Russia, Russia, Russia!!!!! That's all we've heard since about November 2016 and where are we today? The House investigation into Russian collusion and election interference produced zero such direct evidence. The Senate investigation into Russian collusion and election interference produced zero such direct evidence. The Mueller investigation into Russian collusion and election interference produced zero such direct evidence.

To begin, Crimea is a peninsular territory that is technically a part of Ukraine and was annexed by Russia in 1783. Since that time, Russian leaders have understood and maneuvered to protect it's critical importance to the Russian empire; especially militarily. After the fall of the USSR, Crimea was reverted back to Ukraine with conditions that Russia would be permitted to retain it's strategically important military base in Sevastopol - the home to Russia's all important Black Sea Fleet (lease running through 2042.) In 2014, under the Obama administration, Russia illegal seized the territory and sparked a war destroying the country's infrastructure, involving Nazism and displacing 2 million political refugees.

So then, what about Russia expanding its geographic hegemony and influence by stealing the Crimean Peninsula under Obama's watch? Wouldn't that deserve our attention as well? Reagan dissolved the USSR and returned its satellite states back to sovereign entities so would such a significant territorial reversal by the "evil" Russians warrant our full attention? Shouldn't the MSM be sounding the alarm to let everyone know that the Russians are advancing in territorial fashion? Shouldn't we be responding and investigating how and why this happened?

Well, that all depends on donkeys and elephants. It most certainly would if it occurred under President Trump's watch; however, this development rests squarely on the shoulders of former President Obama and his administration and that essentially tells all we need to know.

According to the Left and the Deep State, we are to be fully panicked and hysterical about the efforts of President Putin and Mother Russia as it relates to matters of significant geopolitical importance. We know that because, well, the House, Senate and Mueller investigations, replete with the MSM dog and pony show that accompanied it all, have told us this ad nauseam as it pertains to our own elections and despite the Russians investing fractions of a penny to the dollar as compared to Clinton's own campaign spending. So, not only does it seem like a far stretch, it most certainly is. Or it's a blatant lie; it's however you wish to describe it - both are accurate.

For over two years we've been sold a line that such an approach to Russia - one where every Russian maneuver deserves absolute scrutiny and analysis - is in the best interest of preserving democracy at home. If we believe what we've been told - don't, it's all lies - it should include something as significant as the reunification of a strategic peninsula that is contiguous to the Ukraine (Manafort, Podestas, Clintons, Obama), borders Russia, provides direct and extremely significant military influence in the Black Sea and provides for a broader influence over the entire Mediterranean, should it not?

Well that's not the case here. You see, with real news occurring whereby the Russians can stamp their undisputed territorial and military dominance over a region; and at the sake of a sovereign country in Ukraine, our disingenuous and untrustworthy MSM is ignoring the issue all together. This week, the Russians enjoyed their 5th anniversary of the illegal act and they have no one other than Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to thank for it. Oh, but somehow, it's Donald Trump who's colluding with the Russians.





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