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 MAKING SENSE OF IRAN'S RAPID GEOPOLITICAL ESCALATION - An examination of available resources from the White House and Department of State

Earlier article asking if Iran was next as a function of a quid pro quo deal:
 To begin, this is an article I've wanted to write for some time but was snagged on how to accomplish it, make it meaningful and make it readable from a length standpoint (more on that shortly.) Before we get into it, let's start with a peculiarly timed current event relative to the matter at hand.
 I suppose that irony; perhaps coincidence, rules the day here. As a child of the '70s and as I begin here, I can clearly see in my mind the imagery of the Iran hostage crisis that served as an election issue in 1980. In short, it was President Carter who failed to resolve that crisis and it was his successor in President Reagan who brought it all to an end. 
 I've long contended that Jimmy Carter the man - …