If you been following along, I’ve been writing extensively about Ukraine being the KEYSTONE. I’m convinced that’s the case and please visit my Gab hopepage for context as there is a slew of stuff there (all sourced.)

Given the absurd levels of projection from the President's enemies, I decided to search the archives for 'mirror' (analogous to projection) in hopes of finding references to either KEYSTONE or Ukraine. Guess what I found? KEYSTONE. In my theory, that’s Ukraine. (Q128 09 Nov 17)

What else did I find? Reposts of previous drops from 29 Oct 17, one day after the phenomenon of Q began and before self-ascribing to the Q moniker. Guess what those reposts included?

This. “Follow the money, it’s the key.” ( It’s the KEY.) That was linked to the post referencing both 'mirror' and the 'keystone.' I took the advice.

Okay, so let’s follow that money. Let’s follow it on 5 different flights, using 4 different routes and leaving as pallets of cash in a basket of currencies. Let's watch it leave in apparently a number of other ways.

So where does it take us and when does it take us there?

It takes us straight to Iran and to the tune of an amount totaling as much as $33.6 billion. It also dates back to 2014. (Sourced below.)

In this same relative time frame, then President Obama was brokering a $350 million arms deal with the Ukrainians. In non-lethal aid, Obama chipped another $1.3 billion Ukraine's way in the name of 'security' and 'technical assistance.' He then shot them another $600 million in non-lethal gear and another $15 million to reform corrupt police. (Sourced below)

Since 2014, humanitarian aid to Ukraine under Obama has totaled $135 million and with $3 billion in loan guarantees for a $40 billion loan for economic aid. And more: in 2015, $300 million/defense; in Dec 2015, $658 million/economy; plus additional defense requests of $4.3 billion for the next year; and $789 million for Europe all together. This is likely an incomplete list. (Sourced below.)

Oh, and also during December of 2015, Joe Biden visited Ukraine 4 times and pledged another $190 million for - of all things - fighting corruption. How rich?

That's a lot of money to follow.

Let’s see what else was going on around this relative time-frame of 2014-present as it relates to Iran and Ukraine.
15 Nov 17:
Iranian parliamentary delegation, headed by the Chairman of Iran’s Parliament National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, Alaeddin Boroujerdi, met with Ukrainian FM Pavlo Klimkin in Kiev on Tuesday. (Sourced below.)

Iran and Ukraine call for closer parliamentary and bilateral ties. (Sourced below.)

26 Aug 18
Iran and Ukraine agree to broaden relations. (Sourced below.)
13 Nov 18
Envoy claims no obstacles to expansion of Iran/Ukraine ties. (Sourced below.)

29 Dec 18
Manouchehr Moradi, the new Iranian Ambassador to Ukraine met with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in Kiev on Thursday to present his credentials. (Sourced below.)

22 Apr 19
Iran congratulates Ukraine on successful elections. (Sourced below.)

03 Jun 19
Iran and Ukraine discuss more cooperation between chambers of commerce. (Sourced below.)

*Drawing your attention to the above. Cooperating chambers of commerce (and trade) equate to plausible and natural nexuses for the exchange of funds.

24 Aug 19
Iran announces that it’s eager to broaden ties with Ukraine. (Sourced below.)

When did Hunter Biden work for Burisma? That would be from 2014-2019. Those two dates could serve as bookends to this timeline. (Sourced below.)

So look at our timeline. It establishes an immediate uptick in Iranian/Ukrainian diplomacy at the precise time Hunter Biden went to work for Burisma. This coincides with absurd amounts of money being provided to Ukraine as aid in one form or another. 

This uptick included bilateral cooperation in commerce and trade, which equates to natural nexuses and avenues for the flow and exchange of money. 

And all of that coincided with Obama shipping Iran $33.6 billion? 

And then Biden stopped by promising more? 

At the same time Biden's son is making good in Ukraine?

At the same time Biden is fighting both dementia and a floundering presidential campaign. Uh huh.

Q said follow the money. I just followed it from Obama to Iran and Ukraine and then on to the Bidens (theoretically) via Burisma.

OBAMA/BIDEN> $$$ > IRAN > UKRAINE > $$$ > BURISMA >BIDEN/OBAMA/ETAL. Full circle. Q said, 'Follow the money, it's the KEY.'

Again. I ask. How is Ukraine not the KEYSTONE? Rhetorical question.

Ukraine is the KEYSTONE.


This link contains links to every story sourced above.


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