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THE ENIGMATIC ROD ROSENSTEIN SHEDS LIGHT ON RUSSIA AND THE RULE OF LAW - Let's start with Mr. Barr and end with Mr. Rosenstein

Quite frankly, with the recent hurricane of revelations and developments over the past several weeks; replete with a little politics fatigue on my end, I've been in a 'watch and wait' mode while matters presumably come to a head and unfold at quick clip. Staying sharply tuned-in to what I consider the best technical analysis available over at Conservative Tree House (; in conjunction with other longstanding sources, it's apparent that the landscape has shifted in its tenor - it looks and feels much different than it did roughly a year ago. 

Today, "Russia" has disintegrated into the ashes and shambles we predicted leaving the Left empty-handed and galvanized in a disingenuous, duplicitous and, in some cases, felonious political and dogmatic overarching effort to undermine, attack and unseat a du…