Q DRAWS SIGHTS ON FORMER OBAMA WH COUNSEL GREG CRAIG - Former counsel's role gains clarity and sets direction

Sidebar - in real time, as this was being written, Q exploded on posts.

Yesterday, we briefly discussed former White House counsel Greg Craig's reported likely criminal referral originating from the Mueller probe. Here's that brief discussion: https://gab.com/Statecraft_Discerned/posts/K1ZVdGFFa3BSeW1OWlhlK3lXTFhPQT09 

Craig's likely pending indictment will be the first for a Democrat and we suggested that this may represent a political turn of the tide. We drew attention to Craig's Clinton and Obama ties, his lobbying efforts for the Ukrainians, his long-tenured status as a Democratic operative, etc.

Collectively, there was ample circumstantial evidence to begin contemplating his precise role in any investigations involving Russians and Ukrainians but the exact direction - variety of possibilities - wasn't quite clear.

Tonight, Q joined the information flow to help us better understand the nature of Craig's role. It was already known that Ukraine and Russia were involved; the historical relationship between Ukraine and Russia lends well to this conversation. Q put an interesting spin on what we already knew in drop #3124, linking the same Fox News story that we discussed yesterday and placing it alongside a John Solomon (The Hill) tweet stating that Ukraine has opened an investigation into a foreign entity conspiring to assist Hillary Clinton in winning the 2016 election. That certainly points us in a direction and so much so, that expanding on it equates to insulting your intelligence.

So, as if fulfilling a request, Q has kindly bridged the gap by giving us a plausible basis for the criminal referral from Mueller that, not surprisingly, may explain other things. Namely, they are the delay in shutting-down the Mueller investigation without explanation; especially after the announced departure of pit bull Andrew Weissman - he's an impediment to justice - and DAG Rod Rosenstein's scheduled departure from the DOJ, which is also on hold.

Those of you projecting white hat status (or, shall we say, a very light gray?) for Bob and Rod, you can start tootin' your horns. Hello @NeonRevolt? What's being suggested here is that if Craig's criminality is such that he functioned within an effort to conspire with foreign powers to interfere in an election for HRC (absurd levels of projection, here), this will be the first layer of the onion being peeled back. That will almost certainly result in AG Barr requesting that the investigation continue (it's already funded through September - https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-trump-budget-mueller/mueller-probe-already-financed-through-september-officials-idUSKBN1QS2QB  ) and that Rosenstein see it through to the end for sake of fidelity and continuity. He can legitimately make that argument all day long.

How then do you convince one's opponent to demand that the executioner in their own death continue through to the very end? Do what they do better than them - lie (https://gab.com/Statecraft_Discerned/posts/T2JBVko4ZEd4SzVNbm1BRk1NUlpxUT09  ). In a sense, that seems to be what has happened depending on how Craig's indictment shapes-up. Simply make them think it's all about the opponent until it's time to go in another direction. We've all noticed that the entirety of any criminal referrals to this point have centered on crimes on entirely unrelated and process crimes. What has not been demonstrated in any capacity thus far is evidence supporting the basis of the investigation - Russian collusion. We all know that. To the point, if Craig is guilty for what has been suggested tonight, Bob and Rod are in for the long-haul and look white (hat) like a wedding dress.

As you consider all of the above, recall that is is post-Sessions and post-Whitaker and therefore under the ultimate authority of recently confirmed AG William Barr. It almost looks like a plan coming together, does it not? An obvious redundant Q theme, it was certainly reinforced the subsequent Brian Cates' (truly appreciate his work) link.

So, perhaps Mr. Craig's true nature is the first start of a chapter near the end. We shall see.

*I apologize for any typos, etc. - limited proofing here - have reading to do!


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