SEMANTICS, RHETORIC AND PLATITUDES - The Left's post-Russia formula in the absence of a real agenda for the American people

It goes without saying that the left is grasping for straws after the presumed collapse of "Russia" and Mueller's report, which is best demonstrated - sans a few like Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell, who refuse to quit kicking the dead Russian horse - by the blatant and obvious abandonment of the Russian collusion angle as replaced by the pursuit of 'obstruction of justice' charges. 

It's absolutely imperative to understand that the Russian collusion narrative was nothing more than a fabricated construct to serve as the impetus to investigate President Trump, et al., with a special counsel in Robert Mueller and his team. Everyone knew "Russia" was quite literally "made-up" and that there was no legitimacy to the claims. It was; however, critically necessary to create the construct for the special counsel. The ultimate objective from the very beginning was the obstruction angle. That's precisely what politically motivated swamp creatures do within the gamesmanship of statecraft as they seek to destroy a political opponent without a single grain of evidence or legitimacy. These miscreants simply create a problem that otherwise would not exist and then work to exact the "gotcha"/obstruction ploy as the accused; and in this case the President of the United States of America, as he fights back and defends himself. It doesn't get any more duplicitous, nefarious or swampy. (Conservative Tree House has written extensively about the obstruction basis to the Mueller strategy -

With the Mueller report submitted and AG William Barr's summary principle findings published, the subsequent implosion of the Russia scheme is now emerging such that the prosecutioral efforts are being redirected at the parties responsible for creating this constitutional nightmare. As a result, the Democrats find themselves fractured, divided (Pelosi and Schumer v. Ocasio-Cortez, Omar and Tlaib), with no message and now, no plan to remove this president save the last bit of remnants from the original scheme. Moreover, after obviously and blatantly lying for two-plus years to the American people and, more importantly, their base, they find themselves somewhat marginalized from mainstream America as folks are leaving the party; especially independents.

All of this has created the need for a shift in gears as the push to 2020 continues. Arguably, the semantics, rhetoric and platitudinous speech being used by the Left has taken a darker and more ominous tone as the Democrats scramble to find something into which their constituents can sink their teeth. A copious amount of daily reading from a wide spectrum of sources goes into all of our posts, articles and discussions and although the Left has always been vitriolic and acidic toward President Trump, most recently there has been a perceptible shift to this more ominous tone. Sidebar - don't be surprised of the "25th" argument rears its ugly head again before it's all over.

Below is a list of the language the Left has included in complicit MSM "news" items, Congressional press releases, hearings, etc., whereby it is clearly obvious that a portrayal of the President as being un-American, dangerous, a threat, a sociopath, autocratic, incompetent, unhinged, etc. is being established as Democrats attempt to pave their way to a 2020 victory by using disingenuous language in an attempt to cleave away the president's support. These terms were extracted from variety of news items within the past several days to weeks and is by no means an exhaustive list. No matter the topic; you name it - immigration, national security, healthcare, economics or any other, the Democrats are weaving a tapestry of incendiary language to debase the president, his administration and his platform. As you peruse this list, recall that most Americans won't necessarily commit to memory all of the actual and legitimate policy, legislative and governmental talking points, but they will have no issue whatsoever in remembering how they are all described. That's simply the low-down, nitty-gritty, realistic aspect of low-brow politics. Here's the list:

Autocratic despot
Seen children die
Wantonly inflicting cruelty
Threat to national security
Temper tantrum
Unacceptable risk
Untold damage
Abysmal failure
Danger to national security
Significant negative impact
Grave concerns
Serious threats
Lens of power
Serious threats to our democratic institutions, our security, our values, and our economies
Democracy under assault
Unable to meet today’s challenges
“America alone”
Does not value democracy
Against Americans
Humanitarian catastrophe
Catastrophic implications
Attack on our planet
Incitement to violence
Dangerous attacks
Fan the flames
Inciting violence
Contorted view
Punishment to communities
Rip healthcare away for Americans
Throwing kids in cages
A normal president
Racism and hate
Outright, dangerous targeting
Pure racist act
Shattered all trust
Lack of humanity

If you're looking for a preview of 2020 and what the Left will be selling to their constituents, look no further. Moreover and as elaborated on extensively by this site, it will also include a healthy dose of "white nationalism." 

This, my friends, is the Democratic Party's message - one rooted in doom, gloom and pessimism. Let's hope that the American people continue to become better and better informed such that these disingenuous, duplicitous, power-starved degenerates never receive an opportunity to further their agenda.



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