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INCREDIBLE TIMING WITH SIGNIFICANT EVENTS TODAY - Less about coincidence and more about planning

If you're of the opinion that what we've been seeing play-out politically is the product of a plan rather than an organic political process, you are likely correct. The timing and significance of today's events reeks of planning and discounts coincidence almost all together.


1. Whitaker resigns from the DOJ.

What does that mean?

Whitaker's post-interim-AG lifespan at the DOJ was always intended to be short. His presumed role was to prepare the DOJ landscape in preparation for his eventual successor, the incoming AG William Barr. By making an interim, lateral move within DOJ prior to today's exit was a deflection strategy. He was forgotten overnight, recall? Deploying the Scaramucci model of temporary employment allows the Trump administration to dispatch him (Whitaker's resignation today) in short order and before any significant legal traction under Barr…