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SEMANTICS, RHETORIC AND PLATITUDES - The Left's post-Russia formula in the absence of a real agenda for the American people

It goes without saying that the left is grasping for straws after the presumed collapse of "Russia" and Mueller's report, which is best demonstrated - sans a few like Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell, who refuse to quit kicking the dead Russian horse - by the blatant and obvious abandonment of the Russian collusion angle as replaced by the pursuit of 'obstruction of justice' charges. 

It's absolutely imperative to understand that the Russian collusion narrative was nothing more than a fabricated construct to serve as the impetus to investigate President Trump, et al., with a special counsel in Robert Mueller and his team. Everyone knew "Russia" was quite literally "made-up" and that there was no legitimacy to the claims. It was; however, critically necessary to create the construct for the special counsel. The ultima…