To concede, we'll put aside the likely appropriate psychological diagnoses that could rationally explain Hillary Clinton and her actions; not to mention her collapsing health. Those issues deserve their own space.

Given the news cycle of the past two years and especially for those closely or otherwise following the QAnon phenomenon and the revelations proffered comprised of both verified facts unverified claims, do you find Clinton's proclivity for unrelenting focus in a singular direction troublesome? I find it highly troublesome; not to mention significantly and ominously reflective of the body politic.

I've never seen anything like it. In light of overwhelming, irrefutable, patterned and demonstrable evidence that reflects directly on her highly criminal past and present; as well as the entirety of 'Russia' and the dramatic and significant consequences impacting the country, its institutions and its people, she keeps trucking along with impunity. She's completely unhinged, standing on the peak of a roof resting upon a foundation of cards and she's an unmitigated wrecking machine with a singular destination - absolute and raw power. She's decided to jump aboard the 'Russia Train' to get there; of course that was after she quite literally placed it on the tracks.

So then, how and why did we arrive at this place? A place where the majority of the American people know the entirety of 'Spygate' is nothing more than a ruse to root-out a sitting president in the pursuit of raw power but seemingly sit by idly? A place where a fractured society (see identity politics) sits upon the precipice of a monumental shift from capitalist/traditionalist to socialist/progressive? Consider this extract from Joe Laurida at ConsortiumNews, linked below -

"Before the management change, I had published several articles on the Huffington Post about Russia without controversy. For instance, The Huffington Post published my piece on Nov. 5, 2016, that predicted three days before the election that if Clinton lost she’d blame Russia. My point was reaffirmed by the campaign-insider book Shattered, which revealed that immediately after Clinton’s loss, senior campaign advisers decided to blame Russia for her defeat."

There you have it. There's the genesis of it all. And none of it's news because those are all old facts; however, they do shine a light on this broader Clinton issue. So, how and why does she carry on?

Let's attempt to answer by asking some questions:

1. Where is the deterrent or the intervention to remove her from the course she's always followed?

2. When has she ever been held accountable for anything she's ever done?

3. When has the Deep State ever shown anything but a deep allegiance to and unwavering support for her?

4. Why are all of the political outcomes to her loss mitigating to her cause and aggravating to Trump, his administration and his agenda?

Recall, 'Russia' isn't why the Mueller probe exists, rather it's the reason behind why. 'Russia' is just the selling point to the public and as referenced above, is abjectly false. The 'why' behind the Mueller probe is it's ability to absorb incriminating evidence, shield criminal actors, deflect from root issues and quite literally generate headlines, manufacture narrative and create distraction all within the context of the mainstream media.

So, how and why? Simply - she's their gal - the Deep State's gal. She's all-in. They're all-in. Yeah, they're all-in, alright. They're all in it together otherwise there is no plausible explanation for what occurred before, during or after the the 2016 election. Otherwise there is no explanation for why this determined criminal can move with impunity toward accomplishing her goal of raw, absolute power.

Think about the exact toll that the 2016 election and its aftermath has had on the country, its institutions and its very societal fabric. Now consider how one un-elected woman could possibly be permitted to exact such a toll unless of course it's by design.

It is by design because she's nothing more than a face for a cause just like 'Russia' is nothing more than an excuse for an investigation. In the end, neither really matter in the grand scheme of it all. Consequently, like a mutating virus, expect Clinton to remain and with unmitigated, singular focus until the Deep State decides to cast her aside. That's how this all works.


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