Let's begin with this - DECLASSIFICATION has not begun yet. I've seen posts, articles, etc. all suggesting that received documents were a product of the declassification process and that just is not true. Not yet, anyway.

What has been received has been the product of FOIA filings; especially those from substantial player Judicial Watch. I monitored the DOJ website all day yesterday and picked-up where I left off earlier today and thus far, nothing. Recall, President Trump transferred the entirety of declassification authority to AG William Barr so whatever is declassified will generate from his office and only his office - the DOJ. Anything else out there being proffered as declas material, well, just isn't.

My bet from an article that I'm linking below and recommending is that we'll see declassification on Friday (tomorrow.) Here's why - consider this quote from the second item linked below,

"The DOJ has until August 2nd, 2019 (Friday), to file a response to the CNN motion supporting an earlier court order that mandated the release of the Archey Declarations..."

If the DOJ is already compelled to be responsive to CNN's motion on the Archey Declarations, which is a recapitulation of the Comey Memos, why doesn't the DOJ just make available the Archey Declarations along with everything else it intends to declassify, WHICH HAS YET TO HAPPEN, but was stated on Fox News by Joe diGenova to occur no later than yesterday (31 JUL 19)? That's simply timely speculation.

As for the confusion created by John Solomon's reporting, it can't be parsed-out any better than Sundance's (CTH) work below. Consider,

"This is a carve-out IG report and referral; with a specific target of James Comey; based on evidence discovered during the larger OIG review of possible FISA abuse.

"Now the ‘Principal Review Phase‘ makes sense, because the only principal is James Comey.  Therefore the IG has written a final draft report specific to James Comey and his memos. James Comey and his lawyers are now reviewing that final draft report and will provide feedback.

"Inspector General Michael Horowitz, together with the OIG referencer, may put the response from Comey in the report along with additional rebuttal from the Inspector General’s office.

"That process will generate a final IG report; but the report is only specific to the Comey memo aspect and James Comey’s conduct in handling that memo content.  That IG report on James Comey will be released pretty soon, likely within the next week.

"This is not the inspector general report on DOJ and FBI FISA abuse.  This is an IG report carved out of the larger investigation.

"Bottom Line: We are soon going to see an IG report exclusively on James Comey."

A second (2) and third (3) reason for declassification to begin tomorrow: tomorrow is FRIDAY, which 2) sets the news cycle and conversation thereof for the entire weekend thus building up to a momentous beginning to next week's fresh news cycle, which starts Monday, while the 3) HOUSE is in recess (what a great time to take action - TIMING!)

Clear as mud. Not to worry, though. Matters conflated, confused or otherwise will gain clarity as declassification begins and continues. Stay tuned.


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