Over at Gab, Dr. Tehko asked about reconciling the information in Q #270 with the idea of Ukraine being the KEYSTONE. My explanation went long on characters, so here we are. I suppose I would take it in the context of drops both immediately before and after #270. 



Key - unlocks the door of all doors (info)
Stone - the force / strength capable of yielding power to act on info

What’s the ‘door of all doors’ and what does that mean? A door is a point of entry; a point of ingress and egress. It’s also a barrier or something standing between or separating two sides. It can normally be opened and closed and that requires a key, usually. A door is also a point of access or opportunity for participation. A door can also be a charge against one as being responsible.

We’re therefore looking at the most significant entry point, access point, barrier to be removed, opportunity for participation or charge against one’s responsibilities. The context for that would be the effort to remove the president. We’re told it’s information that’s relevant. The KEY unlocks the door to that information.

What’s a stone? A stone is a concretion; a rock; a piece for a specified function like a building block, paving block gemstone, gravestone, grindstone or whetstone. It can also be a verb as in to stone someone like during biblical times when people were killed by being pelted with stones. It can also mean to remove the stones (or seeds) of a fruit or it can mean to hone to a fine edge as with a ‘whetstone.’ What does the political expression “The LONG KNIEVES are out” mean? Assassination or removal? What has a finely honed edge as laid by a WHETSTONE? A knife?

We’re therefore looking at the most significant concretion, functioning component or means by which to cause harm, as in “stoning” someone or finely honed edge.

“Key+Stone =” tells us that it’s KEY combined with STONE; not key AND stone, ergo, “Keystone.”

Does Ukraine provide a KEY (point of access past a barrier to provide information) and a STONE (ability implement said information for elimination or removal) in the context of the coup d’etat and on both sides? Yes.

Does a “KEYSTONE” serve to anchor both sides of the a structure so that it can bear weight? Yes.

Literally, based upon an established publication, KEYSTONE is a direct reference to Ukraine and specifically in a regional geopolitical context. Building on that, we can also define Ukraine figuratively within the context that Q provides and by applying accepted definitions of the word.


Adm R/ No Such Agency (W&W) + POTUS/USMIL =
Apply the Keystone.
Paint the picture.

So we have Admiral Rogers and the NSA (wizards and warlocks?) as it relates to applying the KEYSTONE to ‘paint the picture,’ or in other words, gain an understanding (KEY/information, STONE/ability to eliminate or remove using said information.) Does this imply that Admiral Rogers advised the President that the NSA had the goods on his political opponents as it relates to Ukraine and that the US military is relevant against the backdrop of a coup d’etat? Is it possible that the USMIL reference, adjoined by POTUS, refers to military intelligence? Is that the access point (DOOR)? Did Rogers break the Ukraine issue to the President? It’s a reasonable interpretation.

271 (*repost):

Military Intelligence, No Such Agency = key
POTUS and Patriots = stone

The first line makes good on the speculation in the previous paragraph regarding ‘Military Intelligence.’ As for this interpretation of STONE, which stands counter to mine, it’s just as plausible given that POTUS and the American people stand as the foundation (STONE) for the President’s effort.

Dr. Tehko asks a great question that requires navigating through all of the inferences, implications and otherwise and that's how I'd navigate it. I'll also immediately concede that I approached this from a “make it fit” perspective and not a “consider all of the evidence” perspective.

All this said, I still firmly believe that UKRAINE is the KEYSTONE.


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