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TRANSLATING A NYT NARRATIVE PIECE TO DISCERN THE TRUTH AS IT RELATES TO TRUMP AND RUSSIA - "FBI Opened Inquiry Into Whether Trump Was Secretly Working on Behalf of Russia."

This NY Times piece is not JOURNALISM nor is it NEWS. Rather, it’s platitudinous, rhetorical speech sans very little factual evidence but replete with rampant conjecture, opinion and suggestion. It’s fodder for low-information Americans who rely on the MSM for their information. The item is completely dismantled below with fact-based translation so as to demonstrate the duplicity in it all.

To preface all of this is one simple fact that should have everyone's attention and that is Director Wray and DAG Rosenstein explicitly lied to the president and lawmakers about Trump being the target of any "Russian" investigation. It is hard to imagine moving forward that this will reflect well on either man and as to the latter, it's yet another clear indication that his forthcoming departure is well…