MAKING SENSE OF IRAN'S RAPID GEOPOLITICAL ESCALATION - An examination of available resources from the White House and Department of State

Earlier article asking if Iran was next as a function of a quid pro quo deal:

 To begin, this is an article I've wanted to write for some time but was snagged on how to accomplish it, make it meaningful and make it readable from a length standpoint (more on that shortly.) Before we get into it, let's start with a peculiarly timed current event relative to the matter at hand.

 I suppose that irony; perhaps coincidence, rules the day here. As a child of the '70s and as I begin here, I can clearly see in my mind the imagery of the Iran hostage crisis that served as an election issue in 1980. In short, it was President Carter who failed to resolve that crisis and it was his successor in President Reagan who brought it all to an end. 

 I've long contended that Jimmy Carter the man - the Annapolis grad, the former US Naval officer and the former Georgia Senator - was a genuinely good person who had the nation's best interest in mind but who was so flawed from a policy perspective that he could never make good on those intentions. That ALL changed TODAY when it was reported (article) that the former president leapt from the cliff of Leftist ideology by publicly making a patently false statement for which no singular grain of evidence exists. Mr. Carter has declared President Trump an illegitimate president who was ushered-in to power predicated on nefarious Russian election interference. Ball game, sir.

 Mr. Carter - what remains of your tarnished, ineffective and flat-out horrendous presidency has just been eviscerated by your own statement. At this point, any intellectually honest person must assume that you - as a man - are nothing more than a duplicitous, dishonest, self-serving politician who quite literally drove the country into the ground and who continues to function in the pocket of the same Deep State entities who likely inserted you in the first place. And yes, I still remember the long lines of automobiles queued up for gasoline stretching for as far as one could see, the skyrocketing inflation and the poor economy. Those factors influenced how my very middle-class family lived. Yeah, I remember all of that.

 So, it saddens me to make this reversal on Mr. Carter the man but its a responsive decision; not a proactive one. (Or he had a dementia moment and I'll call off the dogs but the effect remains the same.) I digress.

 Let's start with a concession. A deep dig into Iran, its history, its impact on US foreign policy and diplomacy and its role today is suitable for a volume of books; not a single article. That said, time and resources will be the factors that drive this discussion so we'll examine the Trump administration's declarations and strategy in an effort to derive meaning from Iran's escalation and the roles of the Obama administration and the Deep State in bringing it all to fruition.

 To frame the discussion appropriately, let's operate from this perspective - the Trump administration represents an outlier presidency - he's not an establishment politician - while the Obama administration was a fully implemented Deep State presidency start to finish. Significant holdover elements of the latter represent the forces dragging President Trump into contentions waters given that he campaigned on pulling out of the Middle East and focusing on domestic issues; especially a broad infrastructure development plan. It should come as no surprise that somewhat suddenly, Iran was thrust into the international spotlight with escalating hostilities toward the West and specifically the US just as the it moves into 2020 campaign season. There are no coincidences. Mr. Trump wants to withdraw from Middle Eastern wars so the Deep State gave him one right before his second election.

 I've examined the lists of State Department press releases germane to Iran as it relates to both the Trump and Obama administrations and those documents number in the thousands. The sheer volume of them presents a task suitable for a team; not a single individual. That said and as mentioned above, let's focus on what the Trump administration is telling us about Iran.

 First, some brief and surface level history. Our diplomatic history with Iran dates back to 28 June 1850 where the US brokered a treaty based upon commerce and friendship. That treaty failed to materialize when the Persian government took no action on its "most-favored-nation" status with the US. In 1883, diplomatic relations were then formally established and they remained intact until 1979, which was significant for two historical reasons and with the latter being a product of the former - the Iranian Revolution whereby Kohmeini came to power instituting a brutal, oppressive regime and the  Iranian hostage crisis. Subsequently, the US terminated diplomacy with Iran (always the first step to precede war) and instituted Switzerland as it's diplomatic intermediary. That situation and those circumstances remain intact today. It should be noted that pre-1979, Iran and its people, one of the oldest continuous major civilizations on Earth, represented a vibrant, successful nation. The imagery from that time frame is truly enlightening.

 So then, what do we know about Iran now? According to the Comprehensive Iran Fact Sheet put forth by the State Department and its Department of Economic and Business Affairs, "Iran has increasingly destabilized the Middle East: This regime has used the benefits it received as a result of sanctions relief under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) to build ballistic missiles, support terrorists and terrorism, steal critical resources from its own people and wreak havoc throughout the Middle East and beyond." Moreover, the document also outlines the following, which represents nothing new:
  • Instead of focusing on the well-being of its population, and using its economic resources to build a more stable, secure, and prosperous Iran, the regime has:

    • Spent in excess of $16 billion propping up the Assad regime and supporting its other partners and proxies in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen since 2012;
    • Provided terror group Lebanese Hizballah with approximately $700 million every year; and
    • Provided approximately $100 million a year to terror groups including Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad.
  • Since the implementation of the JCPOA, Iran’s military budget has grown by 37% – a rate far higher than the overall budget growth or the economic growth during the same period.
  • Iran has exploited the international financial system, including by running an extensive, large-scale currency exchange network that procured and transferred millions of dollars to the IRGC-Qods Force in order to support its malign regional activities and facilitate the hostile activities of regional proxy groups.
  • Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ (IRGC) economic corruption is widespread. The IRGC and its affiliated companies in Iran extort bribes, intimidate competition, and suppress genuine economic growth in Iran.
 In an 15 October 2018 statement, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo expanded on Iran by saying,
Their transgressions against international peace are many, but... (Iran is) most notorious for having spent decades pursuing nuclear weapons programs in violation of international prohibitions... the deal that the Obama administration struck in 2015—the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or JCPOA—failed to end the country’s nuclear ambitions. In fact, because Iran knew that the Obama administration would prioritize preserving the deal over everything else, the JCPOA created a sense of impunity on the part of the regime, allowing it to increase its support for malign activity. The deal has also given Tehran piles of money, which the supreme leader has used to sponsor all types of terrorism throughout the Middle East (with few consequences in response) and which have boosted the economic fortunes of a regime that remains bent on exporting its revolution abroad and imposing it at home.
For the record, none of this is new information but it provides appropriate context.

On 04 January 2018, Vice President Pence let it be known that President Trump "will not be silent on Iran" by offering in part, 
Eight-and-a-half years ago, Americans watched the people of Iran rise up to claim their birthright of freedom. In the “Green Revolution,” millions of courageous young men and women filled the streets of Tehran and Tabriz, Qazvin and Karaj, and what seemed like every city and village in between. They denounced a fraudulent election, and as the days went on, they began to demand that the unelected ayatollahs end their decades of repression and release their iron-fisted grip on Iran and her people.
Those brave protesters looked to the leader of the free world for support. But as I saw first hand as a member of Congress, the president of the United States stayed silent.
The United States has spoken clearly and unequivocally. Unfortunately, many of our European partners, as well as the United Nations, have thus far failed to forcefully speak out on the growing crisis in Iran. It’s time for them to stand up. The suppression of the Green Revolution in 2009 shows the disastrous price of silence.
Here's our list Iranian concerns thus far as outlined by the Trump administration and State:
  1. Destabilizes the Middle East
  2. Builds ballistic missiles
  3. Supports terrorists and terrorism
  4. Steals critical resources from its own people
  5. Wreaks havoc throughout the Middle East
  6. Props/supports the Assad regime in Syria
  7. Supports other partners and proxies in Syria, Iraq and Yemen
  8. Funds Lebanese terror group Hizballah
  9. Funds Hamas and Palestinian Islamic jihad
  10. Exploited the international financial system with an extensive, large-scale currency exchange network
  11. Supports and facilitates hostile regional activities and proxy groups
  12. Facilitates extortion, bribes and intimidation to suppress genuine Iranian economic growth
  13. Violates international law pursuing nuclear weapons
  14. Sponsor all types of terrorism in the Middle East
 Again, there's nothing new on that list.

Not only did the Obama administration "lead from behind" (what in the hell is that, by the way, other than some platitudinous bullshit) and pillow fight with the Iranians rather than deal with them appropriately and directly, we factually know that Obama's actions near the end of his presidency are highly controversial if not illegal germane to Iran. They're certainly immoral. 

 Aside from watching a potential Iranian revolution come to fruition and flame-out sans any modicum of US assistance, Obama violated longstanding US policy by negotiating and paying for the release of hostages at the same time he sent literal pallets of cash representing a basket of currencies to Iran using five different flights with four different itineraries. Between 17 January and 05 Feb 2016, the Obama administration sent $1.7 billion to Iran. Moreover, The Washington Free Beacon reports that the total amount that Iran received from Obama's administration and the JCPOA (the failed Iranian nuclear deal) is actually $33.6 billion. In a 08 September 2016 article, it was outlined that,
Iran may have received an additional $33.6 billion in secret cash and gold payments facilitated by the Obama administration between 2014 and 2016, according to testimony provided before Congress by an expert on last summer’s nuclear agreement with Iran.
Between January 2014 and July 2015, when the Obama administration was hammering out the final details of the nuclear accord, Iran was paid $700 million every month from funds that had previously been frozen by U.S. sanctions.
A total of $11.9 billion was ultimately paid to Iran, but the details surrounding these payments remain shrouded in mystery, according to Mark Dubowitz, executive director at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.
In total, "Iran may have received as much as $33.6 billion in cash or in gold and other precious metals," Dubowitz disclosed.
New questions about these payments are emerging following confirmation from top Obama administration officials on Thursday that it was forced to pay Iran $1.7 billion in cash prior to the release of several U.S. hostages earlier this year. The administration insisted that cash had to be used for this payment.
 Since Trump's election, the Iranian meddling has failed to cease. Former Secretary of State John Kerry, in an unheard of capacity as a former US official currently engaged in diplomacy with a foreign nation and counter to the efforts of the sitting and rightful US administration, has violated the Logan Act often and with impunity (Iran wasn't the only country as much as Kerry wasn't the only former US official engaged in this capacity - see Barack Hussein Obama.) Mr. Kerry's advice included advising Iran to "wait-out" the Trump administration. As President Trump has stated, "John Kerry speaks to them a lot, and John Kerry tells them not to call. That’s a violation of the Logan Act, and frankly he should be prosecuted on that." Why? Why would Mr. Kerry be involved as described and in direct confrontation with both the current administration and longstanding US policy?

 Back to the money - that's a lot of moolah for the Mullahs - $33.6 billion. What goes along nicely with unaccounted-for-funding? Well, that would be NGOs and this is where the work becomes burdensome - digging through the 30 NGOs that function in Iran and all of their political entanglements, nexuses, relationships, etc. that may tie back to the US and US politicians or political proxies.

 One sticking point for the Iranians was how to spend all of that money without first converting it to US dollars, which Obama assured us would NOT happen. Cue president Obama - he issued a secret permit to Iran allowing them to transact the conversion. How convenient, Barry. How duplicitous, Barry.

 For the record and in the spirit of brevity, NGOs are "non-governmental organizations" that are most often international and normally pursue interests related to geopolitics. Although they are often funded by governments, officially they exist as being independent from them. Money, as we all know, changes everything including the nature of the relationship between an NGO and any government funding it. In this situation, the funding makes any such government the principal in the relationship and therefore, the NGO, by default, becomes a functionary of that government. NGOs are precisely how many governments and the likes George Soros directly influence and impact foreign nations within those nations' borders.

One thing we do know as it relates to Obama, NGOs and Iran is that for 45 days, he allowed NGOs in Iran to be funded via US donors (banks.) The stated reason in 2012 was the occurrence of an earthquake; however, take that with a grain of salt. Recall, the Clinton's weighed-in to assist the Haitians on the occurrence of their disaster and we all know how that worked out. In matters like this, reasons are excuses and the cause is irrelevant. That money goes wherever the recipients desire it regardless of the sender's directions or purpose.

Inside Iran, there are 30 known and documented NGOs. Here's the list (search results indicate 31 entries but only 30 are listed):
Tehran, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Assaluyeh, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Teheran, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Secunderabad, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Teheran, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Teheran, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Teheran, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Teheran, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Teheran, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Teheran, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Tehran, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Rasht, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Tehran, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Tehran, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Tehran, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
sanandaj, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Ahvaz, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Ahwaz, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Isfahan, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Kermanshah, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Tehran, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Masouleh, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Tehran, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Tehran, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Tehran, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Tehran, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Shirz, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Tehran, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Tehran, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

 Once Obama's pallets of cash and other funding lands overseas, there is virtually no means by which to track who received what and how much. What is being suggest here is that NGOs may have a role as it relates to this money; however, very limited research and verification of that claim has been done here (again, time and resources.) Cue others looking to dig.

 It shouldn't surprise us that the Clintons are involved in all of this. Could it happen any other way? Of course not - rhetorical question. As the Conservative Review notes,
An Iranian foundation recently convicted as a front organization for the theocratic regime in Tehran donated five-figure sums to the infamous Clinton Foundation.
Last week, a New York grand jury ruled that the government can seize a building majority-owned by the Alavi Foundation, agreeing with prosecutors that it is a front group for the mullahs in Tehran. The foundation used the Manhattan skyscraper to garner hundreds of millions in revenue so it could supply cash for its “charitable” endeavors inside the United States.
The Alavi Foundation rarely donated to non-Islamic or non-academic institutions. Alavi spent most of its funds on building Shiite institutions — such as mosques and cultural centers — and installing Iran-friendly professors at prominent American universities.
So its regular donations to the Clinton Foundation — now estimated at around $100,000 — particularly stood out. From 1985 to 2014, the Alavi Foundation — which last year listed its assets at over $100 million — donated to only 13 non-Islamic organizations.
In addition to its direct donations to the Clinton Foundation, the Alavi Foundation has also sent money to organizations associated with the non-profit. Alavi has given funds to the Clinton Foundation through its supposed humanitarian programs (the “Child Foundation”) in Louisiana and Haiti.
 What do funds, governments, NGOs, causes and politicians all have in common? Well, that would be Globalists and Globalism. Here's the entire premise - Iran is functioning EXACTLY and PRECISELY as it's supposed to according to these same Globalists. 

Aside from President Trump and an unknown number of his cabinet and administration members, US politicians, despite their claims and promises, are Globalists writ large. How and why? Again, follow the money. They're all essentially funded, propped-up and inserted by entities (special interest groups, lobbyists, international corporations, the Deep State, the Shadow Government and individuals the likes of Soros) outside of the scope of their constituency whom they largely ignore. Like many, I refer to this conglomerate of corrupt politicians as the "Uniparty." 

So, yes, we have Republican and Democratic parties but in name only. Their members are all beholden to the same masters and they actually represent the interests of those entities; not ours. What used to be two parties is now just the left (now far left) and right (now near right, more centrist and closer to the left) sides of the same, singular party, which doesn't represent any one of us (very old news there, folks.)

 With the premise established that Globalists are driving all things Iranian, how does what we see with Iran fit into the broader scope? Consider what's become readily apparent to me and it all hinges on immigration, migration and the blending of a world populace to facilitate cultural erosion as a component of global control. The underpinnings of this are relatively simple to apply and understand and it's seen across mainstream America ad nauseam - unmitigated illegal immigration, wholesale attacks on masculinity and American individual ruggedness, promotion of alternative lifestyles, revisionist history and the removal of monuments and similar, a pitted and divided populace courtesy of identity politics, a militant and ultra-feminist agenda, proposed slavery reparations, proposed gay reparations, etc. It's a LONG list but it all functions the same ending in nothing that unites people or provides any modicum of a common bond.

Moreover, just follow the money. Look at the 14-point list above. Look at how the Trump administration is telling us that list functions and what the results are. Look at the money (reportedly upwards of $33.6 billion) that knowingly, wittingly went to the country responsible for executing that 14-point list courtesy of Barack Hussein Obama and his Globalist masters. Simple logical deduction tells us that if any entity knowingly, wittingly funds that country then by default, they also knowingly, wittingly fund that list. So then, what's the purpose of the list? To disrupt? To displace? Absolutely. Although contextually different, it functions like what we're seeing in the US.

Look at Europe - it's being overrun by Muslim migrants displaced by war created by these same Globalists. The result is the cultures of England, France, Germany, Sweden, Italy and others being eroded and their populations blended with Muslim populations. DIVIDE, THEN CONQUER.

Look at the US - it's being overrun by illegal immigrants due to laws and policies created by these same Globalists. Contextually they are different; however, functionally, they are the same and produce the same results - cultural erosion and blended populations. Why? It facilitates control of the many by the hands of the few - DIVIDE, THEN CONQUER. 

With nothing to bind populations into a unified, galvanized force, they can be fractured and herded around like sheep and THAT is the ultimate goal of the Globalists. To control the world, you 've got to first control its populations. To control those populations, you eliminate anything and everything that contributes to that end: culture, language, religion, national pride, unity, etc. DIVIDE, THEN CONQUER.

Look no further than the current US political landscape. Never has this country been so far removed from what is considered "American." Never has the populace been at each others' throats to the extent they are now. Never has a seditious, traitorous and treasonous Globalist cohort attempted to exact a modern day coup d'etat to the extent they are now. Despite our proclivity to embrace "American exceptionalism" and regard ourselves as special and different than the rest of the world, the Globalists don't regard us or treat us that way and it's reflected in of our legislation, regulation and policies. DIVIDE, THEN CONQUER.

So, Iran is doing exactly what Iran is supposed to be doing and all courtesy of the Globalists. It's creating a contentious and divisive campaign issue for an outlier president seeking both reelection and the end to these same Globalists. At the same time, it's paralleling an earlier and ongoing effort to create discord across the entirety of the Middle East. This creates mass Muslim migration from war-torn Middle Eastern countries to Western nations; all for the express purpose cultural erosion and population blending and all devised to achieve the objective of literal global control. DIVIDE, THEN CONQUER.



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