The Fundamentals

This is not about Republicans v. Democrats. This is about Nationalists v. Globalists, right v. wrong, good v. evil and saving the Constitutional Republic known as the United States of America.

The playing field for statecraft is the federal apparatus and predominantly the judicial system. Consequently, the underlying bureaucracy and its nexus to the nature of political and legal gamesmanship results in the creation of a slow-grinding process that must be effectively endured and conquered in order to affect meaningful change beneficial to our Constitutional Republic and detrimental to those trying to destroy it.

The majority of the sources cited here are conservative to conservative-leaning as it's the only way go overcome the pervasive MSM liberal bias. The true nature of the MSM narrative being peddled as news demonstrates why facts must be gleaned elsewhere.

This site will never mince words, ascribe to political correctness or be indirect. Rather, information will be presented directly and in the spirit of honest and intellectual discourse. Feelings and emotions are in appropriate in the discussion of such important topics and they will never have bearing on this site's content. In summary, free speech as protected by the First Amendment, cannot and will not EVER stand independent of alternative points of view. There are no guaranteed protections anywhere from being offended by someone's words; as it should be in a free and open society.

Arguing with or taking many liberals to task is customarily a losing endeavor. Their approach is often rooted in emotions and feelings and the tendency can be for those variables to supersede logic and empirical evidence. They often default to their playbook of -ism's, women, children, minorities, etc. and once they exhaust their options, they tend to censor their opponents and remove their ability to exercise their First Amendment rights.

Each of the following topics does or could have volumes written about it and to keep commentary concise, most commentary is offered at the surface level. Deeper understanding requires further work on the reader's part. These claims are presented in summary form and with limited sources cited (more will be added as this site develops.) As mentioned, to gain a full understanding of these matters, one will be required to do further research.

The flow of POWER:
 *Diagram: original content



- "To amend the United States Information and Educational Exchange Act of 1948 to authorize the domestic dissemination of information and material about the United States intended primarily for foreign audiences, and for other purposes."


2. Why would the federal government augment a WWII-era piece of legislation to authorize the release of stateside propaganda with an intended audience of the US population? In other words, why did the Obama administration take action to make stateside, domestic propaganda legal; especially with the understanding that the CIA is prevented from operating against US subjects domestically?

- The answer is as complex as it is simple. In simplistic terms, the MSM is presenting 'narrative' in the form of opinion and emotionally-rooted information that serves to quite literally herd low-information Americans, who either don't have the time or the desire to seek-out factual news, to manipulate them into desired political positions that serve a source of power beneath the veneer of what is deemed the 'federal government.' It's not dissimilar to the way social media is designed to work and social media is a valuable tool in this endeavor. 

Many refer to the aforementioned power source as the combined Shadow Government and Deep State, which are two terms often conflated. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of Americans consider the mainstream media to be reliable, authentic and accurate and they are incorrect in their position. Furthermore, the overwhelming majority of Americans are required to work long hours in combination with their private lives and families and don't have time to designate to finding reliable sources of real news. I know because I used to be one. They default to their news rags and nightly broadcasts to drink the proverbial Kool-Aid and their opinions and positions reflect that.

3. Can people concede that ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, the AP, FOX, the print media, et al. are NOT "NEWS?"

- It isn't straight-up fiction but it's not far from it on many critical, nationally significant and globally significant matters. Understand what narrative is and what it is not. Narrative aligns with what folks call 'spin,' which is the prepackaging of actual news such that it reflects well on a particular person, group, entity, etc. or achieves a desired message intended for us but to benefit those same entities. Facts and fiction intentionally co-mingle so as to simultaneously provide the appearance of authenticity, objectivity and veracity while weaving an topically advantageous slant, angle, attribution or explanation. At other times, it is straight-up fiction (see the official narrative for the fateful events of 9/11.)

If one is not quite ready to embrace this notion, perhaps the video below will get movement in the right direction. If this link (Youtube video) is no longer available, research 'Sinclair's soldiers' looking for an edited video that stitches together a multitude of MSM reporters all reading from the same script verbatim and in synchronous fashion.

Still not convinced? Here's a second example from an ocean of similar items. Note, this is cued-up to begin at 2:10.

Here's yet another and more recent example.

4. Who owns and controls the news?

- In short, it's believed to be controlled and directed by the CIA. Conventional thought and research indicates that talking points are pushed-out to media outlets and reporters around 0400 daily. A quick browsing of similar headlines and talking points in relation to timestamps on posted news items will provide evidence to this end. A prime example is the Washington Post - it's the CIA's long-tenured mouthpiece and serves the CIA's interests as directed and thus does not necessarily align with the truth or what is best for this country or its populace. Who is Jeff Bezos? He owns Amazon, is an established Globalist and he also owns the Washington Post. That combination is toxic to the truth at a wholesale level.

As for the overall ownership of the MSM, it's in part the conglomerate of entities previously identified in the "WHY" entry here and takes the form of multinational corporations in bed with the federal government. The roughly 1,800 media outlets in the US are essentially owned by a total of six multinational corporations beholden to and a part of TPTB. (Moving forward, the conglomerated power structure in the US will be referred to as THE POWERS THAT BE - abbreviated as TPTB.)
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*Concession: this is a dated item circa 2012, but it provides an accurate snapshot of the overriding premise in an easily digestible and efficient form.

A quick exercise - How many billionaires do you know? How many of them run in your social circles, attend your parties, come to your house for dinner, live in your neighborhood, allow their children to play with yours and invite you over to their house on social occasions? Exactly - it's zero for essentially all of us. So then, in the context of the emerging pseudo-Marxist system in which we live, ask yourself why these billionaires, the BOURGEOISIE, would give fidelity to the TRUTH and ensure that it gets disseminated to us, the PROLETARIAT? That's right - THEY WOULD NEVER DO THAT because withholding the truth is a MECHANISM FOR SOCIETAL CONTROL. That's why the "news" is not the NEWS; rather it's NARRATIVE.



- According to research and conventional thought, Operation Mockingbird is a '50s era program that officially or unofficially remains in effect today and in a pervasive manner. It provides the intent, motivation and structure for controlling the MSM and its output. Essentially, the CIA has embedded clandestine operatives serving as 'journalists' in virtually every relevant media outlet and/or they manipulate actual journalists and all to the same end - to disseminate specific narratives by means of 'news items' as previously discussed.


6. What is a FALSE FLAG?

- False flag events are misunderstood and can occur in a several ways. Often times they are actual events that were preconceived and executed by agents (can include but isn't limited to law enforcement) of governments; ours or otherwise. Other times they are actual, opportunistic events that are permitted to happen thus allowing TPTB to assign false attribution/explanation as the impetus for some form of state-sponsored action like war or the implementation of specific legislation that often involves the forfeiture of or encroachment on individual civil liberties and rights. The most nefarious form of false flag events entails an entirely fabricated event that is executed by the aforementioned agents and is 100% fiction; normally deploying 'crisis actors' as the agents and victims (it's literally acting and fake.) In short, false flag events are utilized in a relevant capacity to scare people into particular, desired positions as determined by TPTB.

The best contemporary false flag example is 9/11. Simply stated, for those who haven't already, they'll need to conduct research to push past the notion that 9/11 happened the way we were told it did and this organization can help. The official version produced by the federal apparatus is fictional narrative that is propagated by the MSM. Occam's Razor tells us that 9/11 occurred in one of two ways: a) it was executed by agents of the US federal government or b) it was permitted by the US federal government to be executed by agents of another entity. Those are the only two options. 

In the history of the world, the only two modern structures to collapse into their own footprint at free-fall speed due to fire or otherwise; after being structurally engineered to highly redundant strength as modern skyscrapers are, are the North and South Towers. Building 7 followed suit and it wasn't struck by a plane or anything else and had no prominent fires. Why? Controlled demolition. Failure to understand this one fact demonstrates a failure to understand the fundamentals and empirically demonstrable laws of physics. End of story as logic and science rule-out other explanations. The full story is complex, broad and deep and with many more relevant and specific considerations, such as the proclamation that Donald Rumsfeld made on September 10, 2001 stating that the Pentagon had lost track of $2.3 trillion dollars the day before 9/11 occurred. The very next day, the infamous day of 9/11, a jetliner (according to the official narrative) or a cruise missile (what actually happened) struck the very room containing the documents that Donald Rumsfeld made relevant the previous day when he said a congressional investigation was needed. Imagine that. The day after it's announced the money goes missing that a jetliner flew into the Pentagon destroying all of said documents. Rather unbelievable and at a wholesale level for anyone with a modicum of common sense and fidelity to cogency. Honest discourse suggests that it was planning, not irony or coincidence, that caused Americans to forget about that missing $2.3 trillion when both towers and Building 7 were demolished the following day.

Please examine the collapses. If it can't reconciled that this is controlled demolition, which is fundamentally the simplest of the considerations and evidence to demonstrate, an honest dialogue of these events can't be had.

South Tower

North Tower 

Building 7

Building 7 / side-by-side controlled demolition

How is there any conceivable, plausible explanation other than controlled demolition for all three of the above building collapse scenarios? There isn't. Any discerning reader willing to divorce oneself from the emotions, the rhetoric, the narrative, the marginalization, etc. will clearly observe that controlled demolition is the only acceptable explanation. Exclusively examining the empirical evidence through the lens of objectivity; as supported by the laws of physics; and demonstrated by the principle of Occam's Razor, all other possibilities are eliminated. This establishes intent and therefore the events of 9/11 were intentionally executed or permitted. Logic denies any other explanation.

Now consider what followed 9/11: a Patriot Act authored prior to the event and a slippery slope of forfeitures of individual civil liberties, rights and freedoms in the name of "safety" and "security." Examples would include the establishment the TSA (highly intrusive and authoritarian travel restrictions) and DHS (a national police force); both resonate with an aura of 1940s Germany (study the Nazi party.) It also served as the impetus to fight a multi-decade war against a specifically unidentifiable target in "terrorism;" one that is maleable and subject to change in whatever capacity is need to continue fighting the desired war. As but one example, essentially overnight Obama replaced Al Qaeda with ISIS/ISIL. It's that easy.

History demonstrates that long before 9/11, the CIA was already considering crashing planes into buildings and in this case, blaming it on Cuban communists as the impetus to take them to war during the Kennedy administration (see Operation Northwoods.) This was 1962 and about a year later Kennedy was assassinated. Starting to see my point? Not yet? Consider that Kennedy once uttered that he desired to, "splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the winds." Again, he was subsequently assassinated. Starting to see my point?

*There are multitudes of alternative sources examining upwards of 50+ confirmed false flag events. You can literally research them for years. I know because I did.

Source/Operation Northwoods
Source/Gulf of Tonkin
Source/3 False Flag Examples

7. What is the 'BOOGEYMAN PRINCIPLE?' 

In short, one can't impose his hegemony and invade foreign lands to wreak havoc and start wars unless one has a bona fide impetus and rationale. In short, there has to be a 'boogeyman,' the likes of which have taken numerous forms over decades. Bin Laden was a Boogey man and is ISIS right now. The latter is a Deep State/McCain/Obama/Clinton creation whereby ISIS that the Deep State trained and equipped to justify continued Middle Eastern intervention. This is directly associated with the principle of false flags. Examining the video below, one must ask why an Apache helicopter would be escorting a column of ISIS vehicles? There's no rational answer unless they're playing on the same team but just wearing different jerseys. Why would Obama be carpet bombing vast expanses of empty desert to demonstrate the expenditure of munitions as evidence in support of actually bombing ISIS? There's always a boogeyman and astute Americans must get proficient in being able to identify it/him/them and the ulterior purposes they serve.

At 1:21-1:22, what appears to be a cruise missile screams by opposite of caravan/far side
Apache helo 1st appearance at 1:33 following behind other object
Apache helo 2nd appearance as rear escort at 2:55

Former Senator McCain

So why do the Deep State and TPTB need boogeymen? That's simple. You can't conquer 7 countries in 5 years without a boogeyman to pursue and sell to the public. Some rational pretext or impetus for war must be presented for the American public to send their sons to war and into harms way. It's always been that way and TPTB understand this perfectly. So, TPTB give them (us) something they'll believe to herd them into a position where they feel justified in supporting the officially stated cause, which is simply fabricated narrative. Remember, the most effective disinformation/propaganda/narrative allows facts and fiction to co-mingle. That lends to validity. The 7 countries cited ought to sound awfully familiar: Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Libya, Sudan, Iran and Yemen.


8. What about the generation of petulant SNOWFLAKES who require safe spaces and guarantees they won't hear anything that might offend them or hurt their feelings?

- I contemporary times, society seems to have failed in producing a reliable population of independent, free-thinking, thick-skinned, resilient, self-reliant, and critically thinking individuals that comport with being a traditional American. Rather, society has churned-out young people who somehow believe that freedom of speech also includes them not feeling uncomfortable or hurting their feelings or challenging their conventions. Somehow, someway, this snowflake generation must break the chains of social programming and engage in honest and intellectual discourse like mature young adults. A free and open society must have critically thinking adults willing to engage in honest  and intellectual discourse counter to their own conventions to prevent the populace from being herded around like a sheep. It's the essence of a free and open democratic society. 

9. What about the TOTALITARIAN SURVEILLANCE STATE (globally) coupled with SOCIAL MEDIA?

- As best as can be told, virtually everything we have EVER done electronically - websites visited, cell calls made, text messages sent, locations logged - since the technological capabilities were developed, is sitting on a server waiting for a moment when TPTB decide to access it. These people brush aside Fourth Amendment protections against illegal searches and seizures by claiming that it's not a violation until they actually ACCESS it. There's a tremendous amount of finesse and nuance in that. They see absolutely nothing wrong with the mass collection of this information and it's their standard 'means justify the end' mentality. That's how TPTB work and it's antithetical to everything America is supposed to be and at a wholesale level.

Now consider the implications of all of this when it's paired with social media, which often provides details, intimate and otherwise, about one's life and personal opinions. It allows TPTB to render an astoundingly accurate personality profile that can plug into sophisticated methods geared toward modeling future scenarios. This predictive modeling is reported to be impressively accurate.


10. What about the GUN CONTROL initiative?

 *Diagram: original content

- The Deep State/Left has been chipping away at the Second Amendment for a long while and those claiming "guns are bad" and "guns kill people" would be misinformed. The argument goes astray almost immediately becoming misaligned with the true purpose of the Second Amendment, which has nothing to do with personal protection, protecting your family, hunting, sport shooting, etc. RATHER, THE SECOND AMENDMENT IS THE LAST BARRIER BETWEEN YOU AND A TOTALITARIAN, AUTHORITARIAN, FASCIST STATE. The Second Amendment also prevents this country from being overrun by foreign powers troops because it affords the country a substantial standing militia to augment the forces of the US military. The only way to defeat the American populace would be to disarm them first. Examine what history provides when nation-states disarm their populations.

The 'guns are bad' and 'guns kill people' rhetoric is both inaccurate and illogical. More accurately, it's people that kill people. Contemporary trends are roughly 30,000 gun related deaths every year. Those statistics are correct when viewed through the progressive liberal's lens; however, when you parse out the data and control it for certain variables, the that narrative collapses. Once the statistics are controlled for SUICIDE v. homicide, that number plunges closer to 10,000 homicides/murders per year. The remaining 20,000 deaths are suicide. Moreover, filter it demographically and you'll see that the overwhelming majority of gun homicides occur in poor urban areas and are attributable black-on-black crimes and related nexus with the gang and drug cultures. Sidebar - the Leftist manipulation of the African-American population is detestable and I enthusiastically welcome the day when impoverished urban blacks see the truth, break the Democratic chains keeping them in place and drag themselves to prosperity and good fortune. For anyone challenging that on the basis of racism, examine which political party has controlled these impoverished cities for decades. Pro tip- it's the Democrats.

When society decides to redress the tragedy and plight of poor African-American urban  areas and the familial structures therein, we'll begin to addressing the root of the "gun problem." Until then, we can't expect to see much of an actual decline in these trends.

What isn't an issue is guns themselves and the people who lawfully and responsibly own, use and maintain them. A gun is simply a tool - no more, no less. You can use a hammer to build a house or to kill another human and a gun is no different. That's simply a determination of free-will. Which does one chose to do - build the house or kill a man? Legislating against human nature never works and this is no different. Case in point - guns were banned in London so London saw a rise in knife attacks. Guns were banned in London so terrorists used cars to plow over innocents. It's a PEOPLE problem, not a problem with an inanimate tool.

Important Sidebar:
Examine history and consider what follows the removal of guns from the populace of a nation-state. It's often genocide. At a point the Second Amendment evaporates, First Amendment rights will shortly follow and from there, the ball game is over. The gun-grab propaganda should be ignored and the false flag shooting events dismissed (we STILL don't know what happened in Las Vegas - I wonder why that is?) Rather, supporting the Constitution as written because is encouraged given the Founding Fathers knew EXACTLY what they were doing when the document was constructed. Importantly, the Leftist/Progressives also know EXACTLY what they ARE DOING trying to shred it.



- In summary, social programming is the pervasive practice of infusing all consumed content, media or otherwise, with implicit and explicit messaging that comports with the social and political positions into which TPTB are attempt to herd the general population. Interpreting social programming is quite simple - just analyze the specific content for the inclusion of Globalist, progressive and/or identity politics subtext that parallels the main points of whatever that content happens to be; movies, editorials, television commercials, etc. Below are two examples of contemporary social programming in the form of TV commercials.

Example 1: a) the condensed urban area is depicted as fun and desirable, b) the extremely high density, completely amalgamated population is portrayed in perfect harmony and multi-cultural synchronicity, c) the alternative lifestyle is propagated and celebrated by means of the rainbow color pallette, d) begin preparing for the forthcoming mass immigration vis-a-vis "Make room for color", e) "Color" used in this context is an inference to the associated picture at the end, which suspiciously highly resembles Mecca during the Haaj, and f) there are very few females reflecting current immigration trends that more closely resemble an army or fighting force - think Trojan horse (military aged, younger men with few females.)

Example 2: a) three individuals are presented - two beta males and a seemingly traditional female, b) with the female depicted as incompetent and requiring consistent redirection and correction from the males thus elevating the males to a superior status over the traditional female, c) and therefore normalizing both gay marriage and the adoption of children by gay couples

12. What about CLIMATE CHANGE?

- To begin, it's hardly 'settled since' - far from it. In fact, there is a vast amount of reliable information presenting cogent alternatives and from reputable sources. Again, volumes could be written on this very topic so let's keep it rather basic by simply outlining the types of items, which are not sourced at the time of this writing, that have shaped the perspective: a) it was global warming until the evidence didn't fit the predictive models or the nomenclature - time for a switch to 'climate change', b) the predictive models never prove fruitful or reflect data supporting hypotheses; without manipulated data, that is, c) the supposed warming trend actually turned out to be roughly two decades of cooling, d) some contemporary research reflects that we're more likely to see a mini-ice age than a warming period, e) you can identify multitudes of accounts of where data sets were altered to fit predictive models and there are hacked emails to prove it, f) there has been one climate-caused cataclysmic event deadline missed after another, g) the impact of humans is not discounted but rather it's considered at an exponentially reduced level, h) the primary attribution to climate change on this planet aligns with the simplest law in nature, which can be found by answering this basic question, "What planetary object has the greatest and most direct impact on all things on planet Earth?" The answer is simply the sun. Why would climate be any different. It isn't. The sun has seasons and it is the primary driver of climate on this planet.

When teaching civics or any form of history, perhaps the single most important variable to identify as one to monitor at all times regarding all matters of importance, is simply money. Just follow the money. It almost always helps to solve the puzzle and climate science is no different. Examine who pays the scientists (grants equate to livelihood and university status) whose findings favor the narrative. Examine the Paris Climate Accord, which countries made good on their financial obligations, which countries did not, who or what received collected funds, what were the dollar amounts, etc. Pro tip- it's all another Globalist scam to redistribute the wealth of the US to foreign entities. Their narrative scares the populace, the populace willingly forfeits its hard-earned money in the name of Mother Earth and their Deep State authoritarian rulers, obliging TPTB, enthusiastically collect it for redistribution overseas.... just like our manufacturing jobs. To the discerning researcher, the climate change initiative is nothing more than a global Ponzi scheme.
*The above represents foundational beliefs from years of research. Not sourced at the time of the writing - sources forthcoming.




1. What about President Trump?

- Love him, hate him or otherwise, the first thing to reconcile is that if WE EVER EXPECT TO GET THE COUNTRY BACK, President Donald J. Trump is the only hope as it now stands. The president is an acquired taste and he wins many people over for two simple reasons - a) his policy stances across the board are generally befitting of returning the country to people and b) he's an absolute street-fighter who refuses to lose and who, unlike RINOS and the Republicans as of late, he actually hits back and does so with force. How refreshing!

If President Trump fails, TPTB will have learned from their mistakes and will ensure that there is never another opportunity like the one before us now. Why do you think the current political landscape is so vitriolic? It's because TPTB know what is on the table. They know the consequences and ramifications involved if DJT comes-out on top and so they're fighting no holds barred to prevent it.
It was reasonable in the 2012 general election that there was one potential candidate who could beat Obama and that it was Donald Trump. It's for the same reason he won in 2016 - HE IS AN OUTSIDER not beholden to TPTB. If that is understood that, one can understand EXACTLY WHY THE GEOPOLITICAL LANDSCAPE APPEARS THE WAY IT DOES TODAY.  

Many do not realize that Trump's a former Democrat and that politicians used to love him when he was cutting checks to their campaigns. Due to his financial independence and outsider status, it's plausible but not yet verified that Trump was asked to run in 2016. It was said to be specifically to facilitate returning the country back to the people. Before that can happen, though, there's a host of bureaucratic maneuvers that must come first (establish proper legal mechanisms, personnel, legislation/law, policies, etc.)

The traditional 2-party choice is long dead and has been replaced by the 'UNIPARTY'comprised of a liberal side (Democrats) and a pseudo-conservative side (Republicans.) Until Trump's election, it mattered not for whom you voted as both candidates were beholden to TPTB. This 'uniparty' hasn't represented the interests of the American people for decades. They are mostly responsible for the pervasive and relentless anti-Trump messaging. It would seem that those potentially facing the greatest exposure to legal jeopardy are being the most vocal thus appearing as if they were fighting to preserve their agenda, their livelihoods, their fortunes and maybe for some, their personal freedom.

One last consideration in this regard that is a simple one. The developments pertaining to the unification of the Korean peninsula caught most completely by surprise. Moreover, the nuclear disarmament that's currently underway in North Korea is irrefutably worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize. Had Obama affected such change, he would have been thrust upon a pedestal replete with an unending idolatry. At least the Norwegians had the integrity and intestinal fortitude to view the monumental historical achievement through an objective lens to act accordingly. 


2. What about Trump's political opponents? Have you ever seen the MSM, et al. flip on the office of the president to the extent they have on Trump? Heck, they were engaged in idolatry for 8 years with Obama. Have you ever seen such a transition as reflected by the disparity in the nature of coverage between the two: quality, hypocrisy, levels of bias, personal attacks, erroneously authored news items with back page retractions, etc. that we see today?

- Those are rhetorical questions. We are living in politically revolutionary times and it would be a fundamental error not to recognize that. No matter, the resolution and reconciliation of the Trump presidency, whether it be less than a full term, two full terms or somewhere in between, will determine the future of this country. What's left is whether we revert back to our lawful Constitutional Republic (we are not a Democracy but we are rooted in democratic principles) or continue down the road to a totalitarian, authoritarian, fascist state in the name of Democratic Socialism.

3. Did the misuse of the Five Eyes intelligence alliance serve as the mechanism to evade the legal parameters that prevent the CIA from operating and spying on Americans domestically; with special focus on Trump, his campaign affiliates and his administration? Is it possible that foreign allies, in a de facto "scratch our back and we'll scratch yours" arrangement functioned to achieve this evasion and spy on our behalf?

- All of this most assuredly will be proven to be the case. It will be embedded throughout the entirety of the FISA/FISC abuse scandal.


4. What is the Senior Executive Service?

- The SES was ushered in during the Carter administration as a way to galvanize the best and the brightest in an attempt to redress a miserable economy and provide a nexus between this group and the federal apparatus. Over decades, the SES grew legs of it's own and metastasized into a roughly 8,000-person force of un-elected bureaucrats, some with security clearances beyond that of the president, that began to function in an ulterior fashion. The agenda of the SES does not necessarily comport with that of the White House. The SES is the essence of the Deep State and Obama's administration ushered in roughly 7,000 who remain beholden to the former president; with the majority still serving in Trump's administration. It goes without saying that the SES must be redressed before any real change can be implemented.


5. What about the FED and interest rates as it relates to Obama v. Trump?

- Beginning with a few interrelated concessions and namely that we don't operate in a capitalist system - it's a bastardized, self-serving one that's been wrecked by TPTB - it is suggested that the FED should be audited and shuttered while reverting the country to a gold-backed currency. Economics and monetary policy can be debated ad nauseam as compared to this very short assessment and in no way is related commentary to be considered expert.

The US operates in a fractional reserve system where every dollar is printed as a note of debt; not one backed by gold or otherwise. Contrary to what many believe, the FED is a private bank and that's reflected in their description as being DECENTRALIZED. Therefore, one must realize that A PRIVATE ENTITY (THE FED) DETERMINES MONETARY POLICY FOR THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. By simple deduction, the greatest superpower on the planet vis-a-vis control of the world's largest economy is in the hands of private bankers and persons from academia. Let that sink in. Now consider the military implications as determined by said control over the economy and monetary policy.

Obama's disastrous 8 years included some of the WORST fiscal policy and subsequent consequences ever. The FED intentionally bolstered all of it with artificially low interest rates thus ensuring an easy, cheap and readily available money supply. Contrarily, the FED has destroyed 1/6 of the country's wealth, erased all of the gains of 2018 and lost trillions merely since October. All of this occurred during what was a previously a booming economy. To be determined is whether these actions were politically motivated, corrective in an economically healthy way (redressing decades of bad economics and monetary policy) or something else.


6. What about FISA abuse?

- Visit The Conservative Tree House/Sundance for seemingly endless and excellent analysis of all things in this regard and more. In short, the illegal and unconstitutional abuse of FISA/FISC (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act/Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court) was the legal mechanism by which the TPTB, the Deep State, Obama, Clinton, et al. subverted the election and quite literally executed a surveillance operation against a presidential candidate, his campaign and subsequently a sitting president and his administration. Currently, it has the logical appearance as a Deep State attempt at a soft coup d'etat to remove a sitting president. This notion is expected to be on full display once the Democrats assume control of the House on 03 Jan 19.

It is critical to understand that Special Counsel Mueller inherited an existing counterintelligence investigation, which requires a lesser threshold of evidence to initiate than the criminal investigation he is currently conducting. This means that the investigation itself transitioned from the former to the latter upon assignment to the special counsel and that's a fine detail with huge implications considering the degree to which federal agents must comply with submissions under oath (signed affidavits) in order to initiate such high-stakes investigations. Moreover, the FISC denied the first attempt; due to lack of sufficient evidence, and subsequently approved another that included the infamous "pee" dossier. To further complicate matters, exculpatory favorable to the president was also withheld. These facts will inevitably render significant complexity and implications moving forward; none of it reflecting well on TPTB.

7. What about Mueller, Rosentstein, McCabe, Comey and their complicit colleagues?

- Robert Mueller's special counsel status was created out of thin air and on the heels of Clinton's foreseen (by those who were paying attention to the right indicators) yet unforeseen (by those still consuming the MSM's Kool-Aid) general election loss. Mueller, who previously served as director of the FBI and literally boarded an airplane and flew uranium samples to Russia as a part of the Uranium One scandal, has been tasked with a) casting a legal net around the totality of existing aggravating evidence of Deep State crimes (FISA abuse, Uranium One, etc.), which will b) create a barrier or shield behind which Deep State operatives can hide and thus allow him to c) cover-up (protect Clinton, Obama, et al.) all abuses and crimes and even potentially allow him to d) remove a sitting president who now possess the absolute authority to expose it all and subject all of them to extreme legal jeopardy. He is quite literally serving his Deep State masters/TPTB who are are now fighting for their ulterior agenda, livelihoods and, for some, their freedom and perhaps even their lives (see the penalties for sedition and treason.)

It's important to grasp a hold of how the legal mechanisms of investigations work in the landscape of the justice system, the discovery process, the protections afforded from the standpoint of revelations to the public on matters pertaining to ongoing investigations, etc. If you're looking to a) insulate subjects from exposure to legal jeopardy, b) facilitate a cover-up, and c) frame an innocent, "investigations" are the perfect vehicle.

To the contrary, an alternative theory claims that Mueller is actually serving the president's interests and is working against his Deep State masters/TPTB. Truthfully, there was merit to this argument for a while; however, I'm firmly in the camp that Mueller, Rosenstein, et al. are exactly as formerly described - a part of the Deep State swamp and acting accordingly.

Source/Spygate 2018 Review

*Again, CTH has a copious amount of information on this very topic/top link.

8. What about QAnon?

- A few basic thoughts: a) I discovered QAnon on 28 Oct 17 as sourced on an alternative media site I read regularly, b) whomever/whatever QAnon may be, he/they present incredibly relevant information that leads to revelations often proving true, c) to-date, there is nothing empirical and irrefutable to verify the veracity of Q aside from strong conjecture at best and d) I hope Q is authentic - if so, the information will deliver the country back to the people. Otherwise, Q would seem to serve in the capacity of a LARP (live action role play), hoax or something more nefarious such as an disinformation/pacification/appeasement psyop to keep the president's most ardent supporters distracted and preoccupied while all is buried and he is subjected to unrelenting and organized Deep State attack. We shall see.  

For a more authoritative voice on QAnon, I highly recommend Neon Revolt: https://www.neonrevolt.com/ 

Source /Archive
Source/8Chan Discussion Board
Source/8Chan Original Source
Source/Neon Revolt - Q-related Source


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