OF COURSE MUELLER IS COLLABORATING WITH NADLER AND THE DEMS - Things are going exactly as planned and precisely as they should NOT be going

Below is an entire piece from Roll Call, which is well-written and accurate but unnecessary. Why? For these reasons:

1. Mueller's report was NEVER SUPPOSED to be publicized and available to the public ACCORDING TO STATUTE. I've written much about why this is but the Cliff's Notes version sounds like this - when someone is investigated for criminality and the result is that there is no evidence to support the allegations, THE JUDICIAL BRANCH IS OBLIGATED TO MAINTAIN THAT HIGHLY SENSITIVE  PERSONAL INFORMATION PRIVATELY BECAUSE IT BEARS THE ONUS OF PROTECTING INNOCENTS.

2. In the spirit of transparency and satisfying the demands of the Democrats (and for that matter, the President, because he knows he did nothing wrong), AG Bill Barr broke from statute; broke from tradition; and published the entirety of the report in appropriately but minimally redacted form.

3. This entire Russian fabrication was nothing more than a bifurcated process to make the Trump administration vulnerable to defeat on one hand while on the other hand, to serve as an impetus perhaps formidable enough to remove Trump from the Executive all together via the impeachment process.

4. Notable and critical here is the legal predication for impeachment because it MOST CERTAINLY WON'T BE ABOUT RUSSIAN COLLUSION, because it didn't exist and the Mueller report demonstrates that incontrovertible point, but rather will take the form of an obstruction of justice trap. That's precisely what Russia has always, at least in part, been about - the obstruction angle.

5. What "Russia" really is, which I've also written about at some length and hat-tip to CTH, is a ex post facto rationalization and legal justification to falsely predicate an elaborate international Deep State political spying operation (Obama spied on everyone - remember detestable former CIA Director John Brennan even lying about spying on Congress?) at the hands of the Obama White House. Obama essentially weaponized the entirety of the federal apparatus and evidence suggests it goes back as far as 2015 and perhaps earlier.

6. The purpose of publicizing the entirety of the redacted Mueller report should negate the need for Mueller to testify, which should NEVER occur anyways. His testimony IS THE REPORT. THAT'S WHAT THE REPORT IS. There is a zero percent chance of Mueller testifying beyond the scope of his report because it likely opens a window of legal jeopardy for him.

7. Moreover, Mueller should have never even held his highly inappropriate and anomalous presser, either. That was 100% pure Kabuki theater.

8. That Nadler, House Dems, et al. are conspiring with Mueller to shape his unnecessary and highly unusual testimony is egregious but not as egregious as what will happen with Andrew Weissmann in the closed-door session. That's where the Dems will load their guns and MARK MY WORDS - IF MUELLER DOES IN FACT TESTIFY, THEY'LL COME OUT SHOOTING FOR IMPEACHMENT. Just look at the Democratic party right now - they have no other cards to play.

9. It's debatable as to whether Mueller will testify AT ALL.

So, we'll see how all of this plays out. I hope that Americans are paying attention because what is really occurring with Trump, Mueller and Russia, from a 40,000-ft., level is simply this - THE ESTABLISHMENT OF THE OPPOSITION'S PLAYBOOK FOR WHAT IS PERMISSIBLE AND ACCEPTABLE PRESIDENTIAL TREATMENT FOR WHEN THEY LOSE THE ELECTION.

Caveat - it's also what it looks like when the elected president somehow catches the Deep State off-guard and the Deep State whiplashes back to remove that president. I digress.

Here's the article:



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