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Topics (2): 17 items from recommended readings to editorial pieces and analytical items.


Re: Q drop excerpt below:

When you strip away the veneer of this and distill it down to what it actually is, the sheer predation is profoundly troubling. It's a failed political party that has instituted decades of policy and legislation (urban Democrats/major cities) directly contributing to single mothers; who then often chose abortion as the solution. This is what's called a supply line and that line terminates at abortion clinics (Planned Parenthood.)

This party has failed to thrive such that it cannot raise sufficient funds and must therefore pursue other avenues to generate funding. Enter Planned Parenthood - now, stoke-up the base on women's rights, "healthcare," the right to "choose," etc., and both supply and demand are created. That momentum is then used to steal our tax dollars vis-a-vis federal fun…
Topics (1): Examining the latest round of Democratic news cycle attacks on the president.

The current slate of attacks and political maneuvering present in the news cycle represents flimsy re-treads bagged-up with some new flyweight Democratic talking points. As you read, recall that any motivation to prosecute for process crimes (witting or unwitting false testimony to investigators, for example) is a tip of the hand demonstrating a dearth of actual evidence and motivation behind partisan politics.


1. From the WSJ item and as discussed last night - all of the sudden it's a matter of extreme importance that we investigate the president for lack of disclosure following his 5 meetings with Putin. It seems that urgency corresponds with the newly minted House leadership. It seems these meetings garnered little attention or discussion in this particular context until the newly minted House leadership replete with oversight positions and subpoena power. It seems that the Democ…