EXAMINING THE FALLOUT OF MUELLER'S REPORT - With Barr's summary findings not yet made public, where to next?

Strike 1: House investigation falls flat - no Trump/Russia collusion.

Strike 2: Senate investigation falls flat - no Trump/Russia collusion.

Strike 3: Mueller investigation falls flat - no Trump/Russia collusion.

There is no 'strike 4' but chairman of the HPSCI Rep. Adam Schiff, D-CA and his Democratic House colleagues seem to think otherwise. That tells us everything we need to know and have known since about November 2016 - this a 100%, undoubtedly, most certainly a political effort most accurately described as a contemporary coup d'etat. At this point, the criminally complicit are in self-preservation mode or are acting on the orders of those who are. Hello Nancy, Chuck, et al.

Here are some variables to consider:

1. Expect the leaks to begin soon - AG Barr is reported to be disclosing his 'principle conclusions' by Saturday night.


2. To-date, not a modicum of direct evidence - not a singular, granular bit of it - has been produced germane to the original mandate of the investigation. Thus far, all that's been produced are a bunch of bloviating, platitudinous miscreants masquerading as elected leaders, experts and journalists as they attempt to rectify an unexpected electoral loss by means of seditious and treasonous acts.

3. On the very day that Mueller presented his report to AG Barr, the Democrats decide to stay the course. Barr's letter to his principals included language detailing that the Mueller probe was unencumbered in its efforts and had free reign to pursue investigative tangents as deemed necessary, it was also confirmed that the president will face no exposure to legal jeopardy germane to the scope of the original mandate - he was not and will not be indicted and there was not and will not be evidence of 'collusion,' which isn't a crime anyway. House chairmen Cummings, Engel and Schiff issued a press release indicating that THEIR efforts to investigate Russian election interference are full-bore ahead.

The press release pertained to their request for ongoing document provision related to their investigation and the White House's reluctance to comply. In duplicitous fashion, the letter drew distinctions between the current administration, which is hitting back against the attempted removal a sitting president, is somehow antithetical to the spirit of American presidential politics as compared to the transparency of Obama's administration, which was idolized by these same political (and media) entities.


4.  Not coincidentally, Senate Judiciary Chair Lindsey Graham, R-SC, acknowledged the submission of the report and outlined his transparent and bi-partisan stance to moving forward with the new information. Not surprisingly, there was no announcement from the ranking minority member - Dianne Feinstein, D-CA, and thus far, the apparent remainder of the Senate writ large, has remained quiet on the issue while all of the resistance and insistence on continuing the Russian collusion hoax has emanated from the Democratically controlled House.


5. Interestingly, both the Democratically controlled House and President Trump himself are calling for full disclosure of the contents of the Mueller report. This provides two obvious angles for interpretation: a) the president knows it contains no evidence germane to the original mandate and he prefers for all of America to bear witness while b) the Democrats are attempting to convert the contents of the report into state-sponsored and state-funded political opposition research given the expectation that the report contains politically damaging information on the president.

In the hours since the Barr's announcement, the same politicians, experts and pundits who have been excoriating the president for over two years about fake Russian collusion, began to finessing their narrative to nuance a message that somehow, someway and counter to three failed investigative efforts, the fight should continue. Important to note, the Democrats are explicitly calling for underlying evidence (political dirt) to be made public. That specific request tells us precisely what their intentions are. It's all about 2020 campaign material because plan A - impeachment/removal - fell flat.




6. On March 21st, just one day before Barr's notification letter, the House had already planned to move forward with a public and open hearing. In this instance, two separate hearings were scheduled to air-out rhetorical information likely shaped by inside Deep State sources that is characterized by House Democrats as a "Full Committee open interview of Felix Sater" and "Putin’s Playbook: The Kremlin’s Use of Oligarchs, Money and Intelligence in 2016 and Beyond."


This could go in a variety of directions and we really won't know until the leaks begin and players start putting cards on the table. That said, it's reasonable to expect this:

1. Expect the leaking - from both sides - to begin as soon as this evening.

2. House Democrats will use every bit of damaging information originating from Mueller's report and spin it to continue its efforts to attack and possibly remove the president - Schiff told us as much.



3. The president will/already is hiting back claiming vindication and subsequently he will flip the prosecutorial script on the Left.

4. The president's attacks on his political opponents, who are clearly operating entirely from a political basis and not a judicial one, will continue to escalate as we near the release of expected OIG reports and likely, Huber's team's efforts.

5. Once the OIG reports are released, the president will then likely pursue selective declassification by releasing what he needs to at the most politically advantageous times.

6. Once declassification begins, expect indictments and the first round of prosecutions to begin (on a longer timeline; not immediately - the wheels of justice grind slowly as we have all seen.)

7. 2020 will likely fall after indictments and perhaps after some earlier prosecutions. It's reasonable to think that we'll see enough political and judicial momentum to devastate the Democrats and guarantee a convincing 2020 victory.

8. Once 2020 is secured and the president is in line for a second term, the heavy prosecutions should begin. There could be too much potential political backlash for such prosecutions to precede 2020 such that they may backfire and undermine electoral efforts.

If you're low on popcorn, there's still time to get to the grocery store! Tonight and most certainly tomorrow could be politically and historically unprecedented times. Buckle-up!


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