Let's start with two concessions and here's the first - I'm fitting new information into an old story.

The second concession - perhaps this is coming from way far-out in left field; perhaps not. I don't know. If you're one who tunes into QAnon and I bet you are, this is in your wheelhouse and it falls back on the now old premise of whether Mueller, which according to Q would also include then-DAG Rosenstein, donned a hat that was white, black or somewhere in between reflecting a hue of gray.

Here is what I do know. There was one prominent, decisive moment in Mueller's testimony that absolutely altered the entire "Mueller construct" and at a fundamental level. It struck me in real time and I was slack-jawed as I'm guessing were most others who watched or read about the hearings with appropriate knowledge of the backstory on Trump/Russia. Of course, I'm talking about Mueller's direct denial that he was familiar eith and ergo a direct admission that he was unfamiliar with, Fusion GPS. HOW IS THAT?

That denial lit a fuse in the moment but rather than letting that bomb detonate right then and there, a better course of action seemed to be to wait, absorb the balance of the hearings, take-in the copious amount of post-hearing punditry and then begin to make sense of Mueller's bombshell admission amidst a disastrous day of unsteady, shaky and less than knowledgeable testimony.

What then, are the plausible explanations for Mueller's steadfast denial of knowledge about Fusion GPS, one of the pillars upon which this entire matter rests? I only see two:

1. Mueller was merely a figurehead on paper and his reputation was selected, which also comes with the man himself, as a measure to galvanize enough of a bi-partisan consensus in what was thought would be damaging information produced by Team Mueller. Team Mueller worked extensively with the Lawfare group and the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees to formulate testimony; to formulate questions; to prepare dynamic TV graphics; to rehearse testimony, etc. That effort would create enough of a bi-partisan consensus for the Left, vis-a-vis the House, to stay on PLAN and file articles of impeachment for obstruction of justice charges. In such a case, the actual figurehead position would default to Andrew Weissmann.


2. Mueller was actually the figurehead but is/was suffering from something and regardless as to whether it is/was stress, fatigue, pressure, all of it, some of it or something different, it noticeably and significantly impacted his mental faculties as I immediately reported on in real time yesterday (on the GAB feed) - he couldn't even follow along with basic lines of inquiry. In this case, if it were known before he was appointed, perhaps he was selected by them because they knew his diminished capacity would allow them to manipulate or deceive him to their advantage. If were not known beforehand, then they simply benefited from that circumstance and still manipulated him to their advantage.

Occam's Razor doesn't allow for any other possibilities. We've read the report. We've seen the hearings. There's nothing else left. Mueller was either in charge or he was not - which is it? There's room for both scenarios to exist, but not simultaneously. So, again, which one is it?

Last night I reported (here) that folks in the MSM were beginning to place a path in front of Mr. Mueller that reflected sympathy for him based upon his appearance and performance. That's odd. That's anomalous. It changes the tenor of things. Why the abrupt shift (TIMING!), which is why I reported it last night?

That trend continues today as more emerging Mueller sympathy bits are being written and spoken. Why? Is there a reason beyond their sympathy born out of his career service to our country? Why are they actively laying a path in front of him for him to walk away and reclaim some of his dignity after such a disastrous performance yesterday? Is it out of sympathy OR does it infer THAT ROBERT MUELLER WAS COMPELLED TO SERVE IN A ROLE AS DICTATED BY THOSE WHO HAD AUTHORITY OVER HIM AND HE DID AS HE WAS AUTHORIZED TO DO? The back end dynamics of Mueller's testimony and the oddities in the MSM all appear to suggest an arrangement with an exit strategy. It appears he is being allowed to recapture some of his dignity in retirement as assisted by the MSM..... AND IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING HIS TESTIMONY. Oh, the timing of it all.

The media's sympathy could also be because they are genuinely sympathetic to the man. I find that difficult to believe, though, but then again, despite what I was watching and seeing yesterday, I experienced some of the same feelings and thoughts. Although I felt bad for the man, the difference between me and the MSM is that I NEVER CONSIDERED THROWING THE MAN A LINE. None of us should be in that position. Robert Mueller is a privileged, experienced and well-educated grown man who made his professional bed and he can now lie in it. I digress.

What would be the motivation for both parties (Mueller/DOJ) in such a hypothetical arrangement? Well, if you know Mueller's professional resume he was integral to Epstein since he was FBI director in 2008 (anyone else besides me find it anomalous that the breaking point of "Epstein" coincides with the breaking point of Trump/Russia/Mueller and the episode of Epstein ending up injured in his cell either due to assault or attempted suicide?) Moreover and further complicating Mueller's Epstein entanglements, then US Attorney out of SDFL, Alex Acosta, previously stated publicly that Epstein belonged to intelligence and that he was told to back down. It gets worse. As we all already know, Mueller was also integral to Uranium One serving as FBI director in 2009 when he was tasked by Hillary Clinton's State Department to personally deliver uranium samples to the Russians (boy, those tarmacs sure do pose a lot of problems for the Left - talking to you Loretta Lynch.)

Mueller had deep entanglements in issues that are likely to cause exposure to legal jeopardy for high-value targets; him included. Mueller also certainly had ample motive to cooperate with the DOJ (his legacy, his children, the balance of his retirement, etc.) If he were approached early to cooperate with a new DOJ and was handed a file folder of evidence that would eventually see the light of day in a courtroom (I can't help but to think of the "FBI director interview/Mueller/Trump meeting"); albeit some few years down the road, that aggravating evidence implicating him ought to be motive enough for him to cooperate. Old news there, but in a new light.

So then, where's the motive for the DOJ to bring Mueller in to cooperate? I've already outlined it all here and in other writings. If you intend to cast your prosecutorial net, cast it deep and wide AND LEAVE IT IN THE WATER UNTIL ITS FULL; meaning that Trump's administration did the right thing by allowing the Weissmann Team to see itself through to the end and then self-implode. The scope of this endeavor requires DOJ facilitators - people who can sign-off on future and ongoing matters so the Weissmann Team can function as they see fit, which was apparently criminal in nature. In other words, the DOJ needed someone to say "okay" and give "permission" when Weissmann asks for it..... BUT DON'T DO OR KNOW ANYTHING ELSE!

Important and I've addressed this ad nauseam - SOMEONE HAS TO SIGN-OFF AND AUTHORIZE DOJ ACTIONS and there is no work around for that - it's the law. Therefore, there's room for it to be Mueller and Rosenstein. No matter, from Trump's DOJ's perspective, whomever the facilitators were to be, they would need to be subject to control. Mueller's professional background exudes qualities that make him subject to control.

So then, if the first scenario above is accurate, don't be surprised if Mueller is eventually described as a "facilitator;" not by that very term but in how he functioned. It would have allowed Weissmann's Team's apparent plan to run its full course, which is critical to prosecution. In writings probably a year old at this point, I previously made the same argument about then DAG Rod Rosenstein. Mueller's testimony; however, in light of the MSM's emerging Mueller sympathy path, has created a new perspective on this.

Recall, if you're of the opinion that there is in deed a PLAN (Q) in place and that plan entails prosecuting a bunch of high-value political and other elite criminals, YOU CAN'T PROSECUTE THEM UNTIL THEY HAVE FULLY EXECUTED THEIR CRIMES; assuming you wish to prosecute them to the fullest extent. The net must be left to soak in the water for as long as possible. Significant aspects of this very criminality pertain to all of the questions that Mueller refused to answer yesterday regarding the predication of the investigation and the genesis of the entire thing. Those matters are now conventionally thought to be under federal investigation as I reported last night and that comports with much of Mueller's refusal to testify about certain topics. It also speaks to a possible DOJ/Mueller/Rosenstein arrangement. Moreover, it also explains why AG Bill Barr was publicly complimentary of Rosenstein and praised him during and following his retirement.

Now, if we are to assume that Trump's administration knows everything, which Q has led readers to believe they do, they would have known what was going on inside of the Weissmann Team. Assuming that it's desirable to hold all of them all accountable and pursue full prosecution as described, the sage move is to allow them to fully play their hand, which they did yesterday with the culminating event being Mueller's testimony. Immediately following his testimony, the Mueller sympathy card began to be played in a variety of places. Why? How? 

If Mueller was in fact cooperating with the DOJ, that infers a level of protection that would be afforded him by the DOJ. How do you protect a figurehead of such a prominent and highly public federal investigation - easy - you keep him blind to the bulk of everything that's occurring. How else to you explain being Robert Mueller and having no idea what Fusion GPS is? Mueller's primary role  then becomes as I described - to authorize and sign-off just like Rosenstein's role. It's a simple arrangement - we all knew Weissmann was an independent, tenacious pit bull so perhaps they used Weissmann's own strengths against him. Knowing he'd operate autonomously, perhaps the DOJ told Bob and Rod to sign-off on whatever he asks for but don't ask any meaningful, relevant questions and stay as blind as possible. Just sign. Ergo, the less Mueller knew about Weissmann's Team's decisions and actions, the better. He certainly didn't know much yesterday.

Again, in order for the DOJ to protect Mueller in such a scenario, the less he knows the better and that is something called PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY. The president is often protected in a similar fashion. In order to be insulated by plausible deniability you have to remain AUTHENTICALLY IGNORANT of the facts while your subordinates receive the information, advise you sans the details and help you shape your decisions. Sound familiar? Sound like that may be what was happening with Mueller/Weissmann? The other option is to receive the information and the facts but only as someone who is willing to then perjure oneself, which I don't think Mueller is.

Following yesterday's testimony, does anyone want to take me to task on whether or not Robert Mueller was AUTHENTICALLY IGNORANT of even the most basic aspects of his report? I didn't think so. Does it all suggest a case of PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY? Yeah. It sure does. It also helps explain why Mueller is being thrown a line immediately following his testimony. I'm not saying this IS what happened. I AM saying that this MAKES MORE SENSE than a highly capable, career DOJ employee testifying in one of the most highly anticipated congressional hearings in our nation's history in a fashion akin to a monkey humping a barrel.

To the contrary, is it possible that Mueller's disastrous testimony was a function of the Lawfare group and Weissmann's Team's decision? Maybe, but it's not realistic and it makes no sense whatsoever when you consider that if Weissmann's objective was to lay the foundation for impeachment on obstruction of justice charges, sending-out a grossly incompetent and seemingly ignorant Mueller to take an historical shit in his own hat makes no sense - none whatsoever.

So, where does all of this leave us? With two options: Mueller ergo Rosenstein have been functioning as DOJ assets this entire time OR Mueller suffers from a condition not diagnosed nor publicized but that impacted his cognitive abilities to the extent that it completely decimated every angle and hope the Democrats ever had to impeach President Orange Man Bad.

So I ask, what it a PLAN or did we just get lucky.

I don't believe in luck..... mostly.


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