INCREDIBLE TIMING WITH SIGNIFICANT EVENTS TODAY - Less about coincidence and more about planning

If you're of the opinion that what we've been seeing play-out politically is the product of a plan rather than an organic political process, you are likely correct. The timing and significance of today's events reeks of planning and discounts coincidence almost all together.


1. Whitaker resigns from the DOJ.

What does that mean?

Whitaker's post-interim-AG lifespan at the DOJ was always intended to be short. His presumed role was to prepare the DOJ landscape in preparation for his eventual successor, the incoming AG William Barr. By making an interim, lateral move within DOJ prior to today's exit was a deflection strategy. He was forgotten overnight, recall? Deploying the Scaramucci model of temporary employment allows the Trump administration to dispatch him (Whitaker's resignation today) in short order and before any significant legal traction under Barr's DOJ. By dispatching Whitaker, they also dispatch any perceived or real conflict of interest because he's no longer employed with the DOJ. Moreover, the Scaramucci model allowed Barr to enter free from conflict of interest as well. By precluding, the administration preserved his impartiality as he is inheriting what has been handed to him. The ball is on the tee - time to take a swing.

2. On the same day that Whitaker resigns, Barr announces that he will not recuse himself from the Russian Mueller probe.

What does that mean?

He's already confirmed and there's nothing the Left can do but bellyache about it. He's now in full control of the Mueller probe and according to statute; especially if Democratic efforts to the contrary fail, only Barr can receive the confidential Mueller report whereby he and his staff can and likely will draft and present to the public a summary of its findings.

3. On the same day that Whitaker resigns and Barr assumes full control of the Mueller probe and its findings, Chairmen from multiple House committees opened investigations against the president:

- Nadler launched an investigation into threats against the 'rule of law' and seeks information from 81 named Trump affiliates.

- Schiff, Engel and Cummings take action seeking Trump's communications with Putin and request documents.

So, what does that mean?

Subsequent to two years of Congressional investigations - one by the House and one by the Senate - that yielded precisely zero direct evidence of any Trump-Russian collusion, the Left is looking to rekindle the Russian fire and generate some political capital to keep feeding the public via the MSM. At the same time, Nadler is pursuing process crimes against the Mr. Trump germane to the concocted Russia Hoax. The strategy is investigative fatigue designed to deplete the administration's resources while creating legal jeopardy for the president.

4. Trump calls a spade a spade or rather the new House action as a hoax.

What does that mean?

The nugget is within his quote whereby Trump rhetorically suggests that declassification is on the horizon by saying, "You're going to learn about that as you grow older."

So, where does this leave us?

Here. The president is admittedly on the brink of selective declassification, which would entirely flip the prosecutorial script on to the Democrats and, once and for all, begin the process of repositioning the cross-hairs where they belong - on the criminal Left. Here's a brief discussion about the timing of declassification germane to political capital ( Trump is expected to continue fully drawing-out the Democrats to the end of their ropes of self-destruction before finally making the declassification release. With Whitaker now out and conflict of interest eliminated; Barr now in with impartiality intact; Barr in full control of Mueller probe; and the Democrats doubling-down on investigative efforts; we appear to be standing upon the precipice with real traction imminent. That traction begins with selective declassification and the president suggests it will be soon.


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