DEBUNKING THE ALLEGATIONS SURROUNDING TIFFANY JENKS' DEATH - John Captain is a disingenuous individual outlining fraudulent claims that he absolutely can not support

*Includes interview with Jenks family member.

I'll begin with sentiments of appreciation. It's appreciation for those looking to get to the bottom of things. Appreciation for those looking for the truth in matters of importance. Appreciation for those willing to embrace non-traditional information to get to that truth.

That said, sometimes we need to tap the brakes and consider sources in pursuit of the truth. Sometimes we need to ask ourselves whether what we're being led to believe is in fact the truth.

I found this video posted on Gab yesterday courtesy of @TJZ and the aforementioned appreciation goes to him (it's over 55 minutes long and you may care to finish reading before watching it:)

Let's begin here - I didn't even know this video existed. I had no idea who John Captain is or was or that he had a conspiratorial angle on Tiffany Jenks' death. I also had no intent of ever writing this article. That was right up until I saw this video and took immediate exception to it.
Why did I take exception to it? Simple. I know the family. I know one immediate Jenks family member and the other, well she's an extended family member by marriage and she happens to be one of my dearest friends. For well over a decade, this particular family member's front door was about 30 yards off my deck and just about daily this family member and I would meet up, drink beers, talk about life and let our hounds, who were best friends to one another, play.

I wrote what you see below while dialed into my email and phone as the family member had never communicated this aspect of Tiffany's death to me. I only knew that there was an awful ex-boyfriend who was continuing to cause trouble. Meet John Captain.

Importantly, this family member, this dear friend shares many of the same traditional and conservative beliefs as do I. This person even will even venture down a conspiratorial route if there is good evidence. Who doesn't love a good conspiracy?!?!? That said, there was never any mention of the particulars below. I learned most of this information today.
Let's start with the video itself. Even the interviewer, who’s had numerous conversations with John Captain, struggles with his veracity and lack of cogency throughout. There’s a reason for this – NONE OF WHAT THIS MAN PROFFERS WOULD STAND IN A COURT OF LAW. HE’D BE LAUGHED-OUT OF THE ROOM. It's important for you to understand that.

Just watch the video. His girlfriend of over a year was murdered and there is no change in affect or expression of emotion. He also spent a lot of time taking what appears to be oddly intentional videos that he chose to offer as context of a relationship. The front end of the video with video clips of her for context is just bizarre.

Now, what Captain did not post or share with the interviewer are the videos the family has. Those are the videos where he abuses her verbally and physically by throwing things at her. Around 28:00, the video even references the “abusive boyfriend, which is Captain.” He then suggests that her own sister was a co-conspirator in the death. Where are the abuse videos, Captain? Why didn't you share those? Where’s the evidence for the sister's murderous conspiracy other than your own words, Captain? Moreover, as news clips are shared, every single clip of Jennifer Jenks being interviewed depicts true, authentic, emotional sadness. You can hear the despair and sadness in her voice. Captain on the other hand, well, he sounds more like a salesman.

Have you ever shopped for a car; especially a used one? Captain’s video feels much the same way. He’s trying too hard as if he's asking, "What do I have to do to put you into this conspiracy today?” Just take look at the Youtube postings on the subject – he’s normally the first to reply back and again, he’s always trying too hard with his own narrative.

BEFORE WE GO FURTHER, LET’S UNDERMINE THIS ENTIRE PREMISE AS DIRECTLY FROM THE FAMILY – Before we go further, let's begin by ripping the rug out from underneath Captain and undermining his entire premise. With that premise completely dismantled, does Captain have upon which to stand? No. This information on Tiffany Jenks comes directly from the family (TODAY) and the news.

Jenks worked in the capacity of a hydrologist at Bonneville Dam. As sourced below, hydrologists are scientific in nature and not managerial: “A hydrologist is a scientist who researches the distribution, circulation, and physical properties of the earth's underground and surface waters. They help environmental and other scientists preserve and clean up the environment, as well as search for groundwater.”

What did Jenks not do? She did not oversee Bonneville Dam. 
What Jenks did she not do? She did not oversee ANY dams in Oregon or anywhere else.
You really need go no further as this in and of itself destroys the totality of Captain's entire premise. A fictitious analog here that you should be able to apprciate is simply this. By "impeaching" one of President Trump's deputy prosecutors at DOJ, you can remove his authority as the nation's chief law enforcement officer. The role of a deputy prosecutor has no baring in such grand terms just as removal of a hydrologist would have no bearing on the oversight of Bonneville dam; much less any other dam. She was a hydrologist; a scientist; not a manager. Captain's ENTIRE PREMISE is fraudulent..... just like the entire premise currently being used to impeach President Trump. 

Facts and quotations from the linked video (EMPHASIS MINE):

CAPTAIN: “After she knew she was gonna die, uh she began to be paranoid, I guess she uh… (indiscernible)… I DON’T REALLY KNOW THE DETAILS BECAUSE, UM, YA KNOW, RIGHT AROUND THAT VERY LAST PART OF HER LIFE I WASN’T AROUND HER.”

Why would you believe someone about anything to which the just told you, "I don't know?" I wouldn't. Somehow, though, he has 100% of the evidence proving his case. Where is it? It's not in this video.

QUESTION: “What told her she was going to die…where did that come from?”
CAPTAIN: “I don’t know.”

That's an odd answer from someone claiming to have 100% of the evidence required to prove the allegations he just leveled.

CAPTAIN: “But when Fritz Springmeier found out that Tiffany was in charge of the dams in Oregon….” (not factually accurate)
FAMILY MEMBER: “She worked for Bonneville (she was very very smart) but didn’t “run the dams.”
NEWS: As linked below, she was a hydrologist (and therefore not in a position of authority to oversee any dam.) 

CAPTAIN: “…he (Springmeier) couldn’t believe they had somebody under mind control at the top levels of the dams.” (not factually accurate)
FAMILY MEMBER: Same answer applies - “She worked for Bonneville (she was very very smart) but didn’t “run the dams.”

CAPTAIN: “But the books and him (Springmeier), both, confirmed for me that Tiffany Jenks was a Monarch slave for the New World Order, who was in full control of the dams. (not factually accurate)

FAMILY MEMBER: Same answer applies - “She worked for Bonneville (she was very very smart) but didn’t “run the dams.”

Captain specifically cites “21 dams” that Jenks oversees and then devolves into a bunch of baseless verbal meandering without actually stating or supporting anything material. He then makes this comment, “Well, that’s the assumption (indiscernible) people can draw on their own conclusion but, um, the question is do we as a society want a Monarch mind control victim to be in control of the dams.” (Again, factually inaccurate.)

These are the 21 dams that Captain can’t name and the 21 dams that in NO WAY fell under the purview or authority of Tiffany Jenks. She was a HYDROLOGIST, which is a scientist and not manager, supervisor, controller, in operations, etc.

This is Captain's entire premise. He's building his entire hypothesis and the accompanying video on a completely fraudulent premise. Captain's account factually inaccurate according to the police, the news and THE FAMILY OF THE VICTIM AND NOT THE ESTRANGED FORMER BOYFRIEND WHO ADMITTED TO BEING ABSENT FROM JENKS' LIFE AT THE TIME SHE WAS MURDERED.

If we are not in a position to accept Captain's entire premise as factually accurate, why would we consider any of the granular details therein? We wouldn't. Or, at least, I wouldn't. Ergo, the rest of Captain’s claims you can promptly flush down the toilet where they belong.

STATEMENT: “I have 100% proof of everything that happened.”

Okay, Captain, where is that evidence because it sure as hell isn't in the video.

Captain doesn’t even have her job title correct. Without the proper job title, the balance of his story fails to comport and falls apart at the seams. How can someone be ‘mind controlled’ to have ‘sinister’ motives imparted onto them that correlate with authority that not possessed by that person? That's fallible. That's oxymoronic. That's just plain moronic. That's failed logic. Frankly, it's blatant stupidity. It's a lot of things except factually accurate, which is the most important thing.

Moreover, listen carefully at roughly 38:00. Captain can’t even offer a cogent explanation of functional roles for all of the people he’s implicated in Jenk's murder. It’s senseless hogwash and the interviewer isn't buying it either.

CAPTAIN: “I don’t have reason to believe (indiscernible) that the dams are in any danger, as long as it’s true Tiffany’s dead, which I’ll leave the investigators and public to find that out because I’m not that wise.”

What in the hell?!? That's how he's going to wrap this up? Pause and re-read that statement again.

Now, if you want to believe this man who has FAILED TO PROVIDE ONE FACTUAL PIECE OF EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT HIS CLAIMS, have at it.

This man is a disingenuous snake oil salesman who has proffered a bunch of rhetoric and an exceptionally flimsy postulation. In support of his claims, he gives precisely ZERO VERIFIABLE EVIDENCE.

It get's worse. He uses Fritz Springmeier to bolster his position before then accusing him of stealing $34,000 from him. This is cuckoo bird stuff, here. He's all over the place except where it counts - verifiable, demonstrable evidence.

Hear me loud and clear here, folks. I SPOKE WITH THE FAMILY TODAY. I’ve known these people (my friend) for over a decade and the ENTIRE PREMISE OF THIS VIDEO IS PATENTLY FALSE. If the entire premise is fraudulent, does it not make John Captain someone who is outside the truth and with an apparent agenda? Looks that way to me. 

Ask yourself how easy it would be to craft a narrative about someone if you were able to violate doctor-patient confidentiality laws (see HIPPA)? And how do we even know that information exists and if it does where is it? It wasn't in the video. All of his "evidence" was a pot pourri of incidental images and messages. Don't get me wrong - there's nefarious stuff in play here. Someone was murdered under highly questionable circumstances but what's being proffered by this snake oil salesman is preposterous. He'd be laughed out of a court room. Made a fool by the court and anyone with a modicum of understanding of the law. 

All we saw in the video - all of the evidence at hand - is comprised of claims to having evidence. 100% of it, to be exact. But somehow no one - the police, other authorities, the victim's family, quite literally anyone whom matters - will listen to him. That's because they all know him as described. He doesn't have her psychology charts or file contents as best I can surmise because they couldn't be surrendered without a court order. Where is that order? Where are those notes or recordings? None of that was in the video.

I don't know this man I've not researched this beyond what I've shared here. In fact, until today, I didn't even know much about the Jenks situation. I knew there was a very problematic ex-boyfriend, but that's it. It wasn't something discussed beyond a few occasions. That's what seemed appropriate until we spoke again today.  

If evidence exists to support ALL of his claims to a threshold appropriate for a court of law, put those cards on the table right now.  
Otherwise, be duped at your own volition.


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