BUCKLE-UP, MUELLER'S REPORT IS IN - It's about to get interesting! 11 quick thoughts and a projected timeline

Some initial thoughts:

1. Obviously, with no further indictments planned, the President is free and clear from exposure to legal jeopardy.

2. The quantity and quality of the Mueller report to be made public will have the greatest bearing on its impact. Recall that statutorily, AG William Barr is authorized to receive the Mueller report and then publish summary findings on it; and he's indicated that Congress shall have that by this weekend. Here come the leaks!

3. If the entire report isn't made public, expect their to be political bickering and fighting despite AG Barr's commitment to make it public to the fullest extent he can given the legal parameters governing it.

4. It's still a safe bet that it contains information politically (but not criminally) damaging to the president; or at least compromising enough so as to allow the Left to do what it always does - spin it in a way such that low information voters will continue to be deceived.

5. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi determines whether articles of impeachment will be filed although she preempted herself previously by saying that she would not pursue them because the president "isn't worth it." Two previous discussions about opposing viewpoints on impeachment are linked here: https://gab.com/Statecraft_Discerned/posts/MWZ2VmlJU0ZkcnFIUWhDSFR4ajVpdz09

6. It's possible that by executive order or legislatively, the full report gets published given that right now, both the Left and President Trump are calling for it, lending merit to the claim in number 4.

7. Subsequent to a House investigation, Senate investigation and a special counsel's probe all indicating no direct evidence of the Trump-Russia collusion fallacy, the Left must put it to rest (but they won't.)

8. Will the MSM atone for intentionally misleading the public (aka lying to the public) for over two years? Nope.

9. Will the MSM, the Left and those complicit in criminality relent on the fake Russian collusion lie? Nope. Why would they? It's reasonable to think a large percentage of voters won't budge off their delusional position. Those expected to be exposed criminally have no other option than to stick to the script because it's all an effort toward self-preservation. These folks simply can't afford to leave the reservation.

10. If the president 's political enemies continue to hammer the Russian collusion narrative, he will most certainly continue to draw-them out to a point of his liking whereby he will then pull the trigger on selective declassification; approaching it in a fashion to release what he wants when it's most politically advantageous.

11. Don't forget - OIG reports are coming due. In all likelihood, they will precede declassification and logically, they would serve as the final items contributing to the broader and deeper argument and justification for declassification.

Our street-fighting president has been patiently jabbing and weaving while taking one political haymaker after another from his enemies. He's also been trolling and drawing them out like the master he is and now, his time has arrived.

It's reasonable to think that we'll see a timeline resembling: OIG reports, declassification, indictments and prosecutions. The 2020 election victory will likely fall sometime after the first round of indictments and perhaps even the start of some of the earlier prosecutions.

What fascinating times.



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