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BUCKLE-UP, MUELLER'S REPORT IS IN - It's about to get interesting! 11 quick thoughts and a projected timeline

Some initial thoughts:

1. Obviously, with no further indictments planned, the President is free and clear from exposure to legal jeopardy.

2. The quantity and quality of the Mueller report to be made public will have the greatest bearing on its impact. Recall that statutorily, AG William Barr is authorized to receive the Mueller report and then publish summary findings on it; and he's indicated that Congress shall have that by this weekend. Here come the leaks!

3. If the entire report isn't made public, expect their to be political bickering and fighting despite AG Barr's commitment to make it public to the fullest extent he can given the legal parameters governing it.

4. It's still a safe bet that it contains information politically (but not criminally) damaging to the president; or at least compromising enough so as to allow the Left to do what it alw…