal to a broad base. None of it passes the sniff test - Google was almost certainly pulling levers today.


This is yet another infuriating example of the blatant duplicity and hypocrisy on the Left; especially given that it's tied to the misnomer 'higher education.' Irami Osei-Frimpong, who is a University of Georgia philosophy student serving as a TA and with a visceral and extensive history of blatant and inflammatory opinions and stances that are unequivocally RACIST, recently claimed,
“some white people may have to die for black communities to be made whole in this struggle to advance to freedom."

Mr. Osei-Frimpong, philosophy and pragmatism are often antithetical to one another but still, I ask, how does homicide by blacks against the majority in any way advance the cause of freedom and liberty for the political subgroup of blacks? If you're trying to start a race war, you may want to switch to a double-major in Sociology (so you learn the number of blacks v. whites in this country) and Mathematics (so you understand the ratio of blacks to whites in this country.) During your sociology studies, you will also learn extensively about the number of privately owned firearms by that same white population that customarily embraces 'traditional America.' I'll let you, Mr. Osei-Frimpong, construct the rest of that equation on your own but rest assured, you won't like the final solution to the problem you are writing.

In typical Leftist fashion, UGA responded exactly as a duplicitous, hypocritical Leftist institute would respond by saying that "Osei-Frimpong’s views expressed his “personal opinion,” in his “personal capacity,” on a private platform."
UGA then made the decision NOT to take action, disciplinary or otherwise, toward the graduate student.

There is no need to expand upon the irresponsibility, racism, immorality, unethical behavior and unprofessional conduct of this weak-minded, pathetic, race-bating ignoramus. Again, I remind you that he aspires to be a philosopher. It all speaks for itself. Rather, what must be expanded on is the intentional and detrimental double-standard that continues to eat at the fabric of this Constitutional Republic.

Had a WHITE employee of UGA made similar comments about BLACKS, WOMEN, GAYS, MUSLIMS, TRANSGENDERS, OR ANY OTHER VICTIM STATUS GROUP PREFERRED BY THE LEFT; whether that be in an official, unofficial, public or private capacity, IT IS GUARANTEED THAT ACTION WOULD HAVE BEEN TAKEN, which would have likely been followed by protests, death threats, etc. from Leftist lunatics.

There can be no meaningful, civil discourse about important matters whether they be about illegal immigration, rule of law or just killing white folks (you know, because it fits one's political dogma), UNTIL PEOPLE LIKE THIS ARE HELD ACCOUNTABLE AND REMOVED ENTIRELY FROM POSITIONS OF INFLUENCE ON OTHER AMERICANS. Frankly, he should be immediately terminated as an educator and expelled from UGA as a student.

Mr. Osei-Frimpong's UGA bio, Facebook and Twitter pages are also linked.


Just getting home after a long week's work for an honest wage followed by a few beers with good friends..... to find this (link below.)

Does this impart some semblance of confidence in Mueller? Does it signal a shift in how Mueller should be perceived? To those well-versed in all things Q, does this infer a tip of the hand in the direction of Mueller being a 'white hat?'

Those are all great questions to which speculation seems to be the remedy.

Another angle - is it possible that the original BuzzFeed story was part of an investigation into continued leaks? It comports well with plausibility. It's also a salacious and irresistible story much like the dossier and as I mentioned in an earlier post about this very topic, the last time Cohen was wagged around for all to see, it was immediately followed by a retraction.... and look at what happened today.

Retraction, hell, this time the man himself, Mueller (team), made an appearance and with a full rebuke of the BuzzFeed item.... wow. Strike two for BuzzFeed. Mind-blowing stuff. It's honestly, frankly mind-blowing stuff. There's a sense that there may be interest in who participated in the aftermath of it all - just find the Democrats/Deep Staters gas lighting in the MSM. One Cohen wag/immediate redaction - okay. Two Cohen wags/immediate redactions (plus Mueller), well, THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES. It gives the impression that all of this is a part of something larger, like a leak investigation.

I hope folks are paying attention because this is the most sensational political era were likely to see in our lifetimes.... and with enormous implications for the future of this beloved Constitutional Republic.


1. Trump directed Cohen to lie to Congress about building a tower in Moscow.

2. Trump SUPPORTED a plan that was SET-UP BY COHEN (red flag) to visit Putin for the purpose of tower construction in Moscow, "Make it happen."

3. Trump and offspring received regular reports on Moscow project.

4. Trump specifically told Cohen to lie to about ending the Moscow tower negotiations a month early to obscure Trump's involvement.

Buried deeper in the Buzzfeed item is this quotation - "...the plans to build Trump Tower Moscow never came to fruition. But the negotiations occupy an important place in Mueller’s investigation, as agents try to learn whether it is connected to the Kremlin’s interference campaign and whom Trump associates were in contact with to close the deal."

Here, ladies and gentlemen, is the crux of the issue. Assuming the allegations prove true and as indicated previously, they are PROCESS CRIMES that are in no way tied to politics, the campaign or the presidency but are tied to a preexisting Trump business deal WHICH NEVER CAME TO FRUITION.

TRANSLATED: Once again, this is Deep State howler monkeys bloviating about something that is not there. Moreover, Cohen is an accomplished conspiratorial rat with a questionable history of lying and who apparently has sold his soul to one Mr. Mueller.

THIS IS ALL MANUFACTURED PRETEXT FOR THE FORTHCOMING IMPEACHMENT EFFORT and recall that Speaker Pelosi literally already has it "scheduled."

When lifetime bureaucrats, who have never held a real job, produced anything real, employed anyone, built anything or signed anyone's paycheck, are in charge, apparently caring about your multi-billion dollar global empire is a crime. In his defense, Trump previously stated, "There was a good chance that I wouldn’t have won, in which case I would have gotten back into the business, and why should I lose lots of opportunities?" Exactly.

February 7th will be interesting.

The Second Amendment has nothing to do with your personal security, that of your family, hunting, sporting, or any of it. Rather, it has everything to do with being the last barrier between you and a tyrannical, totalitarian and authoritarian government.

Gun control has nothing to do with reducing crime or saving lives. Rather, it has everything to do with removing the last barrier between you and a tyrannical, totalitarian and authoritarian government.

It's the first priority because if it ever goes, the First Amendment, which is well on its way, will shortly follow and set the stage for the rest of the script.

For a contemporary example, consider Venezuela.


Beating on this new Democratic party is like playing tee-ball.

Article 1: Omar appointed to House Foreign Relations Committee

Article 2: Omar can't understand why her anti-Israel comments would offend American Jews

Seriously, between her and Sandy 'from an elite enclave near the Bronx' Ocasio-Cortez, there's a combined IQ of about 30. It seems we've swapped-out intelligence for diversity.


This is utterly laughable. How absolutely absurd is this?
Here we go - The media is complaining because someone may have manipulated poll data. Did you hear that? I'll say it again - The MEDIA is complaining because someone may have manipulated poll data. Yeah, that's right (in your best David Puddy voice.)

It gets worse. You know and assuming it's not already out there, that the Democrats will be pearl clutching over treason and dirty politics in very short order. How rich? How delectably rich is that irony? Oh, and rest assured, it'll somehow be because of "Russia!"

Whatever - these bastards have been dishing fake poll data for decades. That and all of Clinton's poll data was rigged in her favor by these same belly-aching shills. Oh, and I almost forgot - they also rigged the FISC to spy on a candidacy and presidency and got caught in full public display, but you know, whatever.

Reminder, the last time they wagged-out Cohen for all to see it was followed by a retraction.
They must think we're cretins.

P.S. I keep getting the feeling that the Democrats - and by that I mean the rank and file of the Democratic Party; not your neighbors and friends who claim the party - won't be satisfied until the place literally burns down. It seems we're getting close and they continue to push.


The Trump presidency is beginning to bottleneck as it relates to the very real coup d'etat that is in play and any defensive/offensive actions the president may take. Simply stated, he's running out of time. The most sensible and logical approach in predicting real traction appears to be shaping-up in accordance with Mr. Barr's confirmation as AG; the confirmation process beginning yesterday. On the presumption that Mr. Barr is confirmed, it appears that any likely traction would follow thereafter and now Sean Hannity is now presenting information outlining such maneuvers originating from one of five different fronts or buckets, as he termed them.

If we are going to see real public traction, it's likely going to play-out after Mr. Barr's expected confirmation.


Does the Left comprehend the slippery slope unto which they have thrust the country with their unrelenting talk of Socialism? Does the Left understand the functionality of legal precedence and its future applications to the geopolitical landscape?

In this most recent example, courtesy of NYC Mayor De Blasio, it seems as if the RULE OF LAW and DUE PROCESS are being cast aside in exchange for mob mentality where non-producers feel entitled and emboldened to quite literally steal (he uttered 'seize') the fruit of others' labor and by means of their own 'investigators' and 'law enforcement.' How can a municipality supersede the legality of title of ownership for a physical piece of property, sans even a modicum of appropriate due process? How is this even permissible in a free and open democratic society? Rhetorical questions, there. This rhetoric from the controversial and, quite frankly, disingenuous and duplicitous mayor, should have everyone's attention. Words like Marxist, authoritarian  and totalitarian are entirely appropriate labels for Mayor De Blasio.


Two days ago, a post was made discussing the concept of keeping a close watch on the geopolitical situation in Venezuela and in particular, Secretary of State Pompeo's declaration of Maduro being illegitimate. Translated, that's nothing more than a tacitly, implicitly stated message that Maduro is clearly in the cross-hairs and Venezuela is queued-up for the next edition of forced US regime change. Today, this line of thought moved further in that direction as it emerged that President Trump is mulling-over the decision to name Maduro's political opponent as the legitimate president. In short, this looks to be shaping-up like another forced US regime change of a foreign nation.

Question - Ought not the president think twice about declaring other presidents as legitimate or illegitimate given that he's in the throws of a coup d'etat and he's one who lost the popular vote? If he's not careful, he could set the stage for the legitimacy attack against his own presidency; much in the same way he opened the door to "Russia" by publicly requesting that they release Clinton's emails. The president's adversaries will exploit every fissure and crack they can find and this could be easy shooting for them.


In looking at the entirety of the immigration standoff, it appears as if aspects of it are becoming clearer by the day:

1. There has been a contingency plan all along - declaration of a national emergency and the subsequent powers the Executive would inherit thus allowing for the unilateral construction of a southern physical barrier - and this plan has been communicated by the president himself.

2. The contingency play may well be the actual primary plan.

3. It's assuredly a forgone conclusion that the president has always known that fulfilling his campaign promise to secure the southern border could not be accomplished legislatively and due to the Democratic party and their 'leadership.'

4. Any form of legislative solution would have to be compulsory for the Democrats and to the extent that they would be politically backed down and/or forced to engage.

5. To-date, the statecraft on display has been carefully exacted by the president in what appears to be a well-conceived and scheduled way (more to come on this); thus serving to draw-out the Democrats (recall the private White House meeting with Chuck & Nancy flipped to full media coverage) and thereby forcing them play to their base in full public display.

6. The lack of any real traction thus far may be reflected in the news item linked below and thus demonstrate this notion of scheduling.

7.The 'scheduling' of the immigration standoff process appears rooted in the federal shutdown that is being attributed to, and rightfully so, the Democrats.

8. The president and his administration appear to have had the foresight to consider the federal shutdown in light of holiday travel; using it as a driving component to the timing of the schedule.

9. In consideration of the linked AP item below, the president appears to have scheduled the full brunt of the federal furloughs to occur AFTER peak holiday travel season; thus ensuring little to no inconvenience for Americans looking to spend time with family; regardless of their political affiliation.

10. All of this portends to likely significant traction on the physical barrier issue and in relative short order; meaning that unilateral action appears to be on the horizon and soon.

Consider all of the above in light of the fact that acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan just extended US Army's support of southern border security in conjunction with Mexico, through September 30th.


Acting Secretary of Defense, Patrick Shanahan, honored a request originating from DHS to extend Army support of southern border security in conjunction with Mexico through September 30th. On the predication that the Red Castle/Green Castle/US Army Corps of Engineers assumption is correct, it's logical that a security detail is required to permit the Army Corps to work safely and in a protected theater. It's also logical that the most effective way to secure a physical area is to send an advance team to fully secure it before the arrival of the VIP. This extension could serve in the same capacity.
As it relates to this particular news item, I find the timing of the extension interesting since it coincides with yet another forthcoming caravan, the federal shutdown over immigration and the president's prior statement that he may execute this very scenario. Reading between the lines, this could be the preliminary traction on the southern border signalling the start of it all.

In short, this item could be read so as to infer a couple of possibilities: a) Mueller's report may exonerate the president - and/or - b) Mueller's report may pertain to individuals and events not directly related to the president or Russia but rather other vital matters of national importance. The rhetoric from the nominated AG is resolute and unambiguous to the extent that it conveys a message. Million dollar question - what's the message? If reading between the lines, it could be as described above.

Social programming is a very real thing much like the full-frontal assault on the conventional American male, which is traditionally characterized by rugged individualism. This blatant example (bottom link) comes from a from an international corporation that should simply stick to selling toiletries for men. Not the case; however, as somehow these people, who specialize in deodorant, razors, shaving cream, etc., feel both compelled and entitled to tell all of us exactly what it means for a man to be a man. Moreover, they've also attached themselves and this cause to the Boys & Girls Club - read between the lines, there.

So how is it that the feminist and trans movements are allowed to define quite literally everything that applies to them and a whole host of other folks; essentially everyone who isn't a straight man? How is it that their Globalist corporate partners take care of what remains - those same men - by attempting to literally redefine masculinity into some bastardized version of its former self that fits nicely into their deluded reality, which is antithetical to basic human nature and at a wholesale level? When is the silent majority going to push back on all of this?

Word to the wise - before one dismisses the power and pervasiveness of social programming and the extent to which it is highly effective, thoroughly examine and vet public education. From a long-tenured, intricately involved and well-informed stance, know that it's highly effective.
For some pretext, here's a good look at the normalization process:

After seeing this, take a gander at what Gillette has to offer.

Yesterday, a Deep State WaPo item was essentially dismantled here -  - whereby it was discussed that House Democrats were potentially looking to abuse their newly found oversight and subpoena powers to gain access to information traditionally protected under executive privilege. Things that matter not to these particular Democrats include the RULE OF LAW, ETHICS, MORALITY, DECENCY and RESPECT FOR THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH, the latter of which they had no difficulty finding for Obama's disastrous 8 years. What does matter to these Democrats is an all-out effort in the practice of OBSTRUCTION and apparently all in the spirit of self-preservation. As of today, these same House Democrats are tossing aside executive privilege and maneuvering with counsel so as to subpoena White House interpreters for access to the Trump/Putin transcripts.


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