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DEMOCRATS AND DRUG CARTELS - QUID PRO QUO ANGLE - Is this the ultimate justification for unilateral action on the southern border?

We all know the proclivity of politicians; especially the Democrats if you keep in mind the Clinton Foundation, to be persuaded and motivated with mountains of cash. A little over 2 weeks ago and in a previous post here ( ), this notion was discussed as it relates to Mexican cartels paying off the Democrats to maintain open borders that serve their vested interests. The president makes brief remarks here ( ) about how open borders serve nefarious criminal organization like the cartels and human traffickers - it's as fundamental as it gets.

This particular topic of the nexus between the Democrats and cartels has garnered little to no coverage except at TGP where today it's resurfaced in the news cycle for a third time.

The timing here is what has my attention:

1. It's…