SENATOR CRUZ AGREES - DEMOCRATS ARE FULL-BORE AHEAD WITH TRUMP IN THEIR SIGHTS - Nothing new, this handwriting has been on the wall for a while

Despite going 0-3 with the House, Senate and now presumably, Mueller - we won't know until AG William Barr's summary findings are made public - the Left is full-bore ahead in their absolutely baseless targeting of President Trump.

In multiple discussions, including this one from yesterday ( where we discussed the aftermath of Mueller's report, we claimed the Left will stay the course in targeting and working to remove the president. It was nothing new. You could see it coming from a mile away as one House investigation after another began to stack-up in anticipation of a gear shift from a relatively benign Mueller report to other fabricated federal investigations. We've been covering press release from each of the House chairmen as then announced one new investigation after another. We knew their intentions long ago but with Mueller's report in hand, the rubber is hitting the road. Since the Left only controls the House, logically, that's where we'll see it play-out. Basics.

It's highly likely that Mueller's report contains non-criminal but politically damaging content on President Trump, which is why both parties are calling for its full-disclosure. The president wants to vindicate himself from the allegations proffered in the original mandate while the Left wants the underlying evidence publicly disclosed in an effort to transition Mueller's investigative efforts into federally sponsored and funded political opposition research for 2020. It's an interesting dichotomy.

Nonetheless, the Left is all-in and it's no holds barred. The only question now is why? Here are basic assumptions that are safe to make at this point:

1. There is no direct evidence of criminality on behalf of the president or it would have been first leaked and with an indictment following. That never happened nor will it.

2. The House began stacking the deck long before Mueller's benign report was submitted to AG Barr. It's now rather clear that the Democrats have been aligning their strategy according to an anticipated fruitless report and that requires a shift of gears. What that shift looks like is this - disregarding zero findings from a House investigation, a Senate investigation and a special counsel's investigation in order to begin a host of other baseless investigations without evidence of a crime (at worst) or impropriety (at least.) Here are pieces to that puzzle:

Nadler signals that somehow the DOJ (Barr) will cover-up a fruitless Mueller report and therefore their own investigations are necessary:

On the same day that the Senate announces it's closing it's investigation with no direct evidence, Nadler signals he's going in the opposite direction and will be conducting investigations in the House:

Nadler works interim AG Whitaker for process crimes:

Cummings lines-up president's lawyers for presenting "false information to government officials":

Deep State bipartisan effort to keep "Russia" front and center for the American public:

Cummings cites "chaotic" White House and concerns with nuclear technology transfer to Saudi Arabia:

*This is an incomplete list given time constraints - information and documentation of this sort is abundant.

3. The Left clamored for an unimpeded Mueller investigation conducted by a team of Clinton-donating, liberal and Democratic investigators with free reign and that is exactly what they got. But it wasn't good enough. NOTHING WILL BE GOOD ENOUGH UNTIL PRESIDENT TRUMP IS NO LONGER - UNDERSTAND THAT. Now that their efforts have not produced desired results, they'll simply shift their basis for those efforts. Their agenda remains the same and it remains baseless but their rationale behind it is now one of their own design (just like the previous rationale.)

4. Senator Cruz confirms it all for us (but we already knew because the Left had already told us.)

So then, what to expect now? It's reasonable to think that the Democrats will continue down the path of targeting the president in hopes of removing him and they'll do so by simply replacing the basis and impetus behind their agenda. "Russia" was the introduction, "Mueller" was the body and their own made-up garbage will be the conclusion. Unfortunately for them, their own made-up garbage will also be the source of their own demise assuming the president goes on offense in the relative short-term.

President Trump will like continue to troll and fully draw-out the Left until the OIG reports are made public whereby he will likely selectively declassify what he needs for the moment to shine light on the Democrats criminality. Here's the timeline previously presented: OIG reports, declassification, indictments and prosecutions. The 2020 election victory will likely fall sometime after the first round of indictments and perhaps even the start of some of the earlier prosecutions.


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