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JOHN PODESTA'S AUDACITY IN THE AFTERMATH OF STONE'S ARREST IS TELLING  - The timing of a number of developments is the indicator here

Yesterday didn't afford an opportunity to analyze Roger Stone's arrest but no matter, examining the issue in the context of today's headlines and being over 24 hours removed actually helps to paint a clearer picture. Consider:

1. Again, the critical importance of Mueller prosecuting process crimes outside the scope of his original mandate cannot be emphasized enough - enormous red flag. Translated it reads as there being no evidence within the original mandate (anything related to the non-crime of Russian collusion) and therefore process crimes remain the only lever to be pulled. It's the equivalent of a sandwich that contains nothing between the two slices of bread.

2. Note the timing of Mueller's maneuvers - they always coincide with real traction counter to the Deep State narrative. The TGP item linked below does an excell…