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U.S. HEGEMONIC EXPANSION - IS IRAN NEXT? - A deep look at the Shadow Government's designs for Iran and a possible quid pro quo deal with President Trump

It's time to take a closer look at the coincidental timing between the developments involving Iran and the Attorney General's indication that Obama's administration spied on the Trump campaign and that prosecutions are forthcoming. That said and as we dig-in to the details, recall this critical component that Conservative Tree House touched on the other day in a related item - the President of the United States is a system; NOT an individual office or person. That must be kept in perspective because it places all things in the proper context.

For example, plausible deniability is a critical component to the Executive. By that, it's to be understood that the president NOT having information can be more critical to his position and the interests of the country than actually having information; whereby the president …