DEMOCRATS AND DRUG CARTELS - QUID PRO QUO ANGLE - Is this the ultimate justification for unilateral action on the southern border?

We all know the proclivity of politicians; especially the Democrats if you keep in mind the Clinton Foundation, to be persuaded and motivated with mountains of cash. A little over 2 weeks ago and in a previous post here ( ), this notion was discussed as it relates to Mexican cartels paying off the Democrats to maintain open borders that serve their vested interests. The president makes brief remarks here ( ) about how open borders serve nefarious criminal organization like the cartels and human traffickers - it's as fundamental as it gets.

This particular topic of the nexus between the Democrats and cartels has garnered little to no coverage except at TGP where today it's resurfaced in the news cycle for a third time.

The timing here is what has my attention:

1. It's a recurring story that won't go away and is quietly and slowly building momentum - that means there could be real traction

2. It coincides with the president's declaration of a national emergency at the southern border, which will result in anticipated unilateral action to finish the southern barrier

3. It coincides with the recent conviction of El Chapo (what unknown evidence did investigators uncover in that investigation/trial?)

4. It coincides with the Democrats spending bill to avoid another federal furlough, which functions like a de facto welcome mat for illegals

5. It's within the context of a web of investigations targeting the Clinton Foundation (more on that here [ ]).

This issue deserves our attention and at least for TGP, which has a track record of being in front of headline stories and preempting other outlets, it isn't going anywhere (alert.)

In a hypothetical scenario where the cartels were in fact paying off the Democrats to maintain open borders, it doesn't take much to see the political value of holding-on to this evidence (political capital) until the precise moment its use is maximally beneficial. That said, perhaps this emerging story is the ultimate justification for acting unilaterally on the southern barrier but it won't be made known until a moment of the president's choosing.

Assuming the president knows and he most certainly would in this scenario, his play could look like this:

1. Calling Chuck and Nancy to a private White House meeting and upon arrival, flipping it public to feast on the border security issue and for all to see

2. Utilizing the first furlough to allow Democrats to fully expose themselves

3. Outplaying Democrats on avoiding a second furlough and sign their horrible bill with plans to redress it later

4. Pursuing unilateral action to augment the bill and by means of a national emergency declaration

5. Allowing Democrats to burn the place down further exposing themselves (they're already filing lawsuits to jam-up the courts ergo the agenda)

6. Allowing Democrats to expend all of their southern border political capital and fully expose themselves

7. Presenting the evidence of the Democrats' and cartels' quid pro quo relationship and the reality of the aftermath it has caused

8. Tie that empirical, demonstrable evidence to a compelling treason argument and further galvanize public sentiment and support for unilateral action, which could win broader bipartisan support and will be upheld in SCOTUS

Whether or not direct evidence exists demonstrating a quid pro quo relationship between the cartels and the Democrats remains to be seen. That said, the hunt for it should should be a priority.

Regardless, this issue could afford the president substantial political capital that could serve him very well in a number of capacities. This has been but one angle demonstrating how that could play-out in the current landscape.


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