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Topics: QAnon, illegal immigration, 9/11, Trump/Spygate

1. Is QAnon's Authenticity Solidifying?

For the sake of transparency, this author leans in the direction of A of what follows; circa 28 Oct 17. Most folks ardently following the QAnon phenomenon likely fall into two distinct groups a) engaged and undecided on authenticity; likely holding-out for real, public traction or b) engaged and firmly decided on authenticity and that being Q is authentic. That said, this announcement by President Trump is aligning as quite possibly one of the more significant 'proofs' in support of QAnon's authenticity. Without question, the discussion of using the Army Corps of Engineers under the auspices of a declared National Emergency is old but relevant fodder for the anon crowd. This should have everyone's attention if it's not already captured.

For being a political novice, President Trump's acumen in statecraft is impressive and he plays Chuck and Nancy like …